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Digital Deployment Services

Go digital with 5G deployment

Achieve faster, more flexible and efficient 5G roll outs. Nokia’s digital deployment services bring transparency in every phase of your project. They're future ready with multiple delivery models for deploying new technologies. Multiple innovations prove digital deployment is becoming a cornerstone for rolling out the networks of tomorrow.

Nokia Digital Deployment : turn the unimaginable into imaginable

Automated workflow orchestration

Automated workflow orchestration to deploy the right crews, with the right equipment, at the right time and place

Site digital database

Site digital database for faster technology evolution and upgrades as sites can be accessed remotely and CSPs can get a 360 virtual view

Automated analysis

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered tools to identify defects in real-time through automated analysis

Real-time project dashboards 

Real-time project dashboards for greater transparency and project management effectiveness

Drone-led site visits 

Drone-led site visits to ensure site builds are completed ‘first time right’ with material inventory down to a one-inch accuracy

“TBR believes Nokia is the first of its peers to offer an end-to-end solution of this kind, which will spur others to place greater R&D dollars behind deployment services.”

Michael Soper / Senior Analyst TBR

digital deployments infograph

Banglalink customer use case

Banglalink chose Nokia’s Single RAN solution as a part of its technology strategy, to modernize its network for future readiness and reducing its operating expenditure (OPEX). Nokia Single RAN consists of multipurpose hardware and common software for 2G, 3G, for TD- and FD 4G and 5G technologies. Supporting multitude of hardware sharing options – radio, fronthaul, baseband, backhaul, OAM, spectrum – reducing the complexity and increasing cost efficiency – and all with the bonus of future proof end-to-end solution with strong security and one common operation and management.

Nokia’s digital deployment holds great promise as the future of network deployments with a commitment to assist Banglalink in its digital transformation, enabling simpler, faster, more efficient service delivery.

Our digital deployment services include:


Deploy first class works, multiple radio technologies  with digital service delivery workflows and project management


Take out the complexity in your rollouts with Nokia taking charge to design build and install to deliver your projects faster


Rollout of new technologies  faster while minimizing commercial risks with best reuse of legacy systems

Antenna Solutions

Nokia offers widest range of third-party products covering all frequency bands with relevant services so that you have a complete peace of mind


Lower down your TCO for energy products with our modernization solutions including that of 5G which is compatible with Nokia products

Services for HetNets

Get top performance with better ROI by harnessing macro and small cells and all technologies with our patented services

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