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Get help from a digital twin: accelerate and simplify 5G site deployments

Get help from a digital twin: accelerate and simplify 5G site deployments

As communication service providers (CSPs) evolve their networks to 5G, using efficient methods and processes of deploying networks, along with site-level simplification are the keys to faster rollouts. This is easier said than done. One of the challenges that network deployment managers will face is the lack of a site-level digital database or equipment inventory. This gap leads to manual preliminary site design creation process, which is time consuming and prone to error. In a fast-changing design environment numerous site-related requirements must be factored in. Also, individual site design interpretations and assumptions lead to frequent design deviations and consequently, to further delay.

Nokia’s Digital Site Engineering Services – a part of our Digital Deploy service portfolio - revisit the ways of creating site designs by using digitalization and automation-based simplification. And we do that at site level. The first step is using drones or 360-degree photogrammetric cameras for capturing and digitalization of site information. Using this method for the technical site survey creates a “digital site walk-through". Such digitalized site content helps in stitching software-based “digital twin” of the site. Employing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML) algorithms, our digital site engineering tool then creates site design, based on the detailed digital dataset.

Fig. 1.

The advantages of this simplified site survey process are many. First, it improves the lead time for site deployments compared to a manual survey. The quality of data improves. The combination of better data quality and a faster site survey leads to a reduction in overall site permitting time. Using digitalized site level data, designers can more easily adapt to variations and reduce time for deployment. Digitalization of site content also helps in accelerated planning for future site expansions.

Talk to us today on how our digital-twin based site design automation can help you deploy your sites faster.

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