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Employee resource groups


The power of people

Our current ERGs support a wide range of underrepresented communities. They also serve as cultural catalysts to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, promote solidarity and help drive business results. These organizations are set up and run by the employees themselves with the company’s full endorsement and support.

Making use of the skills and experience of their individual members, some of our groups have extensive networks and operate on a global level, such as StrongHer while others, such as NOKIA PRIDE POLAND have a dedicated regional focus. Common to all is the passion and voice, with which their members actively serve and promote the interests of their communities. United in a vision of changing our world for the better.

Touching the lives of others

Each employee group unites around a clear purpose or mission, which steers its initiatives and programs. Typical activities include workshops and webcasts, like those of Our Greenhouse, the education and career support activities of ABLE, discussion groups and one-on-one support, like those ShareToCare offers and outreach programs to external organizations, as is the case with LUNA.

Joint efforts often focus on making progress in very practical ways, such as the community projects of HISPA, the annual heritage month of 4A or the Professional Development Conference (PDC) - a collaborative effort between Nokia’s employee resource groups. In most cases, membership is open to all employees of Nokia and, in some cases, former Nokia employees. Highlighting the importance of inclusion and demonstrating the need for everyone’s effort towards equality, 24% of StrongHer’s membership is male.


You are never alone

Our employee resource groups are an ideal environment for people who want to make their mark by advancing inclusion and diversity around an issue close to their heart. A small but increasing part of the work focuses on best practice sharing between employee resource groups, either within a single interest group, such as the cooperation between EQUAL! and NOKIA POLAND PRIDE for the LGBT+ community, or across more than one interest group, as is the case with StrongHer and EQUAL!. The groups also support Nokia’s own inclusion and diversity activities, such as the Allyship initiative.

Most of the groups also have cooperation with external organizations like UNESCO, HP, Vodafone and AT&T and some have gained recognition and awards for their work from prestigious organizations like UN Women, ITU and Corporate Equality Index.