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Our speakers 2019


Chang Jiang

Head of CO GCHN HoT, Nokia

Thursday, 21st February

15:30 – 15:45, The 24th GTI Workshop, Glories A, Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Ways to monetize M-IoT through innovative services and business models – Status of industry IoT


Chang Jiang

Head of CO GCHN HoT, Nokia

Friday, 22nd February

09:30 – 09:45, The 24th GTI Workshop, Glories A, Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

5G end-to-end pre-commercial progress - Base station power consumption solution


16:35 – 16:50, The 24th GTI Workshop, Glories A, Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Private Network – Virtual private network by MEC

Ankur Bhan

Ankur Bhan

Global Head of Worldwide IoT Network Grid, Nokia

Sunday, 24th February

14:00 – 14.45, Hesperia Barcelona Tower Hotel, Avinguda de la Granvia, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Mobile IoT – Business opportunity and maximising value
8th Mobile IoT Summit

Ankur Bhan is the creator and Global Head of Nokia’s Worldwide IoT network grid (WING) business line which provides a one stop managed service for all IoT needs of Operators and Enterprise customers. Prior to this, he was heading the Strategy, Partnerships and Portfolio Management team for Managed Services globally, where he was responsible for overall MS product performance and the introduction of new innovations to the market. Previously, Ankur has 15+ years of management consulting experience, most recently as Global Head of Transformation Consulting practice for Nokia, where he led numerous strategy, business transformation and performance improvement projects for major telecom operators across the globe. In this role, Ankur built high performing consulting practices, which delivered exceptional business transformation results. Ankur started his career with Infosys Consulting where he was Principal with Infosys’ Communications, Media and Entertainment Consulting practice. Ankur holds a degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from National Institute of Technology in India and MBA from London Business School. He is currently based in Dubai.

Monday, 25th February

11:30 - 13:30, Hall 4 - Auditorium A

Transforming society through IoT

As a key driver of the fourth Industrial Revolution, developments in Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are bringing new and exciting opportunities to people’s lives.
With 25 billion connected things projected to be in use by 2025, there are many questions to ask. What impact will this have on economic growth? How can an IoT enabled world encourage more financial, gender and minority inclusion across both urban and rural communities? And with added technology and complexity, is there a role for blockchain in managing IoT networks? In this session, we will focus on the transformative impact IoT is having on society and whether the technology can remain a cause of optimism for the future. 


Fuad Siddiqui

Senior Partner, Nokia Bell Labs

Monday, 25th February

12:10 – 12:30, GSMA 4YFN

Economic Gaming Re-Imagined for 5G - Who will Capture the New Value in the 5G Future X Network Era?

Imagine a world where the laws of business survival are being re-defined with the arrival of a human-technological revolution that is different than any prior era. The digitization and connection of everything and everyone enabled by 5G will drive us to embrace intelligent automation and experience unprecedented change that will inevitably reshape telecom service providers competitive landscape.
This session will focus on Bell Labs Consulting’s recent quantitative analysis using techno-economics and game theory to derive a recipe for success driven by strategic imperatives including architecture choices, business model options and pace of transformation. Our findings quantify the potential outcomes and impact of each selected approach to automation and the end-to-end 5G technology transformation — indicating how they contribute to market success in a highly competitive future 5G world.


Jitin Bhandari

Head of NSW Core PLM, Nokia

Monday, 25th February

15:00-16:00, Rakuten Booth, Hall 4, Booth 4A10, Fira Gran Via

Shared data layer: Optimizes telco cloud applications and architecture

Monday, 25th February

16:20 – 16:45, CC1, Fira Gran, South Entrance, Level 1

Enterprise – All Systems Go 
Bloomberg CEO Forum at MWC

5G is creating new opportunities, and more flexibility for increasing revenue in the enterprise. During this panel CEOs will share their vision for transforming their enterprise business and compelling use cases for how intelligent connectivity will increase profitability for the B2B community. How long will it take, what are the roadblocks and who will win the race?

Ulrich Dropmann

Ulrich Dropmann

Head of Standardization

Monday, 25th February

18:00 - 19:30, Deutsche Telekom Stand, Hall 3:3M31

O-RAN Alliance at MWC2019 – Panel discussion

Feature speakers: Alex Jinsung Choi, SVP Strategy & Technology Innovation of Deutsche Telekom, Andre Fuestch, President AT&T Labs / Chief Technology Officer of AT&T 

Panel discussion: with Alex and Andre, plus Dr. Sachin Katti, Stanford University, Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, China Mobile and technical experts from Nokia and Intel moderated by Gabriel Brown, Analyst of Heavy Reading.    

Social Networking: following the presentation and panel discussion.

Tuesday, 26th February

09:30 - 12:30, Hall 8.0 – NEXTech Theatre A

GTI Summit 2019

With shifted focus to 5G, Closer Than Ever, the GTI Summit will bring together the industry’s most influential mobile operators, vendors and vertical industry partners from around the world to embrace the 5G era, and explore new businesses brought by cross-industrial cooperation that will reshape the society.


10:30 - 11:30, Hall 8.0 – NEXTech Theatre A

Keynote Speech II

Influential industry partners share latest progress of 5G E2E industry and 5G new business.


Sandra Lowenstein

Customer Care Marketing Director, Nokia Software

Tuesday, 26th February

13:00 – 13:30, Salesforce Networking Garden-GG2, Theater

Helping CSPs evolve to zero touch care: What’s next for the Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant

Launched last year, the Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant is the first joint application offered by Salesforce and Nokia to help CSPs with digital transformation across the customer care continuum, from field and assisted care, to self-care and zero touch, proactive care. Join this session to hear about the latest use cases, applications and benefits that the Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant can bring to your organization such as streamlining customer care processes, creating agent efficiency and improving overall KPIs.


Jane Rygaard

Head of Marketing, Mobile Networks, Nokia

Tuesday, 26th February

14:00, Swedish Pavilion, Hall 7, E41 & F41

Vikings 5.0 – First movers within digital transformation with 5G, AI, IoT and data ethic

Joining from Denmark is Jane Rygaard, who is Head of Marketing at Nokia, Mobile Networks. Jane loves expanding the human possibilities of technology, so the world we will live in makes sense. Lately with a focus on digitalization of our society, industries and our Public Safety agencies. This is powered by mobile technologies like 5G as well as Cloud, centrally and edge deployments.


Marc Vancoppenolle

Global Head of Government Relations, Nokia

Tuesday, 26th February

15:30 - 16:30, Hall 4 - Auditorium 4

Aligning 5G technology and policy

Certain 5G buildouts will require new gears, and the installation and approval process may be contentious. To ensure timely deployments of 5G infrastructures and services, policy frameworks must be adapted and be 5G ready. Questions of infrastructure and spectrum sharing, financial incentives for rollout, or even who determines the placement of small cell equipment can all accelerate or slow deployment. This session will  address the impact of 5G and digitalisation, and how policy can play a role in supporting their successful and economically sustainable implementation.


Thierry Klein​

Vice Chair, 5GAA Board Head of BHAG Realization Lab, Nokia Bell Labs

Wednesday, 27th February ​

09:15 - 09:25, Hall 8 – NEXTech Theatre F ​

Opening Speech: Presentation of 5GAA​


12:15 - 12:20, Hall 8 – NEXTech Theatre F ​

Closing Remarks: 5GAA​

Rich crowe

Rich Crowe

Head of Digital Experience Marketing, Nokia Software

Wednesday, 27th February

10:00 - 10:20, Salesforce Networking Garden-GG2, Theater

Nokia and Salesforce: Connecting the customer journey

Companies who are getting customer experience right are gaining significant business and brand value by putting the customer first and creating meaningful end to end journeys for them. Nokia and Salesforce have partnered to enable CSPs to build better journeys by leveraging the combined business, network and device insights to drive experience and revenue across marketing, sales, and service touchpoints. Join us as we walk through key moments of engagement along an end customer journey to highlight the value that this combined offering can bring.


Jane Rygaard

Head of Marketing, Mobile Networks, Nokia

Wednesday, 27th February

11:30 – 12:30, Hall 4, Auditorium 2

5G Cities: Connecting people here, there and everywhere

There are all kinds of conversations about how to bring 5G into cities. As with the previous iterations of a wireless technology it is most likely there will be a prioritised sort-of rollout based on density and demand. As the dawn of 5G appears, there will be countless areas that will not allow for easy connectivity including dense urban areas where the number of connections will outstretch the needed capacity while building the infrastructure to connect rural areas is not cost effective.

What is clear is that the infrastructure improvements inside of cities for connected sensors, cameras and other data creation devices, seem to be best done with a 5G upgrade path in mind. The opportunity for carriers to be much more than connectivity providers in tomorrow's cities is huge. City leaders are now well aware that new kinds of partnerships with carriers to plan for the future is key.


Ursula Soritsch-Renier

Group CIO and Digital Leader, Nokia

Thursday, 28th February 

10:35 - 11:25, Hall 4 - Auditorium A

Encouraging: diversity in the age of intelligent connectivity I the multiplier effect

The challenges facing female career choices in technology starts with educating our youth and continues with inspiring role models, thought leaders and career mentoring relationships.

10:35 – 11:10 The Next Frontier: The power of diversity in the age of intelligent connectivity 
To stay relevant in the age of intelligent connectivity, companies need to continuously adapt to customer needs and redefine their products and services. Diversity, the beating heart of this challenge, brings the innovation companies need to deal with the rapidly changing world of customer experience and digital transformation. How do you become a fluid, agile organisation, able to embrace new ideas, behaviours and technologies? Bring Diversity to your organisation on ensure you innovate.

11:10 – 11:25 Introducing the Multiplier Effect
People with sponsors are 23% more likely to progress in their career. Thought-provoking conversation that educates audience on the power of sponsorship to accelerate the pipeline of diverse talent in tech, and challenges them to do their part by taking the Multiplier Effect Pledge.