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Should you optimize your existing security for 5G? Cybersecurity experts tell all

Should you optimize your existing security for 5G? Cybersecurity experts tell all

You’ve implemented 5G technology, now what? 5G is revolutionizing how service providers engage with their customers. With more applications, devices, energy, and expenses, the landscape is growing more expansive and complex. All while generating new mission critical use cases that weren’t possible with older technologies. Communication service providers (CSPs) must be ready to adapt to the constantly changing demands and that begins with network optimization. Rodrigo Brito, Head of Cybersecurity, Nokia | Cloud & Network Services and Pramod Nair, Sr. Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft and author of 5G Security & Evolving Architectures share their expertise on how 5G has evolved, the threat landscape, and the importance of ensuring  your critical network is secured.

When optimizing your network security with fast, smart tools, Nokia and Microsoft have partnered to bring you deep telco security expertise and experience in secure public cloud deployments. Tune in to hear cybersecurity experts, Rodrigo and Pramod, share how the best is still to come for 5G security assurance in the cloud.

A hacked 5G network can cost lives

It all starts with telecommunications. Why? CSPs have mission critical networks and when attacked, connectivity isn’t the only thing people will lose. It can affect everything from withdrawing money from an ATM machine, to making an online payment, calling emergency services, and more. This is why cybersecurity in a 5G world cannot be an afterthought. Pramod Nair, Sr. Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft shares, “we need to understand the threat surfaces to try to mitigate security with certain controls and layers.”

Understanding the threat surfaces will allow CSPs to better protect customer data from any threat, at any time. The evolution of 5G telco security is just beginning and Nokia is here to be a guided expert and help navigate through the multi-faceted and complex demands that CISO teams are facing.

Is SaaS cybersecurity secure?

SaaS (software-as-a-service) can deliver business outcomes through a subscription, and it’s based on cloud-native software. With telecom SaaS, the goal is new value creation and to improve that value by reducing complexity. Rodrigo Brito, Head of Cybersecurity, Nokia | Cloud & Network Services shares, “SaaS security models will be faster at securing 5G networks than ever before”. With telecom SaaS, the systems can be updated with new incidents and attacks in real-time so that you remain protected from any new threat actors that surface.

Looking for 5G security assurance? Try 5G cybersecurity orchestration

Cyber alerts are at an all-time high and it can feel impossible on how to differentiate the false alarms from serious cyber threats. One way you can manage and mitigate security risks in you and your customers critical infrastructure is with Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome. This cloud-based SaaS solution allows security orchestration teams to select use cases from a comprehensive catalogue to cover telecommunication technology from RAN to Transport and Core.

When it comes to cyber breaches, time is money. Undetected threats can cost you millions of dollars – especially the longer they linger. Fully deployed security AI and automation enables threat prediction, prevention, and response so that you can get the advanced security assurance you’re seeking. By leveraging the Nokia XDR security solution (cloud-native extended, detection, and response) and our partnership with Microsoft, we have enriched this cybersecurity orchestration to bring you something of value.

Benefits of 5G Security Assurance

  • Lower average data breach cost:
    • During a breach, a network with no AI or automation to support security actions could take 324 days to resolve and cost a company nearly $6.7 millionFig. 1
  • Faster time to deploy and integrate with SaaS for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings
    • With a trusted hybrid SaaS deployment model consisting of both on-premises and cloud components, you can eliminate a large up front capital expenditure

Learn how NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome can help remediate security incidents. Check out our website

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