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Four exciting new offices you might not know about

Four exciting new offices you might not know about

The last two years have fundamentally changed our relationship with the office. Employees expect workplaces that reflect a variety of reasons why they want to be there - flexible gathering places with a better onboarding experience. Our company continues to create spaces that offer an employee and customer-centric experience, with flexibility at the heart of its design. These are offices reflecting the hybrid modern way of working, with Sustainability, Inclusion and Diversity at its core.

Throughout the year, we saw a number of exciting new office openings and we want to share some of the stories you might not have heard about (Read until the end to see a collage of our new offices).

Opening of our modern and sustainable new building in Sunnyvale

This year we had the official opening of our new campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. With a fresh and dynamic new office representing our Brand and company culture, Nokia aims to retain and attract the best talent. This facility is equipped with new space types, labs, furniture, and technology to allow our employees to do their best work, collaborate and create the best employee experience.

The new office welcomes a mix of 600 plus employees from NI – IP Networks and Optical Networks, CNS, CX and other corporate functions, and it consolidates most of Nokia's previous Bay Area office locations. To meet requirements for R&D and others, employees can utilize workspaces according to their workstyle and activities from focus, teamwork and collaboration.

This LEED gold certified new office (the most used green building rating system) was designed with sustainability at its core, using several environment-friendly processes, materials and features. The project includes a mixture of office and lab, including 40,000 square feet of hardware and software lab space. Key building features include an Executive Briefing Center, outdoor mixed-use terrace/meeting space with roll up doors connected to a break room and multi-purpose meeting space, and a Customer Conference Center.

Istanbul opening of new office, supporting Turkey on their way to 5G

In Turkey, a new office was opened to increase the collaboration with local companies in our journey to bring 5G to the country. Our brand-new office welcomes customers and clients and is the place to test software and hardware in dedicated lab spaces for R&D, as Nokia continues working on the development of the infrastructure to deploy 5G in Turkey.

Our new office reflects the dynamism of working for Nokia today, in an agile and collaborative way. The new design concept allows employees to choose whatever type of space is needed for the particular task to be undertaken. The technology provided for these areas will make our lives easier and help us work smarter.

The office is situated in a prestigious A-class building and achieved LEED sustainability certification. Within the building our colleagues will enjoy of a wealth of amenities such as: cafes, co-working areas and easy access to restaurants, shops, pharmacy, supermarket and gym.  One of the appealing features of the office is an atrium filled with plants designed to make maximum use of daylight. The office also features a game zone, musical room and a doctor's and mother's room.

Learn more: Tour around the Office video 1 (In Turkish), Tour around the Office video 2 (In Turkish).

Beijing renovated office now open and welcoming back employees

Our Beijing office was recently renovated as part of our project to modernize Nokia offices and build a more conducive environment to fit our new flexible way of working. The newly renovated office encourages more collaborative style of working, with better equipped R&D labs, service labs, meeting rooms occupied by sales, marketing and central function teams. The project was the result of a smooth partnership among the business groups and the various lab managers.

The Beijing transformation project was focused heavily on green construction. The office is LEED certified and ensures sustainable practices. Some of those practices included usage of environmentally friendly materials, class A site protection and cleaning policy, recycling used materials, and use of energy saving equipment in labs. We will continue green trends on our projects to support our Nokia sustainability goals.

The most prominent feature of the Beijing office is the Connection Hub. The Hub, which was previously the C1 laboratory, is a multipurpose collaboration center large enough to host town halls and important events. The Connection Hub houses three function areas, each designed to host events without preventing employees from accessing the main lounge area. The lounge within the hub allows employees to sit and chat during breaks and enjoy a beautiful campus landscape full of trees, grass, flowers and sunshine.

New office location in Massy (Paris)

Our new office in Massy (Paris) supports Nokia’s sustainability goals and is part of the ongoing effort to modernize workplaces and make them more efficient. The office was designed with the Future Nokia Workplace program in mind, as the office enables flexible working across three zones: connect, open and focus. The office features the following services: nurse's office, social assistants and psychologist. It also offers unique spaces such as: the Hub (customer demo, garage, studio rooms and relaxation room), testing labs, co-working space and kitchenettes on every floor.

In the journey to become a fully hybrid global workplace, employees are encouraged to use the digital workspace booking solution, which enables booking up to five weeks in advance for days that employees want to work on site. The booking app also allows easy check-in upon arrival, and cancellation of bookings if a workspace is no longer required.  

As part of our commitment to the environment, we aim to establish the circularity practices as a key part of every project. In the BREEAM certified building, some of the chairs, screens and desks from the old Villarceaux site at Nozay were cleaned and repaired for reuse in the new Massy office. To prevent waste, office furniture and equipment that was not used in Nozay nor Massy, were donated to different charities, schools and universities.

Learn more: Nokia presence in France (Video in French)

New offices collage

More to come!

2022 was a year of successful projects amidst unpredictable extraordinary situations across the world. Each of the projects takes an enormous amount of time, relationship building and collaboration between People & Places, Digital Office, Business Groups and local teams. However, the reward is priceless, as these spaces are designed to satisfy our employee's needs, in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Stay tuned in 2023 to hear more about our upcoming projects in Bydgoszcz, Riyadh, Nozay (Paris), Ottawa, Bangalore, and so much more.

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