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Nokia and partners bring speed and resilience to microwave transport deployments

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At Nokia, we believe in the potential of partnerships to create value for our customers. Our channel partners provide deep industry knowledge, configuration expertise, and integration skills to help our customers meet the critical requirements of the different microwave transport use cases that they are serving.

In my previous blog, I wrote about the key attributes and advantages of microwave transport networks for delivering robust connectivity for critical infrastructure, utilities and transportation. Customers in these industries require the ultra-high reliability, availability, security, and resilience that modernized microwave transport networks can provide.

For mobile network operators, microwave transport networks are key to expanding 5G coverage, enhancing dense urban capacity as well as serving enterprise and industrial use cases.

Together with our channel partners, we provide the needed expertise and experience for all these deployment scenarios.

Microwave transport at our customer networks

Let’s take a look at some of our recent customer cases and how the close collaboration with our partners was key to fast, cost-efficient deployments.

Norfolk Southern is a $12 billion transportation company that operates more than 19,000 railway route miles across 22 states in the eastern U.S. The company sought to upgrade its communications network to strengthen safety, improve operational efficiency, and support future business expansion. Its requirements included support for Positive Train Control (PTC), the integration of rail operations and data with its enterprise network to increase bandwidth, and efficient migration of legacy infrastructure to support new IP-based applications.

Infinity Technology Solutions, our channel partner, helped design an end-to-end packet transport solution that combines Nokia Wavence Microwave Transport, routing and a network management system that permitted the transition from Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) to an all IP/Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Infinity provides the engineering, configuration, testing, integration and post-sales support for Norfolk Southern.

The partnership between Nokia and Infinity enabled the delivery of a single, converged, all-IP network that efficiently handles all of Norfolk Southern’s data traffic efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively – and is ready to support future growth.

Another example is with a government customer, Pitkin County Telecom in Colorado. In this case, our partner LightSpeed Technologies is the supplier of Nokia Wavence Microwave Transport solutions and engineering services to Pitkin County’s telecommunications department. Nokia Wavence solutions are field-proven in different terrains and weather conditions, delivering the needed mission-critical grade reliability and robust coverage across the mountainous region of Colorado.

With the Wavence microwave transport network, Pitkin County enables critical connectivity for the Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center, as well as public safety agencies throughout the county, keeping first responders connected. Nokia Wavence microwave radios are used for backhauling the land mobile radio base stations and to interconnect 911 dispatch centers. The radio system is designed with full redundancy for uninterrupted communications between dispatch and units in the field. This ensures secure communications and rapid response to emergencies. Furthermore, Nokia Wavence provides extreme capacity to support high-bandwidth wireless broadband services during large events that often take place in the county.

Creating value with channel partners

As these examples demonstrate, a collaborative approach bridging technology and industry expertise is integral to ensuring successful deployments of microwave transport networks.

  • Nokia channel partners understand the customers’ industries, businesses, and requirements.

  • Our partners provide comprehensive services and ongoing support to ensure that a customer’s microwave transport investment will continue to support its evolving requirements over time, affording manageable growth. 

  • Together with our partners, we can provide customer-focused solutions with components from across the industry to best match the needs of each customer and use case.

  • The deep knowledge of an experienced channel partner is essential when microwave transport networks are integrated with other types of communications networks, legacy systems, and protocols.

Connect with Nokia and our Channel Partners to get cost-effective, reliable solutions and the technology expertise you need to drive your digital transformation goals forward.

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