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Great customer experience starts with great employee experience

Reliable connectivity experience or chocolate?

A recent IDC study with the perfect headline, ‘Customer experience is more than you think it is,’ shows how pivotal customer experience has become by underlining the crucial role of connectivity.

  • 50% of respondents, in all age brackets, would rather have reliable network connectivity than eat chocolate
  • 19% said network connectivity was more important than taking a vacation

Add to that, the span of attention is getting shorter. For the Gen Z ‘centennial,’ the span of attention is estimated to be as short as 8 seconds, which is lower than the 12 seconds characteristic for the Gen Y millennials. We must be ready to offer excellent experiences that are applauded by the new internet and social media savvy Gen Z who will be entering the workforce this year.

As we morph into the 5G and digital era, the importance of experience and customer relationship grows, but at the same time managing an excellent customer experience will become more complex with accelerating variety of use cases, and new business models.

Fuse customer experience and employee experience

It comes down to people, processes and tools. Great experiences are unlocked by empowering employees with augmented data-driven intelligence, new digital business processes and the right toolbox. With these, employees can work more effectively and more efficiently to be able to serve customers better. It is a chain reaction: one leading to another, a magic formula to succeed.

Equip CSP executives and employees on the front lines with AI-driven power of intelligence about their customers, paired with experience-aware automation processes that provide instant root cause analysis with smart action recommendations to prevent experience impacting incidents happening in the first place.

One giant leap for customer and employee experience

Tools and processes from the past cannot solve issues of the future. Digital transformation introduces a fundamental change in ways of working, skillsets and tools. It is a much deeper transformation that requires business process adaptations, new thinking about experience and next generation ways of working. Like the great entrepreneur Steve Jobs once said, ‘Start from the customer experience and work backwards to the technology’.

The notion of intelligent and actionable automation with Customer Experience Index (CEI)  at the heart of it, and its expansion to a portable, easy-to-use and always available mobile app empowers the executives and experts in charge of customer experience to elevate their effectiveness, efficiency and output. With CEI, they have the power to impact the NPS level. The CEI powered mobile app is a small step for the operator but one giant leap for the customer and employee experience.

The winning combination is automation and augmentation. Harnessing the processes with experience-aware intelligence and automated actions, and simultaneously augmenting the employees with that data intelligence to stay tuned on their customer experience at all times, and to intervene when necessary.

Your customer’s experience ‘in your pocket’

One of our CSP customers stated approvingly regarding the CEI-as-an-app: it is like having your customer's experience, perception and voice "in your pocket."

Using mobile apps at work has become standard for employees. It is an important step for both executives and employees who are responsible for their customer happiness and measured by the NPS score.

Customer experience is not a nine-to-five job: it's a constant 24/7 journey that stretches beyond mobile and fixed networks to charging and care. We are happy to help when you embark on your journey to become a more experience-centric company.


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Malla Poikela

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Malla oversees the messaging around Nokia Software’s intelligence and operations portfolios, which include analytics/AI, customer- and network-driven insights, service fulfilment and assurance, and end-to-end automated service operations. Malla is very visible at industry events and on social media, where she is a passionate advocate for the customer experience, digital transformation and the future mode of operations.

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