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Wavelengths exhibition

May 10-12

Wavelengths 2022 EMEA-LATAM

10 May 2022

08:00 CEDT/CES

ES, Barcelona, Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower

Wavelengths EMEA-LATAM 2022 is designed to provide you with the latest information on how our optical network solutions enable Scale made simple - scaling without limits while simplifying network operations to let you build smarter, more automated networks that streamline service delivery and lower network TCO.

At the event you can experience live demonstrations of Nokia optical transport solutions based on our 1830 portfolio and powered by the PSE-V coherent DSP family. Be ready for an immersion in a rich set of original live demonstrations, featuring solutions for Telecom and Cloud service providers, Enterprises and Mission-Critical networks and showcasing their related scalability, latency, reliability, synch and security capabilities.

Join us in the exhibition starting Tuesday, May 10, at 9 am, and get a first glimpse at the following demonstrations prepared for you:

Emerging OTN Services through scalable OTN/WDM solutions

A full set of live demonstrations showcasing Nokia’s 5th generation PSE-V coherent optics across the 1830 PSS portfolio enabling application-optimized scaling from edge to core. This demo also showcases WDM scaling capacity with C+L solutions which enable a doubling of fiber capacity.

end-to-end OTN switching solutions are additionally demonstrated to illustrate the optimization of the overall TCO for network operators. The demo showcases the upgrades available to the switching capacity of 1830 PSS-x solutions and the new 400GbE service interfaces which enable new wholesale services for the Beyond 100G era.

Additionally, the demo covers combined OTN/DWDM solutions which are optimized for metro/access applications and demonstrate OTN end-to-end service support from edge to core.

5G Transport Solutions for CSPs and Neutral Hosts

Specifically designed TSN solutions allow optimizing the usage of fibre and bandwidth in RAN network segment, while at the same time fulfilling the most stringent requirements for latency and synchronization set by 5G mobile RAN. See how WDM and TSN network solutions can provide CSP and Neutral Hosts the right answer to their needs

From Enterprises to Hyperscales: Highly Scalable DCI solution

This demo showcases a full set of solutions for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) applications, from high-capacity long-haul applications to lower capacity private network solutions, with a variety of implementations and deployment options.

Mission critical and Mobile Transport solutions

This set of demo showcases the use of Packet-OTN technology in the delivery of reliable and deterministic services, offering network segmentation via hard and soft isolation and support for timing distribution for mobile and enterprise services

This set of demo will also showcase solutions for secure transport including quantum-safe encryption to provide the basic building blocks for optimized solutions at the network edge.

Nokia PSE: Leading the Race of Coherent DSPs & Pluggables

This demo showcases an overview of the full vertical integration capabilities used in Photonic Service Engines, from DSPs to optical front end, including design & module integration. This will explore the use of state-of-the-art technologies as part of the current 5th generation coherent technology and a look into the upcoming technology milestones.

Subsea repeatered solutions

Here we will demonstrate a special focus on the PSE-V continuous baud rate adjustment for capacity and TCO optimization, spectrum sharing and management applications and commissioning automation.

Terrestrial and Subsea unrepeatered solutions

This is a live demo of ROPA-based applications, link engineering optimization and software applications for advanced characterization and commissioning of any infrastructure typology

IP/Optical transport evolution for 400GE and beyond

Nokia’s IP/Optical solution in the 400G era leverages strong technology competencies in both IP and Optical domains. This will show flexibility in the way you build your network and deploy your services through our end-to-end cross-domain multi-layer coordinated management structure where operations across and in between network layers through a set of applications accessible in a “single pane of glass” leverage various open and standardized interfaces to integrate IP routing and optical transport domains.

Network and Business process Automation

This corner offers a guide to network operators through Nokia’s comprehensive approach towards network automation. Live demonstrations will showcase the basic building blocks for network management and control, together with WaveSuite software applications for operation and business automation, and how to create an «automation workflow» to provide specific business outcomes via Digital Process Automation. Combining WavePrime professional services and WaveHub open ecosystem environment to implement network automation in the field.

WaveHub Market Oriented Innovation Ecosystem

Wavehub, Nokia’s market-oriented ecosystem program, was created to connect with a global ecosystem of innovators to develop new ways to unlock the value in optical networks, through open interfaces, enabling multi-vendor interoperability, simplified network operations, analytics and agile service introduction, translating innovative ideas into commercially viable products. The WaveHub corner will showcase our WaveHub Labs comprising of our software portfolio and simulated network environments as well as some innovative partner solutions that extend the value of our WaveSuite Software and our quantum-safe security solution.

Fiber sensing through real-time coherent signal processing

The life of your fiber transmission is tied to the environment it runs through. An earthquake, a storm, or the construction works that will knock your fiber down can be seen by the eyes of a real-time coherent transceiver enabled for advanced environmental monitoring. This demo shows this transceiver looking after live fiber-optic cables.

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