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Wavelengths seminar - Getting started with optical network automation

April 25-27


Wavelengths 2023 EMEA-LATAM

25 Apr 2023

08:00 CEDT/CES

AT, Vienna, Hilton Vienna Park Hotel

Seminar - Getting Started with Optical Network Automation


Start your journey toward optical network automation with an overview of network automation applications and areas that can benefit from automation. Next, we will cover the Nokia optical network automation ecosystem, consisting of several critical building blocks for eight essential use cases. After that, you will learn how to make these use cases possible by adopting a set of standard enablers, such as interfaces, protocols, and models for representing and encoding the accessible data.

The four most popular use cases of the eight we'll introduce are service provisioning, bandwidth on demand and calendaring, optimization and analysis, and analytics. You will see which building blocks are needed to support each of these use cases and how the building blocks are connected to enable the necessary communications to enable these applications.



Date: Day 1 - April 24th
Time: 10 am-12 pm
Duration – 2 hours
Presenter: Marco Belotti 
Registration – register during the event registration process

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