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We’re partnering with the leading players in key business sectors to develop the enabling technologies, platforms and services that embrace the power of digital automation with intense connectivity.

Health that improves lives

Nokia is inspiring individuals to take control of their health through our digital products and services. We’re shaping the future of digital health technology marrying next generation sensors that capture clinically accurate data with beautiful, premium products that work seamlessly together across our mobile worlds to deliver actionable insights.

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Cars that go further

It’s a compelling vision – connected cars that can monitor their own engine performance and brake wear, automatically call for assistance in an emergency, serve up news and entertainment to passengers, and guide drivers deftly through traffic straight to the perfect parking spot. Today, we’re working with safe communication systems with virtual zero latency that connected vehicles can truly rely on, to make this vision a reality.

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Cities that live smarter

Nokia’s solutions are making smarter, safer and more sustainable cities a reality. A shared, secure and scalable platform ensures the best use of urban resources and data. Collaborating within an open partner ecosystem that includes technology vendors, application developers, utility companies and more, Nokia is relentlessly exploring new systems, applications, content, devices and services.

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Industries that work harder

5G will have a massive impact on industries and mobility. With billions of sensors, machine-controlled robots and autonomous logistics, all capable of communicating and operating remotely in real time via 5G, manufacturers can achieve massive productivity gains. These include removing process inefficiencies, guaranteeing quality, minimizing costs and responding to demand in real time.

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Homes that help us

We’re creating an intelligent network that understands the people, devices, and applications it serves. A home network that not only troubleshoots connection issues, transforms viewing and gaming experiences but also introduces new ways to care for ourselves and the people we love.

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