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Keep customers happy and build revenue with Nokia AVA NWDAF

Keep customers happy and build revenue with Nokia AVA NWDAF

Many things are happening with AVA NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function), so I wanted to give some highlights of recent events, as well as some useful materials that tell you more about the solution.

Just last week we participated with NWDAF and other Nokia AVA AI (Artificial Intelligence) and analytics demonstrations and presentations in the FutureNet event – where a Nokia AVA AI and analytics solution was awarded for enhancing customer experience. Events are a great way to exchange ideas with both CSPs and analysts and can also bring ecosystem players together to create new use cases.

Nokia´s NWDAF solution, the Nokia AVA NWDAF, is commercially available. We are running proof-of-concepts with Tier1 CSPs globally and gathering valuable experience and insights with our customers.  

NWDAF analytics help CSPs improve customer experiences and use their 5G investments to create new sources of revenue. It also enables more predictive and proactive networks with predictive QoE, which is so important to many 5G use cases.

What is NWDAF and how does it unlock 5G value for CSPs?

Data is a strategic asset for CSPs aiming to meet business priorities and achieve digital transformation. Nokia AVA NWDAF uses AI to unlock the value of that data. It is a cloud-native, multi-vendor and probeless solution that simplifies the collection and analysis of data from networks and services.

AVA NWDAF collects data from 5G Core network functions, performs analytics and provides insights with closed loop automation to authorized data consumers. These can include external partners through open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), helping generate greater innovation and unlock new value. The NWDAF defines how data is saved and accessed and includes support for analytics models applied to operational processes, charging data analysis and data monetization opportunities.
It is part of the Nokia AVA AI and analytics product offering, using software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and consumption models to quickly deploy new applications in an agile manner.

Fig. 1.

“5G creates opportunities for CSPs to deliver advanced services to customers beyond connectivity and a SaaS based NWDAF solution will be an important component in facilitating the creation of these new revenue generation opportunities. The Nokia AVA NWDAF can be delivered as a service and has a distributed architecture to make analytics available where needed, to meet varying latency requirements for new customer service offerings.”

Adaora Okeleke
Principal Analyst, Data, AI and Development Tools, Cloud and Platform Services, Analysys Mason

NWDAF insights assure high QoE for new 5G use cases

Network performance and reliability are critical in a variety of 5G use cases. NWDAF supports the various 5G use cases by enabling CSPs to offer predictive insights to their partners. 

Autonomous vehicles, delivery robots and 5G drones are prominent examples of use cases needing predictive QoE. The automotive industry is developing connected, cooperative and automated driving applications that rely on network support for connectivity with a specific QoE.

The AVA NWDAF provides predictive insights into device and network behavior to enable operators to monetize their 5G investments.

The money is in the verticals

Vertical enterprise sectors offer great opportunities and CSPs are in a leading position to make use of the huge volume of network data generated to sell valuable insights to their enterprise customers.

Take a moment to read Atul Purohit´s article on why the time is now right for CSPs to focus on the enterprise sector to win the revenue returns they need, as well as the value extraction phase to monetize their 5G investments. 

Analytics at the edge

Many of 5G’s most exciting capabilities involve ultra-low latency use cases. To support such use cases, analytics must be made available at the network edge. With this need in mind, Nokia created its AVA NWDAF architecture to incorporate both edge and central NWDAF instances. This distributed architecture enables CSPs to provide real-time analytics at the network edge to optimize the user experience for ultra-low latency use cases, thus creating new revenue possibilities with partners and customers. The architecture also helps to boost CSP productivity by providing insights directly from the NWDAF, as well as indirectly by feeding insights to CSP tools and processes. For more information, check our executive summary.


Nokia AVA NWDAF was conceptualized as a SaaS native offering because SaaS in networks is becoming relevant and feasible as technology evolves. It also helps CSPs to use point capabilities much faster than conventional deployment models, which in turn helps rapid creation of new offerings. The SaaS deployment model is increasingly recognized by the telco world as the most effective way for many CSPs to move quickly up the value chain. By deploying NWDAF in a SaaS model, CSPs can turn NWDAF into much more than just a network function – they can use open APIs to share network data with an ecosystem of partners and co-create unique and valuable propositions. Check here a recent panel discussion “The economic case for Telecom SaaS” by TelecomTV and Nokia for more information on how SaaS business models can help CSPs accelerate their ability to launch new services and realize faster time-to-value - it also includes an NWDAF presentation.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic - just visit the Nokia AVA NWDAF web page and click “Get in touch with us today”.