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10 – 12 Apr, 2019

Digital Mines

Pan Pacific - Perth, WA, Australia

Join us at the Digital Mines conference to learn how your business can benefit from a new mining communications architecture. Learn about the latest developments from Bell Labs, and how you can use our Bell Labs Future X architecture for mining to create safer, more efficient and productive mines.

Discover how:

  • A mission-critical private LTE network will support robust wireless, multi-service coverage and capacity, offering a unified, future-proof infrastructure for mobile broadband, PTT/PTV, CCTV, IoT and future AR/VR applications.
  • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) technologies provide the flexibility, scalability and universal availability of computing power, data and intelligence, while supporting ultra-low latencies required for automation and autonomy.
  • Digital value platforms ensure that mining companies can turn the masses of data collected from a vast multitude of sensors, cameras and systems into actionable insights from pit to port.
  • The above technologies are helping mining operators to create value, through business-centric applications and cross-domain collaboration with ecosystem partners along the full value chain.

Join us for this presentation to learn more about the Bell Labs Future X architecture for mining: a connected digital platform for creating safer, more efficient and productive mines

Marc Jadoul, Strategic Marketing Director, Nokia
10 April from 12:00 am - 12:30 pm

We look forward to meeting with you at Digital Mines in Perth, to tell you all about our Future X vision for mining.