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Discovering the
potential of networks

Mobile World Congress
Barcelona 27 February – 2 March

Want a glimpse into the exponential potential of networks and their power to transform the world?

#MWC23 - Nokia Business Update

While lives may be getting longer, healthier and richer, the world is facing fundamental challenges: Productivity is stalling, pressure on the planet is increasing and access to opportunity remains stubbornly unequal.

Digitalization is central to the solution. It has the potential to transform business, industry and society. But how do you best sync machines and devices with the people and projects they serve? We believe that the answer lies in the exponential potential of networks. Mobile World Congress 2023 is your chance to see why – first-hand.

  • Explore how disruptive network and software approaches are pushing the boundaries of innovation to open up new opportunities.
  • Discover how automation and AI-powered solutions are accelerating the digitalization of industries so they become more productive, energy efficient and less wasteful – getting to net zero faster.
  • See why collaboration and stronger partnerships are creating new solutions and business models to generate greater value for us all. 

Keynote: The exponential potential of networks

28 February, 12:15 - 12:30 CET, MWC Keynote Stage, Hall 4

We all know the connectivity market is changing. But what do those changes mean for technology ecosystems, innovators and vendors – not to mention customers? In this keynote, our President and CEO, Pekka Lundmark, will attempt to answer these questions, joined by representatives from two partners – and he will explore a development that will change the way you look at Nokia forever.

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Pekka Lundmark #MWC23 keynote: The exponential potential of networks

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