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Nokia and Dell pave the path to Cloud RAN for CSPs and enterprises

Nokia and Dell pave the path to Cloud RAN for CSPs and enterprises

Nokia’s strategic partnership with Dell within the anyRAN approach has been ongoing for just over a year, and we have used this time efficiently. In fact, our Cloud RAN solution is ready for commercial deployments this year.

Our anyRAN allows service providers to flexibly deploy RAN functions using cloud-native containerized software on any cloud infrastructure - public, private or hybrid clouds. Nokia’s software-centric approach aligns perfectly with Dell's strengths in cloud data center solutions.

Together, Nokia and Dell can provide CSP and enterprise customers with a value-added Cloud RAN solution, supporting them at each stage of their cloudification journey, starting right from the first step.

Leading the way towards the cloudification of RAN

As our customers plan their cloud transformation, Nokia and Dell are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition when and where it makes sense for them. We support scalable cloud models. Whether our customers want to build a centralized or a distributed RAN, the Dell infrastructure can flexibly scale and support Nokia's demanding RAN workloads at any location, be it core, edge or far-edge sites.

Many customers will go for a gradual transformation, which means that we will see a coexistence of hybrid environments consisting of purpose-built and cloud-based RAN architectures. Nokia provides consultancy for this transformation. It is essential to ensure feature and performance consistency in all these deployment scenarios. Nokia does this with common software across purpose-built infrastructure and cloud RAN workload software.

With our Cloud RAN reference designs, Nokia can provide a faster time to market. We have a pre-integrated hardware platform from our partners. Our anyRAN solution provides a wide choice of CPU, Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) software and application options.

Nokia MantaRay NM, our network management solution, can manage the whole deployment, including not only the different flavors of RAN but also the mobile/packet core network, aligned with the Dell infrastructure. In addition, our containerized, cloud-native design for Cloud RAN enables agile software lifecycle management. Nokia and Dell have successfully completed an Open RAN trial with Vodafone Italy, where the Cloud RAN management system was tested as well.    

Unlocking the best benefits of many worlds

We are trusted cloud partners: while Nokia provides deep radio access and network management experience, Dell brings proven CSP and enterprise cloud data center design and deployment expertise to the partnership.

Nokia has the leading radio portfolio and high-performance RAN software, which supports all use cases and deployment scenarios. Nokia anyRAN is optimized to fully take advantage of Dell's latest server and storage platforms for improved capacity and reduced cost-per-bit. Together, we have validated the compatibility of Nokia’s and Dell’s solutions including the end-to-end network management and automation capabilities.

By bringing together the latest innovations, Nokia and Dell can deliver the highest energy efficiency for Cloud RAN workloads and unmatched scalability. Dell’s industry-leading servers meet Network Equipment-Building System requirements for Cloud RAN workloads. Dell also supports multi-tenancy with new workloads, which means that Nokia’s Cloud RAN customers can run other applications together with the connectivity solution on the same infrastructure.

Security is a critical requirement for our customers. Nokia and Dell provide end-to-end Zero Trust security, not only for Cloud RAN but also for supply chain security as part of a full-service cloud transformation.

Optimizing TCO for our customers

Optimized use of Cloud RAN software and hardware, as well as deployments that allow pooling gains, improves the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers.

As global technology leaders, Nokia and Dell can jointly deliver anyRAN cloud solutions to be deployed anywhere worldwide, leveraging our combined sales and services capabilities.

Visit the Nokia anyRAN webpage to find out how we can help you expand your deployment options and accelerate your business.


Aji Ed

About Aji Ed

Aji is the Head of Partner Cloud RAN Solutions in Nokia and is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of strategic initiatives related to Cloud RAN in collaboration with partners. This role involves identifying and cultivating partnerships with key players in the industry, such as server hardware vendors, container-as-a-service providers, and webscale companies. In this role, he drives business development and market making of Cloud RAN solutions together with partners. In his previous role, Aji was the CTO for Mobile Networks in the Middle East and Africa market region.

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