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Translating customer needs into service and network intent – Phase 2

A Nokia-led catalyst at Digital Transformation World Asia 2023

In partnership with Telus, Verizon, BT Group and Salesforce, Nokia led an intent-driven operations catalyst at DTW22 in Copenhagen in September last year. The catalyst highlighted market-driven, outcome-based use cases, and the dynamicity of 5G ecosystem with new business models B2B2X, by outlining the importance of intent-driven networking with Nokia Digital Operations Center. CSPs can fulfil business order requests from Salesforce’s BSS layer to Nokia’s Orchestration Center in a more agile and flexible manner, based on the initial release of TM Forum’s TMF 921 Intent API. And to maintain the contracted SLAs, the catalyst showcased automated assurance with Nokia’s Assurance Center.

The catalyst was a hit! It was demonstrated to 100 CSP individual customers at DTW22, who unanimously declared that it was both applicable and a necessity for 5G success.

Following this success, we have decided to continue with the catalyst at the DTW23 Asia, together with Telus, Verizon and Salesforce as well as a new participating CSP, KDDI Research. This updated version of the catalyst will focus on demonstrating:

  • The negotiation process to be managed as part of the service order request
  • The monetization aspect to be handled as part of the intent request
  • The closed loop automation across the roundtrip of design, deploy and assure

To learn more about this catalyst and join the discussions, view the TM Forum page for more detail and attend our presentation on Wednesday 15 March, 15.05-15.20 at Innovation Zone kiosk C9 at Digital Transformation World Asia.

Channels and Markets – Phase 2

Nokia joins the catalyst at Digital Transformation World Asia 2023

Communications service providers (CSPs) are well-placed to leverage their geographic network and market to build a new digital marketplace to combine connectivity and all types of non-connectivity services. By using TM Forum Open APIs and tapping into the work of network Standards Defining Organizations (SDOs) to incorporate partner and network services, products can be more easily visualized, marketed and deployed, ultimately helping to drive growth.

Dynamic B2B2B marketplace enablement catalyst is focusing on making it easier for everyone to participate, in particularly it tackles the challenge “how does a CSP sell and ingest products that include capabilities of 3rd party suppliers”? The catalyst is a collaboration between Vodafone, CSG, Nokia and Microsoft. 

Here’s a short summary of the catalyst:

  • Assembling new customer offerings by combining services orchestrated on CSP networks with services which are orchestrated by partners.
  • Omni-channel API powered model for both assisted and self-service channels.
  • Zero-code “design time” experience and proves a commercially viable “run time” experience

Nokia welcomes all CSPs joining DTW Asia event to visit our catalyst booth and learn more about the scenario, how it applies to your respective context and how Nokia can help you succeed in dynamic B2B2B marketplace.  

5G Enablement through industry standardized APIs

Nokia participates in the catalyst at Digital Transformation World Asia 2023

CSPs have been struggling to get a part of the multi-billion-dollar application business. Today, the telco industry tackles the issue by defining simple APIs for accessing telco capabilities. Such APIs allow developers at large to use these capabilities to build 5G and other advanced commercial applications in an easy way. This catalyst shows the combined usage of multiple Telco APIs allowing CSPs to monetize their network:

  • CAMARA APIs: simple APIs that abstract the standardized and highly specialized Telco network APIs
  • Simplified current TM Forum APIs to access a CSP’s operations and business capabilities
  • New TM Forum simple APIs that expose a CSP’s operations and business capabilities, such as the TMF 921 Intent API, will drive further take up by application developers

This “biggest Catalyst ever” aims to demonstrate various ways for application developers to combine CAMARA and simplified TM Forum APIs to access a CSP’s network and operations capabilities. It implements a 5G application from which end-users can boost the quality of their data session on-demand in a billable way.

Nokia believes that through simple APIs (CAMARA, TM Forum, 3GPP), industry ecosystems of application developers, CSPs and telco suppliers will be able to build secure, advanced applications businesses. Beyond API simplification, Nokia aims to further simplify the application business through its Network as Code program.