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North America


At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together.

As a trusted partner for critical networks, we are committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud networks. We create value with intellectual property and long-term research, led by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs.

Adhering to the highest standards of integrity and security, we help build the capabilities needed for a more productive, sustainable and inclusive world.

Our presence in North America

~10,000 employees
26 office locations
2 Data centers – Chicago, Illinois and Plano, Texas
3 Innovation centers - Murray Hill, New Jersey; Dallas, Texas; and Mountain View, California

90% of the US population is connected by our network solutions
Our fixed networks power more than 50% of the telco fixed broadband lines in the US
41% of our top 100 supplier spending is with US-based businesses, a significant investment in the US economy
7.4% of Nokia US supplier spending is with diverse vendors
US headquarters - Dallas, Texas
Canadian headquarters - Ottawa, Canada

Office locations

Government relations

We're building secure networks for America, from America. Our broad portfolio of products and services affords us a unique perspective on the costs and benefits of government policy initiatives. A leader in each generation of wireline and wireless communications equipment, we are leading the America to adopt 5G networks that are faster, more secure and capable of revolutionizing lives, economies and societies. We deliver the portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing that is available globally.

commitment to America

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Driving innovation

We invest significantly in communication technology R&D to drive innovation across entire networks. In North America we have two major innovation centers dedicated to R&D activities where customers can engage in hands-on experiences. 

Nokia bell labs

Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs, headquartered in Murray Hill, New Jersey is a world-renowned leader in disruptive research. We create game-changing solutions to critical problems in communications and connectivity that improve lives and enable new economic paradigms. 


The 5G Future X network architecture invented by Nokia Bell Labs will enable a 4th industrial revolution where we will see a massive increase in productivity, with machines assisting and augmenting humans in both repetitive physical tasks and complex intellectual tasks. 

Our Murray Hill campus is home to the first 5G Future X Lab built to use multi-media assets to dynamically explain, explore and evaluate 5G new value creation to our customers. From making network configuration choices and applying them in emulated environments, to exploring the live 5G network and interacting with the future physical world of industrial automation, the entire Future X Lab experience is designed to allow customers to become immersed in, and understand, the economic power of integrated 5G networks. 

Service and slice operations center
Service and slice operations center


Domain lab
Domain lab


Emulator lab
Emulator lab

Dallas Innovation Center

Dallas Innovation Center

This is where we connect technology to the world with cutting-edge labs that enable engineers, designers, business leaders and customers to work together to test and build prototypes for real-world solutions.


  • Executive Experience Center - showcases our integrated 5G solutions and products using live demonstrations and integrated networks. Each briefing is customized to the visitor’s specific areas of interest and business needs combining in-depth discussions with cutting edge product demos.
  • Energy Innovation Center - offers a functional smart grid communications network system making it possible for utility customers to validate existing and future grid applications and associated use cases in a real-world environment.
  • Cloud Collaboration Hub - includes a multi-vendor lab set-up with experts co-located to help service providers visualize, develop and execute tailored use cases based on their cloud strategies.
  • 5G Smart Lab - provides an experience gallery showcasing 5G business and consumers in work, home and play environments. Customers and strategic partners can test and verify features and functions of 5G solutions.
  • Microwave point-to-point radio lab provides 24/7 support to 100+ North American customers. Customers can explore the lab and have access to our engineers for training and educational purposes.
  • Network Operation Center - a centralized location where our IT support technicians supervise, monitor and maintain customer networks 24/7. Customers can access our engineers for training and educational purposes.

IP Optical Networks Headquarters and Executive Briefing Center

The ION EBC is located in Mountain View, California and develops robust transport networks that interconnect 5G services within cities, countries, and around the world. Combined with decades of innovation and industry leadership, ION provides the best IP and Optical networking solutions for 5G and enables the best service experiences for 5G. Our US operations provide worldwide support for our global customers who build and operate the worlds largest and most critical IP networks. 

SAC wireless

SAC Wireless

SAC Wireless is a wholly-owned, independently-operating Nokia company.  

SAC works with telecom carriers, major tower owners, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the United States to provide fully
integrated network solutions. 

By choosing SAC to  build their networks, customers have made SAC the #1 turnkey network construction company in the United States.  

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