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Management shareholding

Share ownership of the Board of Directors and the Nokia Group Leadership Team

The following tables set forth the number of shares and ADSs held by the members of the Board, the President and CEO and the other members of the Group Leadership Team as of 1 September 2022.

Board of Directors




Sari Baldauf (Board Chair)

243 148


Søren Skou (Board Vice Chair)

66 377


Bruce Brown


202 941

Thomas Dannenfeldt

80 139


Lisa Hook


15 227

Jeanette Horan


95 058

Edward Kozel


122 944

Thomas Saueressig 

14 816


Carla Smits-Nusteling

114 045


Kai Öistämö

14 816


Group Leadership Team





Pekka Lundmark

President and Chief Executive Officer

1 232 333


Nassib Abou-Khalil

Chief Legal Officer

129 644


Nishant Batra

Chief Strategy and Technology Officer

506 116


Ricky Corker

Chief Customer Experience Officer

360 581


Federico Guillén

President of Network Infrastructure

405 537


Jenni Lukander

President of Nokia Technologies

76 788


Raghav Sahgal

President of Cloud and Network Services

472 030


Melissa Schoeb

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

127 223


Tommi Uitto

President of Mobile Networks

122 260


Marco Wirén

Chief Financial Officer

230 254


(1) The number of shares or ADSs includes shares received as executive compensation as well as shares and ADSs acquired through other means. Stock options or other equity awards that are deemed as being beneficially owned under the applicable SEC rules are not included.