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Wavence - Microwave transmission

Prepare for the future with leading microwave innovation

Next generation 5G microwave networks require green, cost-effective and reliable solutions that maximize radio link performance, long reach, support advanced packet networking and simplify operations. The Wavence portfolio provides a complete microwave solution for all uses cases covering short-haul, long-haul, E-Band and SDN based management both for Service Providers and Enterprises. 

Why Nokia for Microwave transmission?

Market leader with key innovations

Major analysts (Dell’Oro, Skylight Research) continue to confirm Nokia's leadership in packet microwave and in the long-haul segment, with growing market share in all applications. Wavence’s full-packet architecture and its industry-leading innovations - both in E-Band and traditional bands - are key to planning & delivering effective 5G mobile and other critical transport.

Complete portfolio with maximum performance and long reach

The comprehensive Wavence portfolio provides best-in-class microwave in traditional bands (6-42 GHz), and E-Band (80 GHz) leveraging Nokia Bell Labs innovation. It provides the maximum efficiency thanks Carrier Aggregation at 100%, including for all 5G backhaul use cases across different frequency bands. The products with extra high output power (UBT-T XP and UBT-m XP) combined with carrier aggregation deliver the best-in-class performance for longer distances, enabling 5G services and experience in urban/suburban and rural areas.

Flexible and future-proof solution

The family supports Zero-Footprint implementation with a Simplified RAN Transport solution for full-outdoor architectures and can be integrated directly with RAN and IP devices with common management. The SDN management enables E2E network slicing and one-click provisioning, analytics and workflow management which are fundamental to next generation microwave transport networks.

Build sustainable Microwave Transport Networks

We constantly drive for our products and solutions to be as energy efficient as possible. Wavence utilizes the latest technology for optimizing power consumption without compromising performance. The portfolio contributes overall towards zero emission achievement, supported by a rich set of SW features. Simplified RAN Transport’ solution minimized the radio access base station and microwave radio transport equipment at the cell site. This provides enhanced serviceability and operations without the need for dedicated indoor microwave equipment. Nokia’s solution saves 30 percent more energy than a traditional microwave site solution, due to the reduced number of units and less air conditioning requirements.

Wavence for Service Providers

Microwave for high-performance networks

A complete microwave backhaul solution for 5G mobile networks, delivering the highest capacity and ultra-low latency. Nokia Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceivers (UBT-S, UBT-T, UBT-T XP, UBT-m, UBT-mX, UBT-mU and UBT-m XP) provide fiber-like connectivity and throughput with 10G interfaces.

Scalable and flexible to serve connectivity for all deployment scenarios

Nokia Wavence portfolio is designed to serve various use cases from dense-urban high-performance networks to rural services requiring long reach but not compromising the performance. 

Microwave awareness

Wavence UBTs support any Zero-Footprint multi-band Carrier Aggregation to any unit at the cell site (microwave indoor unit, cell-site routers, base station) for flexible deployment.

Lowest TCO

The ultra-broadband transceivers with compact wideband and sub-band free radios, drastically simplify installation, maintenance and spare parts management for the Service Providers.

Zero-Footprint portfolio

The Nokia Wavence portfolio supports a full Zero-Footprint (ZFP) solution for Service Providers. It brings 5G connectivity for urban, suburban and rural use cases with multi-frequency carrier aggregation.

Extra E-Band reach with SteadEband antenna

Nokia SteadEband, a stabilized antenna that combats common E-Band issues, which include tower vibrations and thermal movements such as the expansion or contraction of materials. Combined with the UBT-m XP, it can increase the typical E-Band link distance by up to 50 percent, helping mobile operators deliver multi-gigabit 5G connectivity to their customers or 5G mobile networks, delivering the highest capacity and ultra-low latency. 

Simplified RAN Transport Solution

Zero-Footprint portfolio allows Wavence products to be connected directly to the AirScale, simplifying the site solution by omitting the cell site transport equipment completely. This makes installation easier, faster and at the same time contributes to greener networks by reducing the site level power consumption.

Flexible Carrier Aggregation

Wavence provides the best in class traffic management for any kind of user traffic types with the most efficient, industry proven Carrier Aggregation (uW-mmW, uW-uW) enabled by dual and wide-band antennas.

SDN management

As part of the Nokia Anyhaul solution with Carrier SDN and L3VPN, Wavence supports E2E service management and network slicing. This SDN solution via the Nokia Network Services Platform enables E2E automation and analytics for any Wavence microwave radio, band or topology.

Wavence for Industry and Public Sector

The Nokia Wavence portfolio is ideally suited to address the needs of mobile backhaul, energy, transportation, and public sector communications and last-mile service access.

Our mission is to support the different Enterprise market segments and provide a leading-edge Microwave solution for our Enterprise customers. Nokia has implemented a range of differentiating features in the Wavence Microwave platform aimed at satisfying Enterprise market needs.

End to End Management

With the Nokia Network Services Platform NSP we offer a full end 2 end management platform for IP/MPLS, DWDM & Microwave from a single pane of glass. Beyond this a lot of monitoring and reporting capabilities are implemented with NSP e.g. for identifying potential WiFi interference cases.

Microwave awareness

The Wavence Outdoor Units can be integrated with the Nokia router portfolio and build a Layer 3 end-to-end microwave network. In the management system the Microwave Radio appears as an integral component of the router.


Nokia Wavence is designed for Non-stop operation in critical infrastructures.

There are Full Redundant Control interfaces, Resilient Radio and Access Interfaces available. A dual power supply even for the Full Outdoor variant ensures a continuous operation.

Synchronisation and latency

The Nokia Wavence products support a high-quality end-to-end frequency & phase synchronization ranging from Sync-E up to 1588 V2 Transparent or Boundary Clock with a very low latency of some microseconds.

Full Indoor

Nokia still offers a full indoor solution where the antennas are connected with waveguides to the indoor radio. This is compliant with the most stringent safety regulations where no active part is allowed on the tower.

SDN management

As part of the Nokia Anyhaul solution with Carrier SDN and L3VPN, Wavence supports E2E service management and network slicing. This SDN solution via the Nokia Network Services Platform enables E2E automation and analytics for any Wavence microwave radio, band or topology.

Nokia Wavence portfolio

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