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AirScale Macro Remote Radio Heads

Extended coverage with high performance

The AirScale portfolio of macro remote radio heads (RRH) offer extended coverage, high performance, and efficiency. Their compact form factor enables flexible and efficient 5G radio deployments with a smaller site footprint.

Osprey radios: macro TDD remote radio heads

Our Osprey 8 TDD remote radio heads use the same Nokia ReefShark System-on-Chip (SoC) technology as Osprey 32 and Osprey 64 Massive MIMO radios. This ensures consistently high performance and energy efficiency.

Osprey 8 radios support beamforming and deliver extended coverage. They are low weight with a compact form factor that enables deployment flexibility.

These radios also support high bandwidth, simplifying the use of fragmented spectrum and enabling alternative business models, such as radio access network sharing. Osprey 8 radios are more efficient than previous generations of radio, which helps reduce site footprint and lower costs.

Nokia AirScale Osprey Radiohead

Nokia AirScale radios

Osprey 8 radios

Deployment flexibility and cost-effective coverage

Powered by Nokia ReefShark SoCs

The foundation for wide RF bandwidth and high performance

Pandion radios: macro FDD remote radio heads

Leading in multiband radios

In addition to single-band radios, the AirScale Pandion portfolio includes dual-band and triple-band radio products. Multiband radios enable more compact sites as well as quicker and easier deployments and faster time to market.

These multiband radios are ideal for deployment in conjunction with our modular Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA+) radio solutions enabling space efficient multi-radio access technology, multiband site solutions.

Integrated Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM) cancellation

AirScale radios integrate the very latest design innovations and technologies, such as integrated Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM) cancellation. This enables consistently high performance without the need for additional hardware. This feature is integrated into both our single-band and multiband radios.

Simplified deployments

With compact and easy-to-deploy form factors, AirScale radios match the needs of all types of sites. They have a wide variety of mounting options, including Nokia’s unique ‘One-clip’ rail mount system. The easy-to-use One-clip system helps speed up deployments, ensuring that the site is “on-air” as soon as possible.

Future-ready performance

AirScale radios are designed to deliver the highest performance and energy efficiency, minimizing the total cost of ownership, while also helping our customers meet their environmental, social, and governance targets. 
Nokia radios deployed since 2012 can support 5G, and our latest products are ready for 5G-Advanced.

Nokia helps Telia Denmark achieve leading network performance

Nokia Triple-band remote radio head

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