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31 Oct – 03 Nov, 2019

2019 PT Expo Beijing

pt expo

Hall E3, 3313#, Beijing National Convention Center, No. 7, Tianchen East Road - Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China

Nokia Shanghai Bell, is the exclusive operation platform of Nokia Networks in China, committed to creating the technology to connect the world. We leverage the global resources and the innovation ecosystem in China to drive 5G technology innovation and the use cases in various vertical industries, tapping into the full potential of Industry 4.0.

At Nokia Shanghai Bell’s booth, you will experience a full range of end-to-end 5G commercial solutions and a wide range of use cases.  You will see the world’s first liquid-cooling 5G base station, which perfectly addresses the huge challenge posed by 5G base stations’ high energy consumption problems. 5G network planning and optimization, that are key to 5G scale rollout, as well as AI 5G operations will also be demonstrated. Moreover, we believe the most  extraordinary experience will come from the variety of 5G use cases for different vertical industries.

PT expo