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Concrete step towards disability inclusion with No Limits to Opportunity

Concrete step towards disability inclusion with No Limits to Opportunity

In order to drive a more inclusive and diverse culture and support disability inclusion, we took a concrete step forward and developed an eBook for our People Managers called “No Limits to Opportunity” and sharing externally to encourage everyone to learn more about this area and consciously act together in a more open and inclusive manner to the benefit of all people.

The name of the eBook is purposefully chosen as “No Limits to Opportunity” since we know that it is not the abilities or disabilities which define a person but rather the mindsets of others which can limit or expand our viewpoints & our decisions.

This Ebook intends to tune People Managers’ mindset and that of their teams towards inclusion. 

No Limits to Opportunity ebook has been developed through a joint effort across Global Inclusion & Diversity team, Employee Resource Groups working on disabilities, colleagues from People Organization in the countries as well as Talent Attraction counterparts. 

Specifically this ebook serves as global guidance on how to hire, onboard and engage team members with disabilities by covering Nokia’s approach to disability inclusion, opportunities for Nokia in tapping to this large talent pool, educational overview on disabilities, expectations from people managers followed with more details around how to find services and tools to help across recruiting process, onboarding and for accommodations. Ebook also covers how to improve communication and interaction as well as areas for finding more resources.

At Nokia, as part of our New People Strategy, “We Belong” Pillar, we want to make people feel included at Nokia and personally connected to our purpose, colleagues, and our work. 

While embedding our essentials of being – open, fearless and empowered – in everything we do, we also continue to improve our efforts in inclusion & diversity such as launching the Nokia Allyship Program and developing a dedicated path to support people with disabilities.

Our aim is to ensure we attract, develop, and retain the diverse perspectives and experiences that Nokia needs to innovate for the future which requires offering unbiased access to opportunity so that everyone is valued, heard and included. We do this by putting our people firmly at the heart of everything we do while also delivering on our company purpose: At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together. 

Download Nokia’s No Limits to Opportunity Ebook here

Burcu Dönmez

About Burcu Dönmez

Burcu is the Program Manager for Global Inclusion & Diversity efforts at Nokia. She joined Nokia in 2006, having a strong background in country HR Management as well as in HR Center of Expertise across different portfolios such as talent attraction, employment, organizational development, culture transformation, etc. As part of her role, Burcu is working on programs around behavioral inclusion such as Nokia Allyship as well as structural inclusion which is around processes, policies and practices becoming more inclusive. She believes when diversity is harnessed with inclusion and no one is left out, everyone benefits, creativity and innovation thrives.

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