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A game changing approach to diversity



Closing the gender gap
in technology

StrongHer is an employee network that promotes gender diversity at Nokia. Initiated and led by employees, this award-winning program contributes to women’s empowerment, helping them unleash their potential and magnify their business contribution.

The network is a grassroots movement launched in 2011 by 6 female employees in France. As of today, StrongHer has 3000+ members in 70+ countries worldwide on the 5 continents, including 24% of men and 76% of women. Members want a company where women have the same opportunities as men and are well represented in all business domains and functions. StrongHer organized 120 local events around the globe, attended by over 5600 employees.

StrongHer advances gender diversity by offering networking opportunities, personal development, and a think tank on leadership and management. It also provides exposure to diverse role models for women and men, along with business contacts within and beyond the technology sector. StrongHer has been an eye-opener on the many causes for low representation of women in the ICT industry and in leadership roles. There is not just one “glass-ceiling”, but some frequent explicit or more implicit patterns and reasons at various steps of women’s life and career, caused by others and women themselves.

Women are a minority by number within the Information and Communication Technology sector and at Nokia, but StrongHer does not want women to be exceptions or feel isolated. Through its activities and the commitment of its members, StrongHer acts to change the way people think about gender and talent.

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“StrongHer is a great asset for Nokia. Employee initiatives like this, leveraging all talent, are an integral part of our success.”

Barry French, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Nokia


“Diversity enriches our teams, our thoughts, our performance, and the way we work. StrongHer is a fantastic tool to allow our company to improve in diversity.”

Federico Guillén, President of Fixed Networks, Nokia



Give a voice to women in the company.
Promote visibility and ambition.
Explore new domains.


Reveal and expose role models.
Partner with managers to promote women’s success.
Invent and apply innovative approaches.


Share best practices.
Nurture and develop networks.
Offer business-relevant content.
Partner with major international organizations and gender diversity forums.


What is unique about StrongHer?


StrongHer is a movement initiated and led by employees. It allows employees’ entrepreneurial spirit to emerge and become a source of self-empowerment.


StrongHer initiatives connect men and women at Nokia across all levels and functions. StrongHer reaches 60+ countries through a network of local chapters.

ICT savvy

StrongHer initiatives connect men and women at Nokia across all levels and functions. StrongHer reaches 60+ countries through a network of local chapters.


StrongHer initiatives connect men and women at Nokia across all levels and functions. StrongHer reaches 60+ countries through a network of local chapters.



Our membership at a glance










Active chapters



Male membership





Global activities

StrongHer advances gender diversity through several worldwide initiatives and events. StrongHer works on 3 axes: DARE, ACT and INSPIRE. To ensure impact on the 3 axes, StrongHer built and deploys 4 emblematic worldwide programs: StrongHer awards to spotlight talented women role models, the KIW-e* mentoring program to help employees cross fertilize the innovation through the creation of an expert community to share business issues and improve visibility, KIW-e* webcast where executives and experts share business relevant knowledge in interactive sessions with employees; and the Charter for managers to explicitly walk the talk on gender balance, to publicly commit to take gender inclusive actions and become certified champions of the StrongHer values.

*KIW-e: Knowledge, Information and Wisdom for employees

StrongHer awards

Employees identify and recognize women role models in their local professional environment. The StrongHer awards spotlight talented women across our company. Initiated by StrongHer Egypt in 2013 and now reaching 5 continents, the awards create opportunities to honor women for their professionalism, dedication, conviction, courage, and ability to inspire others. Through the StrongHer awards, we are pursuing a new vision of leadership.

KIW-e mentoring

Employees cross fertilize the innovation through the creation of an expert community to share business issues and improve visibility. Global program with mentors and mentees from different countries, different organizations and from all level of the company.

Charter for managers

Managers explicitly walk the talk on gender balance and receive a StrongHer label. Managers commit to take actions in 3 domains of people contribution, people management and manager behavior.

KIW-e webcasts

Executives and experts share business relevant knowledge and leadership experiences in interactive sessions with employees. World-wide webcast, recorded for replay, consisting of 1-hour session with short presentation and Q&A.

StrongHer Kenya


Recognition and awards

Our work has been acknowledged by organizations beyond Nokia and throughout the world.

GEM-TECH Global Achiever Award

ITU and UN Women named StrongHer a winner of the 2014 GEM-TECH Global Achiever Award, which recognizes outstanding achievements and commitment to gender empowerment in ICT.

UNESCO partnership

Nokia and UNESCO are teaming up to promote gender diversity through partnerships with universities, social networks, and corporations. The partners are using best practices developed by StrongHer to increase the representation and participation of women across all industries.

MENA HR Excellence Awards

StrongHer won 3rd prize in the Excellence in Employee Engagement category at the Middle East and North Africa HR Excellence Awards 2015. This award recognizes the success of StrongHer in advancing human capital management and development within Nokia.


Voices of StrongHer members

See what StrongHer means to its members and supporters.

"With the growing StrongHer Network, we are not only thinking and talking, we are making things happen. Expanding the circles from companies to the countries, we can change the world!"

Ayhan Kutlu, Nokia Turkey

"StrongHer is a forum for diverse women and supportive men whose initiative is to support, motivate and inspire each other for a better and stronger woman in the organization and society"

Susan Wangeci, Nokia Kenya

“The StrongHer movement has reminded me to consistently work on supporting others in their growth as well as continuing to invest time and effort on my own development.”

Carolina Castro, Nokia USA

“StrongHer gave me the opportunity to know people around the world engaged to build equality in the world, we sum our dreams, share experiences and learn together to maximize our impact inside and outside our work”

Geraldine Francia, Nokia Peru

"StrongHer represents Open Innovation at its best: bottom-up employee driven, life-changing and society impactful"

Federico De Juan Huarte, Nokia Spain