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Nokia anyRAN

Give access your way.

Pick and mix cloud, servers, radio access.

Field-proven network efficiency

Efficiency for nationwide public and on-premises enterprise radio access – and anything in between

5G networks are reliably serving subscribers across entire countries through cells served by thousands to hundreds of thousands of radio units. Cloud networks are expanding to the edge. In 5G and Cloud, operators and enterprises seek efficiency gains. With anyRAN Nokia maximizes the baseband options to make the most of the radio units and optimize overall operational and energy efficiency. 

Collaboration-boosted cloud synergies

Synergies in the Edge Cloud and beyond – RAN software on any partner’s cloud infrastructure and servers

5G baseband in form of vDU and vCU containers together with the requirements of other Far Edge and Edge Cloud workloads drive preferences among cloud infrastructure (CaaS) offerings. The sum of computing requirements drives preferences among server hardware offerings. Nokia anyRAN works with any partner's solutions. Beyond these, anyRAN software continues to run on Nokia AirScale base stations and Nokia AirFrame servers. 

Future-ready access performance

Performance now and in the future – leading radio units and any mix of purpose-built and cloud baseband

5G layer 1 imposes stringent real-time processing requirements on the vDU. Similar to computer graphic cards, In-Line layer 1 acceleration works with various general-purpose processors for higher layers. The decoupling of In-Line L1 acceleration and L2 and L3 processing provides for efficient and flexible scalability. Nokia anyRAN makes field-proven, energy-efficient and high-performance L1 In-Line acceleration available on Nokia's and any partner's cloud and server offerings - allowing to benefit from leading RAN software, leading remote radio heads and massive MIMO antennas in any network constellation: cloud, purpose-built or hybrid-networks.

Nokia anyRAN advantages

Software performance advantage:

anyRAN makes Cloud RAN perform consistently with purpose-built RAN, enabled by common software and In-Line acceleration

Cloud infrastructure advantage:

anyRAN provides for flexibility instead of vendor lock-in: Our Cloud RAN will run on our own CaaS layer as well as on cloud infrastructure of AWS, Google, Microsoft and IBM

Data center advantage:

anyRAN provides for server supply chain choice instead of vendor lock-in: Our Cloud RAN will run on our own AirFrame servers, but also on servers made by Dell, HPE and AWS – in each case with the performance boost of the In-Line acceleration by Nokia

The general processing advantage:

anyRAN combines the Nokia SoC advantage with a choice among Intel, AMD and ARM processors through collaboration with server makers

The scalable deployment advantage:

anyRAN provides deep, multi-level disaggregation allows fitting CloudRAN in many more environments than ever before. Beyond that, there are optimized AirScale baseband solutions. Performance consistency across platforms allows for co-existence and smooth evolution

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