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Going beyond mission critical

Networks have been mission-critical for a long time — essential to commercial transactions, industrial processes and public safety communications. The more connected we’ve become, and the more we depend on continuous real-time information and communication, that criticality has intensified. In many industries and sectors, networks have grown to be what we at Nokia call “human-critical”: vital to safety, security and people’s quality of life and experience.

We’ve helped organizations build these human-critical networks every step of the way. While many people know Nokia as a company that creates networks for telecommunications providers, we also have a longstanding legacy in creating them for industries and the public sector.

More than a decade ago, we began helping rail companies connect their operations in unprecedented ways with GSMR. We’ve deployed next-generation emergency services networks for police, fire and rescue operations around the world, provided end-to-end mobile connectivity to governments, energy and mining companies, and used 4G LTE to converge that connectivity with IoT applications so organizations can harness the intelligence of sensors and other devices in real-time and save operational costs by using advanced analytics.

In every case, our customers have said, “We see the possibility to do something that’s going to make a difference. Can you help us make it happen?” And for us the answer has only ever been, “Yes.”

Platforms for radical change

Human-critical networks have a virtually unlimited range of applications and purposes. What they all have in common is an uncompromising demand for performance, reliability, resilience — and, increasingly, with the adoption of Industry 4.0, flexibility and agility, too. These are platforms for radical change, reinventing the movement of goods and people, making industry more efficient and sustainable, reshaping the flow of municipal services and, ultimately, the human experience.

What does that look like? In the case of our recent project with Sempra Renewables (a former division of Sempra Energy), it means enabling the remote monitoring of wind turbines to prevent downtime and achieve upwards of 90% savings in the cost to repair pitch systems, vastly improving the performance of sustainable power generation. With OSIsoft, we’re deeply integrating IoT and pervasive connectivity using private LTE so that enterprises in a wide range of industries can be more efficient, productive and competitive. Partnering with Room40 in Belgium, we are leveraging scene analytics and automated intelligence to keep construction sites and our motorway rest areas safer and more secure for the professional drivers and travelers who rely upon them every day and night.  

Going farther than ever before

Using our Nokia Bell Labs Future X for Industry architecture, which integrates transformative software and services, we’re giving companies and public agencies the platform to connect and manage assets more efficiently, deliver more value and keep people safe — for example, by knowing where remote workers are - at all times and monitoring the environment. Future X is built to realize the full possibilities of 5G technology to push human-critical networks farther than any network has gone before.

Nokia has a long, and proven legacy of providing human-critical networks, and as Industry 4.0 continues to drive new requirements of those networks, it’s exciting to think we’re just getting started.

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