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26 – 28 Sep, 2017

SD WAN Summit 2017

Novotel Roissy CDG - Paris, France

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The second SD-WAN Summit will take with the most eminent experts who will bring answers to the following questions: What is an SD-WAN service? When can a provider be called a "SD-WAN" provider?

As a participant operator put it: "You can’t replace a network with 43 VRF, 5 classes of QoS, etc. by an IPsec VPN tunnel over the Internet".

So when it comes to co-existence with MPLS, how do you manage a smooth transition to SD-WAN in different real situations?

How to implement a solution with 2 or more SDWAN providers?

As stated by another telco: "Using SD-WAN and the Internet is one thing. Achieving performance is another. How do we maintain quality of service?"



Wim Henderickx, Tuesday, 26 September 2017 at 15:00
SD-WAN Deployment Experiences: a Technological View​
Sharing experiences on providing SD-WAN services and comparing it with traditional MPLS VPN deployments. Comparing the difference in service capabilities and consumption while showing new capabilities that are being implemented using SD-WAN. Highlighting different SD-WAN technical implementation options.

Debate, Tuesday, 26 September at 17:30
The ingredients of an SD‑WAN Service is SD-WAN to become the swiss army knife of the network or just one service among others running on a uCPE device?

  • What capabilities should be included in an SD-WAN service?
  • What level of intimacy should SD-WAN have with the various applications?

Johan Witters, Wednesday, 27 September at 14:00
SD-WAN  and the digital transformation session: SD-WAN Service Provider Deployment Examples: a Product Marketing View
Providing a status update and lessons learned from service providers in deploying SD-WANs. Discussing the do's and don't's (i.e. pitfalls) and the interest and uptake of enterprise customers. All this from a business and product marketing point of view. ​ Discussing tomorrow’s trends and evolutions in customer requirements with respect to applications and security.


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