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Converged IP/MPLS for highways

Open the gates to increased flexibility while maintaining safety and security.


A converged packet-based communication network opens the gates to increased flexibility for introducing new applications and services, while reducing the cost of operations and still maintaining safety and security.

With Nokia, there is no need to rip out and replace your existing legacy networks or applications -- a smooth migration is possible to the future. Our solution ensures full interoperability with legacy systems, provides essential network functions including traffic engineering, IP/MPLS VPN services, quality of service and synchronization, as well as a path for cloud deployment.

Benefits and features

A single, high-capacity network to support multiple applications

  • Greater network capacity and performance able to support high-bandwidth applications, networked CCTV.
  • Safety systems, including emergency contact points, mobile radio, and alarm systems.
  • Large amounts of data, for example, CCTV feeds, can be transmitted and analyzed in real time, increasing situational awareness
  • Corporate and other VPNs and data services can be accessed through the same network, even in tunnels

How can Nokia help?

Nokia drives the evolution and convergence of today’s WANs with new IP/MPLS and packet transport standards. The company is an expert in mission-critical communications projects, providing services to design, install and maintain the solution.

With our optics, microwave, IP/MPLS and LTE portfolio, industry experience in mission-critical IP and ultra-broadband Infrastructure, Nokia has all the elements that highways operators need to simplify their network transformations and reduce OPEX while increasing competitiveness and achieving greater control over their business.

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