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Data center networking that just works

Data center networking that just works

One of the most difficult parts of working with Webscale networking is answering the question “what do you do?” to people outside of this field.

Usually, after hearing terms like ‘cloud infrastructures’, ‘data center interconnection’, ‘optical networking’, and ‘IP routing’ the person is either regretting their question or trying very hard to transform these abstract ideas into something more concrete and easier to grasp. And I don’t judge them, that’s very comprehensible given the fact that when we think of webscale companies the first image that comes to mind is a hallway filled up with big computers with flashing lights and complex systems with their own codes and languages.

Those ideas are not false, webscalers do deal with big data centers, routers and complex programming and engineering, but if we focus on this more complex part of the work of webscalers, we can very easily get lost in what they need to grow and start to list an infinite number of tech solutions.

If you ask me what the first idea to pop up into our heads when we hear ‘webscale’ should be, I suggest that we think of connectivity – of the messages we send every day, the webpages we access, the online shopping that we do, the music and movies that we watch online. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that webscalers are the backbone of the internet that are so deeply connected to our daily lives and completely vital to every community. With this in mind, we can understand the importance of this field, and, furthermore, understand that with this level of importance the solutions for webscalers need to just work. Every time.

To be the backbone of the world’s internet is not an easy service, it requires a lot of effort to grow in a very fast paced environment with the constantly need of scalability and stability to add more users without ever breaking down, that’s why the webscale companies need trusted partners to meet these growing demands.

At Nokia, we take the word ‘trusted’ very seriously, as it needs to be for webscalers. We are committed to always deliver connectivity, equipment, systems, and solutions that seamlessly work with your systems, so you can achieve more scalable, secure and interconnect operations, creating an easier to manage ecosystem and making room for more customers, that will attend more users, and connect more people – because this is our mission, at the end of the day.

If what you need to continue growing are networking solutions that just work every time, in every area, from data center fabrics and data center interconnection, whether it’s based on IP Routing or Optical networks, to Deepfield Defender, I’m sure Nokia can help with that!

Paul Unbehagen

About Paul Unbehagen

Paul Unbehagen Jr is the NE Americas Chief Technology Officer at Nokia and a seasoned executive leader with over 25 years of experience in advanced technology. He excels in blending business acumen, technical expertise, and foresight to drive growth and market leadership. With experience as a motivational leader, he advocates for cloud and networking technologies, navigating diverse environments from R&D to startup landscapes. Paul is driven by the belief that multiple perspectives offer insight otherwise left undiscovered and is committed to excellence in how the application of emerging technology can positively impact our daily lives.

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