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The metaverse needs high-performance networks


The metaverse needs high-performance networks

Mobile networks are a key enabler for paving the way to the metaverse era. Today’s 5G networks are  a solid foundation for reaching the next digital frontier. Within the next 10 years, the evolution towards 5G-Advanced and 6G will enable significantly higher bandwidths and super-fast data speeds, as well as permitting extremely low latencies,  building the platform for the truly immersive reality that the metaverse promises to deliver.

Looking back at the rise of mobile telecommunications and the Internet over the past three decades, there is no doubt that their impact on society and individuals has been enormous. We feel ‘lost’ without our mobile devices and reliable connectivity. We don’t want to be constricted by wires, cables or a specific location to access online services, communities and entertainment. Clearly, the infrastructure must not be a hindrance for the digital experiences of today and tomorrow – it should be the enabler that unlocks their full potential.

Building on 5G Advanced, the 6G era will bring a convergence point for fusing our digital and physical lives together, unlocking the full power of the metaverse. It will be a fundamental change in how we experience reality and how we do business – essentially, how we live, work and play.

At Nokia, we invest in research and development of the technologies that help propel us into the future. We believe in a metaverse that will embrace mobility, supporting countless numbers of users. It has the capability to span across enterprises, industries and homes, building on interaction that leverages digital twins of the physical world, allowing human augmentation and enhancing our physical capabilities.

We’re developing radio access technologies that will be ready to meet the technical requirements that the metaverse places on the RAN. These technologies and the resultant RAN products will enable higher capacity in both uplink and downlink, lower latency and more efficient processing of time-critical functions at the edge of the network, closer to end users – right where the action is.

Nokia AirScale radio portfolio is available today to support the next critical evolution steps on your journey to the metaverse.

Steph Delvoye

About Steph Delvoye

Steph heads global product marketing for the Nokia Mobile Networks business group.
His long-standing global career combines experience from various areas of marketing, digital, branding and communications. Steph is passionate about digitalization and combines marketing & innovative thinking to enhance the future of mobile networks.

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