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Jochen Apel

Jochen Apel

About Jochen Apel

Jochen is Global Vice President of Nokia's Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy and Resources segments, leading our endeavors for advancing the future of all things that are made, mined, or go! Jochen and his team work with our customers to leverage our private wireless communications supporting operations, intelligently automating processes, and proactively managing assets – achieving the benefits of Industrial IoT and seamless connectivity. Whether riding the 5G-optimized railways, connecting mining vehicles deep underground, traveling the highways in a driverless car that was built in a fully flexible factory and seamlessly shipped through an automated port terminal, or cruising connected at 30,000 feet, Jochen and his team of industry innovators will make the journey with you!

Visit our Industries page to see our solutions by vertical and our new Industry 4.0 page to learn more about these exciting technologies!

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