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The best in IP edge and core routing

The best in IP edge and core routing

The world’s most versatile routing platform yet?

IP edge and core routers have traditionally competed in different categories: edge routers as the IP gateways for network services, core routers in the IP backbone that interconnects them. Services versus speed, brains versus brawn.

The assumption, until now, was that you can’t have it all in one platform unless you compromise.  However, industry analyst GlobalData has just rated the Nokia 7750 SR-s Service Router and 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS) as uncontested leaders in the IP core routing product class. This is a double win for the Nokia 7750 SR-s because GlobalData also rated it as the undisputed product class leader in its IP edge routing report.

IP Core Routers Product Class Scorecard (GlobalData)

IP Core Routers Product Class Scorecard (GlobalData)

Dominating both core and edge routing with one platform is no mean feat. But communications service providers know that traffic demand at the edge grows even faster than in the core, and power efficiency is as important for them as it is for webscale operators. And “dumbing down” routers to gain capacity or save power is simply not an option for IP core networks that carry premium content and mission-critical data for residential broadband and mobile consumers, businesses and banks, digital enterprises, governments and industries.

The Nokia 7750 SR-s demonstrates that one platform can now have it all: the brain of an edge router with the brawn of a core router. Powered by our ground-breaking FP routing silicon and proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS), it meets or beats all IP edge and core competitors on system capacity, power efficiency, port density, features and versatility.

The ability to support multiple roles in the provider edge and IP core, the data center edge and peering edge, gives operators more options to consolidate network functions and pool resources. Operators can also improve ROI and master unexpected changes without costly hardware changes.

You can read GlobalData’s independent competitive IP core product class assessment here.

Learn more about our 7750 SR-s service routers here.

Arnold Jansen

About Arnold Jansen

Arnold is a senior solution marketing manager in Nokia’s Network Infrastructure business division and responsible for promoting IP routing products and solutions. Arnold has held a number of roles in research and innovation, sales, product management, and marketing during his 25 years in the telecommunications industry. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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