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Webinar: Connecting the World with Nokia Microwave Long-Haul

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With the changing landscape of how the world works, learns, and entertains, the demand for high speed networks has dramatically increased over the last couple years. This increasing demand applies as much or perhaps more to rural areas, which have traditionally been underserved. Nokia is the leader in long-haul microwave and has enhanced its long-haul portfolio to support rural backhaul connectivity. This exclusive Nokia webinar session will cover the updated Nokia solution and feature a new product launch. We will also look at how such solutions are used by service providers and private network operators.

Nokia Speakers:

James Ries, Senior Product Manager, Mobile Networks, Nokia
Scott Thompson, General Manager of the Americas, Wireless Transmission, Nokia

Webinar: Private 5G networks—a road trip across Europe

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Join us for a road trip across the continent to see what manufacturers are doing to advance their digitalization and automation initiatives.

In this complimentary session, Nokia will be the tour guide and bring you to various manufacturing “destinations” to show you how the 4th industrial revolution is happening in Europe, driven by digitalization and leveraging pervasive wireless networking, enabled by 4.9G and 5G. Thomas Hainzel, Head of Digital Industries, Evolution and Partnerships will take you on this virtual road trip where you will see: 

  • Arçelik, appliance manufacturer with AGVs and video inspection 
  • BASF chemical processing plant enabling traffic and staff management
  • Additional Industry 4.0 use cases for various manufacturing contexts
  • Plus, an interactive Q&A session 

Nokia Speakers:

Thomas Hainzel, Head of Digital Industries Evolution & Partnerships

Webinar: Enhancing automation in rail yards, depots and factories with LTE/5G private wireless


Industry 4.0 aims to connect the digital to the physical world and infuses it with intelligence. It will profoundly affect how industry sectors, including railways, will work in the future as it brings unprecedented levels of operational process automation, usage of digital applications/services, and secure and highly reliable connectivity.

Communications technologies, particularly wireless, play a key role in this digital transformation; however, wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi are often challenged to meet reliability and coverage demands in a dynamic rail yard environment. LTE/5G private wireless networks are key to unlocking new productivity gains. An LTE/5G private wireless network is a standalone network providing reliable pervasive connectivity focused on operational assets and users. It will enable modern railways to be more productive and prepared for the next age of Industry 4.0 technologies, that bring use cases such as automated shunting, connected workers, data showers, and convenient use of digital devices.

Nokia Speakers:

Thomas Hainzel, Head of Digital Industries Evolution & Partnerships
Stefan Weidmann, CTO Business Development Transportation EMEA

Webinar: Enabling next-gen port terminal automation with LTE/5G private wireless


This webinar aims to explore these issues and more, and will bring together senior stakeholders from across the industry to deep dive into the reliability benefits private LTE/5G provides, as well as the predictable wireless infrastructure needed to serve the whole terminal area securely via the Profinet / Profisafe protocols.

Topics Covered:

  • Challenges of existing wireless technologies.
  • Creating the wireless foundation for automation and digitalisation with LTE/5G.
  • Latest innovations in automation and remote control.
  • Real-life example of an automation implementation supported by private LTE.

Nokia Speakers:

Matthias Jablonowski, Head of Maritime

Webinar: Reducing TCO, maximising space, and improving sustainability with passive optical LAN


Communication networks play a vital role in an airport’s daily operations and continuing digitalisation. Airports rely heavily on their communications networks to operate efficiently and safely to ensure optimum passenger experience. Today’s business climate, however, calls for a smarter, greener and more cost-efficient way of deploying a network at the airport. Passive optical LAN can help airports address these priorities while ensuring service reliability and quality of services between airport stakeholders.

Topics Covered:

  • Airports worldwide have deployed Nokia Optical LAN to meet strategic goals.
  • Nokia Optical LAN is designed for critical communication needs to ensure business continuity.
  • Simplified service provisioning can eliminate the complexity of daily operations in serving the many airport stakeholders.

Nokia Speakers:

Richard van Wijk, Global Practice Lead – Aviation, Nokia

Webinar: Digital Transformation for Airports


Private wireless is the first step in an airport’s Digital Transformation journey leading to the optimization of operations.
Private LTE/5G wireless technology offers ultra-reliable, high bandwidth, low latency connectivity throughout the airport. This wireless network will become a strategic asset to the airport enabling it to enhance operational efficiencies, increase situational and operational awareness, and improve the passenger experience.
Connecting processes, people, and assets. LTE/5G private wireless will be a key enabler for airports in this digital transformation journey.

Topics Covered:

  • How innovative airports are taking advantage of digital technologies and connectivity options.
  • How these technologies can make your airport operations more connected and efficient.
  • LTE/5G private wireless technology.
  • What business models, spectrum options and deployment options are available.

Nokia Speakers:

Niren Choudhary, Business Development - Aviation, Ports and Transportation 
Mark Brant, Enterprise Business Development

Webinar: What will change with 5G for public safety?


As public safety authorities plan the evolution of the digital infrastructure and services for first responders, they must understand what 5G, the next generation wireless technology, will bring to their community. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the impact of 5G on public safety networks and how you can plan for it today.

  • The webinar answers important questions about 5G:
  • How will 5G enhance public safety services and use cases?
  • What are the new technologies enabling the magic of 5G?
  • What are the possible deployment models for 5G?
  • When will the public safety community be able to take advantage of 5G?

Nokia Speakers:

Marc Balliet, Public Safety Business Consultant
Thomas Rehberg, Head of Public Safety Market Segment

Webinar: Learn how a WAN can take your grid into the digital age


15 June at 16:00 CEST    

Sign up for this webinar and learn how pioneering grid operators have modernized their WAN communications to help transform their grid operations.

Our panel will explain why WANs based on IP/MPLS and optical technology have been critical to their digitalization journey. The discussion will cover business cases, staff skillset development and lessons learned. It will also highlight the efficiency and reliability benefits of modern WANs, along with the many use cases that they enable, including distributed renewable energy generation and protection.

Key topics:

  • Real-life experiences with WAN transformation
  • WAN business cases and staffing requirements
  • Benefits of deploying WANs based on IP/MPLS and optical technology
  • Key use cases for WAN


Jorge Lopes, Head of SCADA & COMIN, Creos
Michael Wener, Responsible for Communication Infrastructure, Creos
Tamatea Raust, Network and Telecoms Engineer, RTE
Amadou Louh, Strategic Advisor Telecom, Stedin


Transforming grid communications webinar


10 June at 11:00 EDT    

Have you thought about how modern wired and wireless communications technologies could enhance your grid operations and support new broadband service offerings?

Join us for a one-hour session that explores transformative communications architectures for small to midsize utilities. Our experts will explain how you can:

  • Map fiber (e.g. optical, PON) and wireless (e.g. microwave, private LTE, 5G) technologies to key use cases for grid operations and bridging the digital divide
  • Boost operational efficiency, integrate renewables and support new business models
  • Improve the business case for communications

Nokia speakers:

Kenneth Rabedeau, Head of Energy Segment – North America, Nokia
Mauricio Subieta, Energy Segment CTO – North America, Nokia
Mircea Ciocan, Business Development Manager, Nokia
Michael Brayen, Director Community Broadband, Nokia

Nokia Webinar: Securing Microwave Networks – Protecting Critical Assets


3 June at 10:00 and 17:00 EEST Helsinki time 

With high profile security breaches occurring almost daily across the globe, all industries are focused on staying one step ahead of the cybercriminal. Nokia is ready to partner with you to prepare for the onslaught of security assaults from phishing for user radio credentials, denial of service, ransomware to many other forms of attacks that will impact the operation of your microwave radio network. In this webinar Nokia presents the tools, techniques and security standards at your disposal that will greatly enhance your resistance to cybersecurity attacks.

Nokia Speakers:

Elena Maria Grassi, Senior Product Manager, MW & CSN - Mobile Networks Nokia
Tom Loper, Senior Product Manager, MW & CSN - Mobile Networks Nokia
Tamas Madarasz, Portfolio Marketing, MW & CSN - Mobile Networks Nokia

Nokia Webinar: Automation of everything & how 5G is enabling Industry 4.0 Webinar


26 May at 10:00 GMT

Please join Verizon, Hitachi Vantara & Nokia on 26th May from 10.00 – 11.00 GMT at the Automation of everything & how 5G is enabling Industry 4.0 Webinar, where we will discuss what you can do with a secure and reliable private network.

Topics covered:

  • What is industry 4.0 & what it isn’t
  • Why do we need a secure private network?
  • How does 5G help?
  • What type of use cases are in the market?
  • What challenges do we still need to address? 

And we answer why now? Register today to join the discussion and a chance to ask questions. We hope you can join us on 26th May.

Our speakers include:

  • Juergen Broemmer, Verizon
  • Andy Yearsley, Hitachi Vantara Digital Solutions
  • Simon Parry, CTO UK&I Enterprise, Nokia
  • Lee Hargadon, Head of UK&I Enterprise, Nokia 

Nokia Smart Node: Exceptional 5G indoor mobile coverage


Poor mobile coverage indoors is a challenge affecting CSP brands. Mid-band and Higher band signals are particularly susceptible to attenuation from buildings and other structures. Accelerating 5G deployments and Macro focused deployments may result in spotty indoor coverage and hamper user experience.

In this webinar we introduce Nokia Smart Node, a cost effective solution to address indoor mobile coverage and enhance capacity. This 5G device features a revolutionary modular design that offers 4G/5G deployment flexibility.

The self-deploy CPE empowers operators to address individual consumer needs, orchestrate their 5G journey and create service differentiation. It complements the best effort Wi-Fi access with superior licensed spectrum networks that incorporates SIM based robust security and stable multi-user capacity without degradation. 

Webinar: How can 5G drive the healthcare sector to thrive post COVID?


The healthcare sector has been under enormous strain due to the pandemic and as we emerge the other side we are seeing real opportunities for intelligent and connected healthcare using digital technologies.

You are invited to join our panellists to hear the benefits and the 5G use cases this technology enables in the healthcare sector.

We will be exploring the following topics:

  • Can 5G be a differentiator in the Healthcare industry?
  • The barriers and benefits in adopting these transformative technologies
  • Perspectives on accelerating widespread adoption
  • How 5G can drive the healthcare sector to thrive post COVID

Our speakers include:
Professor Muhammad Imran – University of Glasgow
Paul Thomas – North
Suparno Banerjee – Nokia

Nokia Webinar: Microwave and Wi-Fi 6E - What you need to know


With the demand for more bandwidth, governing bodies are opening up spectrum that has traditionally been utilized by fixed microwave radio services. The recent FCC rule change to allow unlicensed Wi-Fi devices into the 6 GHz band has other countries watching closely to see how successful the outcome will be. In this webinar, hosted by Nokia’s North American Microwave team, we’ll address what the FCC changes means for fixed microwave radio service operators and what tools and solutions microwave market leading Nokia can provide to monitor, identify and resolve potential interference issues.

Nokia speakers:

  • Patrick Piquet, Senior Director, Microwave Solutions
  • James Ries, Senior Product Manager, Mobile Networks

Nokia and Sennheiser joint webinar: Low Latency 5G for Professional Audio Transmission


Low-latency, high-quality professional audio transmission over 5G is quickly becoming a reality, making 5G a viable technology for live musical performances.

Nowadays musicians at large-scale professional events require a streaming latency of below 4 milliseconds from a microphone to an in-ear monitoring system to minimize audio delay. A lot needs to happen within those 4ms. Besides audio processing time, the system needs to account for both directions of the wireless transmission. That means each separate data steam must be transmitted in under 1ms.

Nokia and Sennheiser research teams have examined the problem of latency when using a wireless IP network for transmission of isochronous audio data within a professional production environment. During the webinar we will present the results of Nokia’s and Sennheiser’s testbed, which shows that 5G is capable of meeting the strict latency requirements of audio Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE). Today, there is no such standardized wireless technology on the market. Therefore, there is high interest in whether 5G will fulfil this need.

Learn about the new opportunities that the 5G can offer for the entertainment and media industry with the ultra-reliable and low-latency audio transmission

Why are 5G Campuses Smart?


You are invited to join us to hear how two UK universities are driving 5G leadership forward and understand the biggest benefits to driving 5G innovation on campuses. The webinar will cover what makes a campus smart and potential 5G growth within education.

Our speakers include:

  • Professor Muhammad Imran – University of Glasgow
  • Dr. Hamid Falaki – University of Bristol
  • Gerard Donahue – Telent
  • Suparno Banerjee – Nokia

The Why and How of Getting Smart in Manufacturing


Is Belgium ready for its Industry 4.0 future? In our complimentary session The why and how of getting smart in manufacturing, Agoria and Nokia will discuss how the 4th industrial revolution is happening across the globe, driven by digitalization and leveraging pervasive wireless networking, enabled by 4.9G and 5G.

To remain competitive, Belgian industries look to increase efficiency and quality whilst reducing costs. They need the agility to respond to changing customer requirements and maintain a short time to market. New technologies must ensure worker safety, be reliable and address security risks, data protection and privacy concerns.

Please register to hear more and find out how private 4.9G and 5G networks can help you be smarter, safer and more productive by mobilizing your manufacturing operations and maximizing your business output.

FRMCS-ready, multiservice backbone network


The digitalization of the railway industry requires multiservice backbone networks serving the demand of mission critical applications with higher capacity and more flexible and rapid adjustment to needs of individual services, while at the same time maintaining the highest possible availability and security. The Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) is the telecommunication system designed by UIC for the evolution of the railway communication systems worldwide.

Enabling service velocity through SD-Access

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2 March 2021

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are adopting Software-Defined Access (“SD-Access”) to improve network operations and, more importantly, to enable deployment of new services much faster.

However, the transition to SD-Access is not simple. It requires the adoption of cloud-based networking and coordination with legacy OSS and BSS.

Watch this webinar to gain insight into best practices for SD-Access, including multi-vendor integration, migration from legacy to cloud-based solutions and continuous evolution of the network. Attendees will learn about the benefits of SD-Access, including zero-touch provisioning, network slicing, and service velocity.

E5G Agriculture - Fertile Land for Connectivity

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11 March 2021, 14:00 - 15:00 EST

The unique CBRS band is the single greatest opportunity to provide connectivity to the more than two million U.S. farms – 29 percent of which have no Internet access at all.

This webinar will identify critical success factors, where the key opportunities exist, examine current trials and/or commercial deployments of 4G/5G private/neutral host networks, and highlight some of the pitfalls to avoid when deploying a wireless network solution on farms.

Nokia 5G Microwave webinar: Evolution of network topologies and Nokia Wavence solutions

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25 March 2021, 10:00 AM EET & 5:00 PM EET

With increasing 5G penetration, mobile backhaul network topologies are evolving: shorter links, higher capacity (10G becoming the norm), fewer hops to the fiber PoP, higher densification and the need to minimize equipment footprints.  

Join our Webinar to discover how Nokia Wavence addresses these needs through its enriched portfolio.  

Particularly in cities, Zero Footprint becomes key, because there is little or no room for indoor equipment. The Wavence NIM (Networking Interface Module) can be mounted on all models of Wavence UBT outdoor transceivers to bring additional capabilities in Full Outdoor configurations, including in nodal scenarios.  

Where split-mount configurations are preferred, the MSS-HE service switch offers a very compact solution suitable for high capacity configurations.  

We look forward to your participation 

Optical LAN, a better way to structure the network

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25 March 2021, 09:30 - 12:30 (Paris)

FTTx: What solutions for companies?

Would you like to know more about the solutions offered by FTTx for enterprise businesses? 

New services and technologies, installation and testing methods, including the success stories? 

If yes, this webinar is for you!

Thanks to our sponsors, participation in this webinar is free upon registration. 

Osuuspankki Economy evening webinar

On demand

Thanks to the “Oulu mentality”, the Oulu region is one of the fastest growing business centers in Finland. What is Nokia's role in Finland and the Oulu region? How is Nokia contributing to exports and related jobs for northern Finland?

The Oulu region is one of the fastest growing business centers in Finland. People and companies in this region have a genuine desire to do things in a collaborative and innovative way, let’s call it the “Oulu mentality.”

What will the financial and economic sector look like and how will we move forward in the post pandemic environment? What is Nokia's role in Finland and the Oulu region? What are the impacts of the Metsä Group as a responsible developer of forestry and in the industry?

Enhancing Customer Experience in the Digital Era

On demand

Feb 17 2021, 02:00pm GST

Customers are expecting contextual and personalized services, and proactive problem resolution, across any device or any channel they choose.

On the other hand, if it’s done effectively, offering consumers an integrated, cross-channel contextual experience can reduce IT and customer care costs.

Furthermore, it can decrease help desk call volumes and average handle time (AHT), increase first call resolution (FCR) rates and improve net promoter score (NPS) results.

5G Smart Manufacturing Summit

On demand

Is your factory ready for its Industry 4.0 future? Join us for the 5G Smart Manufacturing Summit 3-day event, which offers daily 90-minute sessions including an interactive Q&A with industry leaders who are shaping the future of network solutions for manufacturers. The summit is comprised of presentations, demonstrations, case studies and a panel discussion, covering the following topics:  Future of Manufacturing, Industrial-Grade Private Wireless for Manufacturing, Use Cases Beyond Network Connectivity.

Nokia 5G Microwave Analytics webinar

On demand

Increasingly, our networks need to adapt to match evolving requirements. This evolution is seeing increased network sizes and changing capacities, while performance needs to be constantly monitored. In a wireless backhaul environment, CSPs face even greater challenges due to the variable nature of microwave technology.

Join our webinar to discover how Nokia Wavence and Network Services Platform address these needs via Analytics. The solutions provide a set of off-the-shelf reports tailored to network and microwave use cases for inventory and performance monitoring, complemented by extensive customization capabilities to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Keys to 5G profitability: Core Automation and Any-cloud

On demand

5G doesn't just bring new radio-to-service providers, it ushers in an ecosystem opportunity that has the potential to radically change CSP business models. With newly open network platforms, open ecosystems, a move to software-centric networks, and new B2B use cases, CSPs need to defragment their carrier network domains. This leads to two important discussions: how end-to-end automation will manage this new approach, and how the network platform elements are deployed in any cloud. 

The World At Home: The Nokia Deepfield Network Intelligence Report 2020

On demand

Duration:  90 minutes

In this session, we'll share our findings of the pandemic's most significant outcomes on the internet and service provider networks. Our Nokia Deepfield expert team will take a deep dive into traffic patterns and volumes, and explore the network impact of video streaming, gaming, video conferencing and DDoS.

We'll show you how big data-driven network analytics can transform your network and service capabilities — and give you the confidence to keep innovating and delivering flawless service and loyalty-building customer experience.

Next generation network management to improve quality and operational efficiency

On demand

A successful network operations model in the 5G era delivers agility, reduces OPEX and tackles the complexities of new technologies and data growth. Resource management tools play a crucial role in achieving these goals and provide the foundation for autonomous operations, being tightly linked to the underlying network they manage.

This year, Nokia launched Network Operations Master: a next-generation Network Management System (NMS) for 4G/5G networks that introduces full cloud native capabilities. It provides a future-proof, consolidated platform to those CSPs, who are moving towards cloud-native architecture, those who see the value in business agility enabled by DevOps and those who place a premium on network operations automation and programmability.

Join this webinar to discover:

Topics covered

  • Current telecom market trends and key drivers for microservice-based operations
  • Unique features and benefits of the new software-centric NMS from Nokia
  • Automation and AI-driven use case examples for simplified and intelligent network management with Network Operations Master

Zero Touch approach to managing Fixed Wireless Access customer experience

On demand

Fixed Wireless Access offers CSPs a new compelling strategy for competing on the home network – whether 4G today or 5G tomorrow. 

Of course delivering a new technology means the customer experience must be exceptional or you risk forfeiting that acquisition cost, so how can you accurately target customers and provide them the kind of easy onboarding and care experiences they get in other industries? 

Join our webinar to discover these secrets to increasing loyalty while delivering FWA. 

This webinars covers following topics: 

  1. Key Challenges and building blocks for zero touch experience across customer journey. 
  2. How to use intelligence to drive efficiency and exceptional customer experiences. 
  3. Use case from successful CSP deployment.

Nokia insights to help you secure your networks and data (Virtual event)

On demand

Nokia launched its Managed Security Services portfolio including comprehensive security assessment framework (Security Risk Index - SRI) in 2017. In the past 3 years we have conducted numerous E2E security assessments on different IT and OT environment. We want to share our experience about the common findings of these assessments. As well as we give insight about our latest development of our MSS portfolio.

5G Techritory - 3rd annual Baltic Sea Region 5G ecosystem forum 

More information

The 5G Techritory Forum 2020 will be the third-annual event bringing together the leading minds in 5G deployment in the Baltic Sea Region. The 2020 Forum is projected to assemble 800+ of the leading decisionmakers in policy, business, and infrastructure to increase collaboration and reinforce commitment to joint development.

Nokia is a silver sponsor of the event. We will be present with several Nokia speakers in keynotes and panels, as well as inviting Customer speakers.

    Agile cloud operations with Nokia CloudBand

    On demand

    In this webinar, we will discuss how CloudBand technology empowers customers for the 5G era, by delivering a high-performance, highly available platform, so that Service Providers can create compelling use cases to drive new business. Discover the strength of the agile and automated solution, promising ease of operation and maintenance. Learn how Nokia invites you to the journey, as you evolve at your own pace from cloud to cloud-native. Nokia’s technology and automation create extraordinary experiences, reduce time-to-market, and drive your long-term business growth.

    Next generation service operations with Customer Experience Analytics to boost efficiency

    On demand

    Becoming a customer and business centric digital service provider

    Topics covered

    • Why moving towards customer-centric operations and cognitive decision-making at scale across the entire organisation is a must
    • How to elevate the overall performance by executing more effectively rather than just more efficiently
    • How to improve Net Promoter Score with Customer Experience Analytics
    • What is required to ensure decisions and daily activities across departments contribute to the overall business goals

    Connect the network to the business for increased agility with Nokia Digital Operations Center

    On demand

    The 5G era opens new revenue opportunities through service differentiation that leverages new capabilities. The networks are much more complex and automation must be utilized to be successful at scale.

    Topics covered

    • The round-trip process includes the Design, Deployment and Assurance phases
    • The network complexity must be abstracted for simplified exposure to vertical industry partners via business intent
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAa) will become the necessary currency between Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and their vertical industry partners to forge new business models.

    Rapid route to revenue with Nokia 5G Core Engineered Systems

    On demand

    What allows CSPs to focus on new business opportunities in the 5G era? The answer is rapid build-up of foundational core network services on cloud! Nokia’s 5G Core Engineered Systems allow faster time-to-market by cutting CSP’s integration efforts. With such pre-integrated systems CSPs can monetize 5G services much quicker, also laying the foundation for differentiated services on top.

    Topics covered

    • Best-of-suite bundles for 5G Core foundational services derived from market needs
    • Nokia’s experience out of 100+ cloud projects applied towards Core Engineered Systems
    • Cutting complexity and speeding up time-to-market with 5G Core Engineered Systems
    • De-risking 5G services introduction based on pre-integrated bundles
    • The way to reduce Total Cost of Ownership of CSPs 5G foundational services
    • Simplified lifecycle management to stay current with latest technology

    Secure critical infrastructure with NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations (SOAR)

    On demand

    Is your network compromised? Advance Persistent Threats (APT), expired certificates, stolen credentials, backdoors, malware and botnets - keeping up with the variety and deluge of security threats can feel daunting.

    NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations is a modern and modular set of security applications, focused on detecting sooner and responding faster to all threats. Whatever your security maturity, we have solutions to flank and augment your security response.

    Increase the agility of 5G transport and core operations with Nokia Network Services Platform

    On demand

    Our Network Services Platform (NSP) helps you automate your IP and optical networks to simplify your operations, respond quickly to fast-changing demand, get the most from your resources and ensure maximum service performance and reliability.

    You will find out how NSP helps you answer the need for more responsive, efficient and reliable networks with:

    Topics covered

    • A complete suite of ready-to-use applications that help your network operations teams manage and orchestrates multi-vendor networks
    • An SDN resource controller that lets your network engineering teams control the network and optimize traffic in real time
    • An open programmable platform that enables your engineers and developers to automate network operations and ease integration with orchestrators and operations support systems (OSS)

    Building a world-class IoT solution as a Service: Telecom Argentina’s strategy to create new revenue streams with IoT

    On demand

    The global transition to a digital economy and lifestyle is unstoppable. By today, there is no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the major catalyst of this transformation, leaving no industry untouched. The Latin American region is positioned to take its share from the IoT pie by reaching significant breakthroughs in the number and importance of IoT devices.

    Telecom Argentina and Nokia are partnering to drive IoT business outcomes in the country and across Latin America while accelerating the operator’s global ambitions. Leveraging Nokia’s managed service approach, Telecom Argentina can capture new business opportunities with fast time to market. Enabled by Nokia WING and IMPACT IoT solutions, Telecom Argentina is taking the position of a technology innovator and supporting enterprises on their digital journey by offering value-added IoT solutions to various industry verticals.

    Why you should attend:

    • Learn more about the strategy of Telecom Argentina in the IoT space
    • Get to know Nokia’s IoT solutions in the connectivity and device management layers
    • Gain insights about how telecom operators can grow new revenues and move up the IoT value chain
    • Understand the benefits of ‘as a Service’ business models that can fast track new IoT services
    • How Telecom Argentina will continue broadening their IoT ecosystem

    Winning in the digital economy: the rise of new value chains

    On demand

    Join BT, Salesforce and Nokia to discover how CSP’s are reinventing their business to succeed in a digital landscape. The market opportunity for 5G and advanced connectivity is estimated to be upwards of $2Trillion. The UK market for CSP’s is one of the most dynamic, competitive and challenging global markets. The window to seize and dominate this market is closing and the next 12 months will be critical to act. What are the first steps you should be thinking about to compete and differentiate?

    5G Security – building a zero-trust Network

    On demand

    5G brings new security complexity and scale with billions of IOT devices connecting at the edge and E2E slices starting from multivendor virtualized core, transport radio terminating in private networks. 5G being  part of future critical infrastructure and key catalyst for national economic growth building trusted network  is not only important but vital.

    This webinar is focused on how CSPs can address complex 5G security concerns in a step by step approach.  

    The webinar covers the following topics:

    • 4G to 5G security improvements and threat landscape
    • Nokia’s Adaptive E2E approach towards zero-trust Network (Cloud native/5G)

    Automating 5G network slicing across the core & transport domains

    On demand

    In this executive session, we will reveal new, automated slicing management, control and orchestration capabilities that we are bringing to our Network Services Platform (NSP). Network slice automation enables operators to streamline operations, reduce errors and meet high expectations for service velocity. 

    Be the first to hear the details and discover how NSP enables:

    • The deployment of 5G network slices at scale across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology environments.
    • The automation of the entire life cycle management of slices in real time across core and transport domains.
    • The optimization and assurance of slice-based services to continuously meet deterministic SLAs.

    1st IEEE 5G++ Online Summit Dresden

    On demand

    5G Lab Germany and IEEE are jointly organizing the 1st IEEE 5G++ Online Summit Dresden from September 29 to October 1. The summit builds on the great success of the 4th IEEE 5G Summit Dresden 2019. It takes a holistic approach to 5G++ system design, ranging from silicon hardware, wireless interfaces, networks, edge clouds all the way up to Tactile Internet applications. The summit offers a unique platform for industry leaders, innovators, and researchers from industry and academia to collaborate and exchange ideas that will help to drive standards and rapid deployment forward.

    Nokia will take an active part in the summit on Day 3: October 1: Networks with the following speeches:

    • “Industrial 5G Campus Networks” presentation by Martin Beltrop , Senior Director Portfolio Management, Nokia Enterprise at 1:00pm CEST.
    • “Will there be 6G?” live panel with Volker Ziegler, 6G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs & CTO at 4:30 pm CEST.

    The free-of-charge registration is needed to listen to the event.

    The path to citizen-centric smart cities. What does the future hold?

    On demand

    Our cities are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Single use cases and technological solutions alone are not enough. City transformations need a strategic platform approach that engages key stakeholders and focuses on the needs of their citizens. Data collection, analytics, data privacy regulations and standards play a crucial role in building the smart city of the future.

    Topics Covered

    • Why are cities moving to holistic city strategies? What are the benefits of a City as a Platform approach?
    • What are the trends in data collection frameworks, methodologies and data privacy regulations? Implications for smart communities.
    • How has digital transformation changed during COVID-19 in cities and governments across the globe? What are the big trends? Are these changes here to stay?
    • Live Q&A panel: Discussion on best practices and trends in smart communities.

    Boost quality by injecting AI into 5G operations with Nokia AVA

    On demand

    Communications Service Providers (CSPs) must evolve their 5G operations to manage complexity and capture the value of new 5G use cases. Nokia AVA helps CSPs boost network performance, increase productivity, and differentiate customer experience. Nokia AVA is an AI as-a-Service offering where payments are linked to the achieved results. By injecting AI we can teach networks to be more adaptive, enabling data-driven, and closed-loop operations.

    Zero-touch automation to improve 5G quality and efficiency with Nokia Cognitive SON

    30 Sep 2020 - 11:00 EDT | 16:00 GMT

    On demand

    5G opens up unprecedented possibilities that are enabled by new and complex technologies, such as slicing. CSPs and Enterprises require efficient, repeatable and cost-effective solutions that transcend human-led capabilities.

    Cloud-native Nokia EdenNet cognitive SON provides machine-led autonomous operation for efficient management of 5G era networks. It utilizes machine learning to intelligently detect and resolve the radio network issues and maintain high network performance.

    With EdenNet deployed as the RAN NSSMF for 5G slicing, cognitive SON ensures that each slice is managed and optimized to ensure network quality to meet every CSP’s exacting business objectives.