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Inclusion and diversity

We work to create a culture that is inclusive, diverse and empowering.

Inclusiveness sits at the heart of Nokia’s value creation and is core to the way we do business, innovate and partner with our customers. We love and embrace the uniqueness of our people and want to make sure everyone feels safe and at home.

Why Inclusion & Diversity matter for Nokia

We work hard for increased team inclusiveness, because we know that such teams show higher collective intelligence. Inclusive teams make better decisions, crack problems easier, and are creative and innovative.

At Nokia, our purpose is to create technology that helps the world act together. We know that a diverse team will help us best answer the future challenges faced by the very technology we are developing and deploying.  We are striving to create an inclusive culture where everyone can find themselves growing and thriving.  

In our yearly inclusion survey, we continuously measure our people’s ability to empathize with and appreciate different point of views, grow their emotional and social intelligence, listen, share and reflect. We also expect our people to respect and appreciate diverse identities and use it as a strength.

The most recent Nokia Inclusion Survey showed that the overall inclusion experience in the company is improving year on year. Nokia people indicated that the top three reasons for inclusivity were that they feel respected, have access to flexible working and are comfortable in asking support. 80% of the employees believe that Nokia’s inclusion and diversity efforts are having positive impact on company’s culture. The Inclusion Survey allows us to hear the voice of employees and we will use the outcomes to adjust the company’s inclusion and diversity agenda and design a plan to address identified challenges. 

Women talking

All employment decisions at Nokia are made without regard to gender, race, religion, color, nationality, ethnic origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, characteristics or expression, marital status, membership or non-membership in a trade union, or any other protected class. No one should be treated less favorably on the grounds of such characteristics.

Inclusion and diversity – what we do


I&D strategy

We create a more inclusive workplace with a 3-year Inclusion & Diversity strategy to positively differentiate Nokia from its competitors through focusing on setting a global gender diversity target and the establishment of an I&D Steering Committee and global I&D community; exploring ways to become a more equitable employer for under-represented employee groups at Nokia and widening I&D target setting to improve the development, progression and retention of various diverse groups in the organization; and reaching our I&D aim in making this a vital competitive differentiator for Nokia and continuously improving our position in external benchmarks. 

I&D Steering Committee of Nokia is established in July 2021 and focuses on critical I&D topics and ambitions which can make a difference on Nokia-level, ensures that Nokia I&D agenda stays relevant for Nokia’s business through connecting Nokia I&D targets with company operations, strategy, and business objectives.

We are focusing on these specific areas: 

  • Diversifying Nokia’s talent pool. We have set ourselves an ambitious women hiring target and are aiming at 30% of corporate CSR spend is focused on empowering diversity programs.
  • Creating a culture of high inclusion. Logging year-on-year improvements in employee inclusion experiences in business groups and functions, based on the yearly Inclusion Survey results.
  • Being the preferred choice for customers & investors by role modelling best I&D practices.
  • To score above the industry average in external benchmarks that are visible and accessible for our customers & investors, and continuously improve feedback from our investors and customers

Allyship Program and I&D Networks Community

Through an extensive allyship program, everyone at Nokia can become an ally. As an ally, they actively contribute to Nokia's inclusive culture, learn about our communities, the unique identities of the people at Nokia, and how to support others. This program offers various development paths for employees to get well versed in inclusion & supporting others. While there are individual paths identified to support a specific group – such as women, ethnically diverse group of people, LGBT+, people with disabilities – there is also an Inclusion Ally path that covers all these paths and additionally broader content on inclusion.

While allyship fulfills the purpose of enabling our employees to be inclusive, our new I&D Networks Community has a wider purpose. It provides growth experiences to our people. This means in practice that they are encouraged to take active part in inclusion initiatives, learn from each other, and support social activities via volunteering. With the I&D Networks community, we converge all the different initiatives for greater success & impact.

Jenni Lukander: Nokia's approach to gender equality

Gender Balance and Unexplained Pay Gap

We believe that a diverse workforce is our platform for greater innovation, superior organizational performance, and delivering excellent service to our customers. Our ambition is to have a workplace where both men and women have equal opportunities to succeed in every function and at every level. Hence, we are aspiring a minimum of 26% female hires in global external recruits by the end of 2022.  

Since 2019, we are monitoring the unexplained pay gap yearly and should it have opened we have closed it based on a pay equity analysis we conduct with Mercer. The unexplained pay gap is a gap in salary between men and women which cannot be explained by factors that drive pay at Nokia, such as performance, experience, job grade, or location. Read blog post here. Nokia shared this best practice as part of Inclusion & Diversity Toolkit of European Roundtable of Industrialists to develop a more inclusive company culture.  

Disability Inclusion

Disability Inclusion

We aim to ensure we attract, develop, and retain the diverse perspectives and experiences that Nokia needs to innovate for the future which requires offering unbiased access to opportunity so that everyone is valued, heard, and included. As a concrete step to support disability inclusion, we developed an eBook for our People Managers to tune their mindset and the mindset of their teams towards inclusion, improved accessibility and shared services and tools to help. This eBook serves as global guidance for Nokia People Managers and their teams on how to hire, onboard and engage team members with disabilities.

This E-Book serves as global guidance for Nokia People Managers and their teams on how to hire, onboard and engage team members with disabilities. Read more on the blog and access the E-Book.



Consistent with our support for the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business (a framework for businesses to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity), we continue to expand our OUT Leaders program: after a first talent development cohort in 2020-2021, a new generation of LGBT+ leaders will take part in our 2022 program starting in January. With participation from employees from five of our seven markets, as well as senior leaders who will be engaging with these emerging talents, we aim to provide further visibility and career development opportunities to these leaders while providing role models to LGBT+ colleagues who may not be out yet.

EQUAL! launched the first OUT Leader development program with 14 participants across locations and varying business roles. The program consists of three engagement elements: OUT Forum virtual events bring senior guest speakers onto the virtual stage, mentorship by our company leaders, and group projects aiming at advancing inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


Employee resource groups

Nokia has 13 employee resource groups of which the most influential networks belong to StrongHer, EQUAL and ABLE. Most recent ERG, ShareToCare, is focusing on mental health – which aims to connect people with common experiences on the topic of mental health providing a forum where people can feel safe sharing personal experiences and offering emotional support, whether personally, as a caregiver, through a family member or friend, or as an ally.


StrongHer is an inclusive employee network aiming for a company culture where women have the same opportunities as men and are well represented in all business domains and functions. To achieve real change in the nomination dynamics, and visible increase in gender statistics, StrongHer has defined a common Theme - Engaging managers for an inclusive workplace. 

StrongHer builds and deploys emblematic worldwide programs through its global network of 40+ chapters across five continents. Its focus is currently on the deployment of the StrongHer Charter for Managers to enable Nokia line managers to explicitly walk the talk on gender balance, to publicly commit to take gender inclusive actions, and to become certified champions of the StrongHer values. 

Each year, StrongHer organizes more than 100 local events around the globe together with other companies and networks. Given the 2021 workplace conditions, StrongHer has extended and scaled up the virtual events allowing safe and global reach to participants. 

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EQUAL! is our LGBT+ Employee Resource Group which provides education and support for our employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other related groups (LGBT+) or who have family, friends, or colleagues who are LGBT+.

As one of the oldest LGBT+ Employee Resource groups anywhere, EQUAL! has a vibrant community of LGBT+ employees and allies including a recent addition of Nokia Poland Pride; it originated Nokia's OUT Leaders program to provide more visibility for LGBT+ aspiring leaders, and to highlight role models to thousands of LGBT+ employees around the globe.

With our efforts on inclusion we are proud to receive these recognitions:

  • Nokia received the award of the Workplace Pride "Ambassador" status second time in a row (2020 and 2021) for our participation to the Global Benchmark for LGBTI inclusive workplaces.
  • In 2021 scored 100% on the 2021 Corporate Equality Index as Best Place to Work for LGBT+ in the U.S

ABLE (Advancing Black Leadership and Excellence)

ABLE group has intensely worked in collaboration with the Nokia North America Talent Acquisition team on campaigns towards students attending Historical Black Colleges Universities (HBCU), identified as Black/African American and/or members of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), across universities in the USA. In 2021, ABLE has worked closely on a Nokia's community project in which Nokia and Udacity will fund and work with the BIT Foundation to offer 300 Nanodegree scholarships to members of the underrepresented community, including those who wish to advance their career or move into a tech career. In 2022, ABLE plans to set up mentoring for the scholarship receivers.


Nokia delivers series of company tailored training programs

We are launching mandatory eLearnings every year, since 2019, for all employees to foster common understanding about what inclusion and diversity means in Nokia and to counteract bias, and help shift from a fixed mindset. In 2021, we created a Nokia-tailored gamified eLearning. To open the safe, employees are requested to identify inclusive and exclusive team situations, which were built based on Inclusion Survey 2020 feedback. At the end of November 2021, 90% of Nokia’s employees have taken the training.


One of the people manager training efforts was Navigating Bias with Inclusion that was ignited by Inclusion Survey results to address unconscious and conscious bias which can affect managers' actions especially when they make people related decisions, mitigation and avoidance of stereotyping, biased mindsets, inclusive leadership as well as consequences of exclusion.

We will continue to deliver I&D trainings in 2022 and beyond on a yearly basis.









2022 WME 6X



  • Bloomberg 
  • WPP 
  • Best places to work for LGBT+ 
  • Nordic Diversity Index 
  • World's Most Ethical Companies

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