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Do you want to control the future?

Do you want to control the future?

That’s tricky right now; but the situation is looking-up. Because, in addition to controlling today’s WCDMA networks, Nokia AirScale RNC, our cloud-based radio network controller (RNC), also doubles as an investment in your future network assets and capabilities. Since becoming commercially available last summer (2017), this groundbreaking virtualized network function (VNF) has successfully been deployed in networks around the world, proving its credentials and confirming cloud-based controllers are the ‘way to go’. As a result, we’ve developed yet another unique solution, the AirScale BSC; a base station controller VNF …for GSM networks.

At this point you might just be thinking “What? …Why bother?” But, why not? The hardware platform is common across other VNFs, meaning it can be scaled to fulfil demand. This is key, as despite the moves to cease operations of networks in certain countries, in the main, GSM is expected to be around for some time and help subscriber transition towards 5G. However, with the focus understandably on the future, it’s easy to overlook the importance of investing in existing networks. Cloud RAN sweeps that aside, supporting today’s changing network needs with agility and lower costs, as well as deploying the building blocks for future networks, including 5G. What more could you want?

So, whether it’s a cloud-based BSC or cloud-based RNC, you’re safe in the knowledge that investments made today, will keep delivering value way into the future. In the meantime, you’ll reap the benefits of enhanced capabilities, reduced operational costs and reduced risk. Moreover, gone are those bulky, legacy BSCs with their hunger for electrical energy. Gone are the concerns over reliability as they grow old. Gone also is the dilemma of how to make the most of your finite financial resources.

For many, 5G is the current focus. However, we also recognize for many operators both GSM and WCDMA network capabilities form the bedrock of their business, each requiring careful migration strategies and in the meantime, continued investment. More and more operators are choosing the logical, cloud-based path that most effectively delivers the best results time after time. Why not follow them by contacting us to learn more about how we can help you along your journey through the mobile generations.

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Darrell Davies

About Darrell Davies

Darrell Davies, senior marketing manager at Nokia, is responsible for the imaginative marketing of Nokia’s AirScale radio access network portfolio. This role draws on his wealth of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry, in which he has worked for more than twenty years. This high-tech engineering background is allied with considerable experience in marketing management and a master’s degree in business administration.

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