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Cybersecurity orchestration

Your 5G security assurance with cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that allows you to detect, manage, investigate, hunt, contain, and remediate threats.

Supercharge your 5G security orchestrations in the cloud

Be confident in the integrity of your 5G networks with a security assurance customized for you. Manage and mitigate security risks in your and your customers critical infrastructure with Nokia´s NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome. NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome offers a set of pre-built 5G use cases for network security assurance. The cloud-based SaaS allows security orchestrations teams to select use cases from a comprehensive catalogue to cover the entire telecommunication technology from the RAN to Transport and Core. The 5G security orchestration use cases detect specific telco network threats and provide predefined actions for the security incidents and remediation management.

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome, uses the combination of Nokia´s XDR components to allow services providers to contain, analyze, and automatically remediate security incidents.

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Modern 5G security orchestration with NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome


5G cybersecurity orchestration

 Accelerate improvements to your security posture

Get 5G security assurance with pre-defined use cases and our 5G expertise


Reduced average time to identify and respond for a lower average data breach cost

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome helps your security orchestration team accelerate incident response with automation, process standardization and integration with your existing security tools. 5G Security automation technologies including machine learning, analytics and automated orchestration were all associated with lower-than-average data breach costs.

Cost savings

Faster time to deploy and integrate with SaaS for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome provides a trusted hybrid SaaS deployment model, consisting of both on-premises and cloud components. That allows service providers to deploy security components much faster than traditional on-premises SW/HW which results in a reduced time-to-orchestration readiness and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings.


Collaborate and respond to 5G security incidents fast to provide business continuity


Cross-Layered Detection and Response

Comprehensive detection and response protection across endpoints, network, cloud and email. It provides the coverage of network elements, devices and connections from telco Radio Access Network (RAN), Transport and Core workloads for faster threat detection and response.


Automated Incident Response

Automated responses allow security analysts to create cyber playbooks that perform remediation actions based on a set of triggers, reducing the mean-time-to-respond (MTTR). That centralized incident response capability is essential for simplicity and efficiency.


Cross-Layer Data Correlation

Correlation of security events, in combination with intelligence driven alerts, to generate comprehensive alerting and incidents.


Multi-domain Threat Scoring

Threat score calculation on network element level to quantify the likelihood of a security breach based on correlation of multiple information from various intelligent sources.


Differentiated machine learning capabilities

Platform to detect anomalies by finding unusual patterns. That allows performing advanced log analytics on these data using pre-trained ML models, which are built for 5G security use cases.

Case study

Dashboards and Reports

Command center view into the current security landscape providing awareness of current threats. Visual aids such as dashboards, widgets, charts and reports to help evaluate security.

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome leverages the building blocks of extended Detection and Response (XDR)

The NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome leverages the building blocks of Nokia´s XDR security solution, to deliver a catalogue of security applications.

The NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome takes advantage of extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology. AI and ML algorithms enable a new set of use cases that go beyond the limitations set by rule-based detection of security affecting issues. For example, detecting anomalous behaviour of a CNF. The pre-integrated 5G security use cases not only provide the means to detect security affecting issues, but also enable the service provider an immediate response to alerts or specific threats using automated workflows and cyberplaybooks.

XDR security operations

Cybersecurity Orchestration – 5G business continuity with threat management and resiliency

With AI and automation capabilities NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome allows security analysts to earlier detect potential 5G threats and to supervise automated countermeasures.

If you would like to hear more about the functionality of our new NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome solution, check out our new demo!

The demo highlights with a particular 5G security use case in 5G Core how AI and automation significantly reducing the average time to identify and respond to a data breach to lower average cost of breach. Security experts can immediately monitor business impact to ensure business continuity with threat management and resiliency.

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