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Focus on the customer experience

Our retail solutions help you use digital technologies to meet the demand for personalized shopping experiences — across every channel.

Today’s digital-savvy shoppers have clear expectations: fast, convenient and customized. To deliver on these expectations, you need technologies that enable you to understand how your customers shop and adapt to satisfy their unique needs.

Our solutions help you reduce operational complexity so you can focus on optimizing the shopping experience across every channel. Use them to seize new digital opportunities, unify your online and in-store presence, and create a retail experience that wows your customers.

By deploying our retail solutions, you can:

  • Compete directly with online retailers
  • Add a digital layer to the in-store experience
  • Make personalized offers through mobile devices
  • Consolidate online and in-store inventory
  • Optimize retail store layouts and workflows
  • Increase reliability, visibility and security

Business-critical networks driving growth for retailers

Retailers have the opportunity to harness technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking – including 5G – to drive dramatic productivity and efficiency improvements.

With Nokia solutions for the customer-centric retailer, you can launch a digital transformation that enables you to provide the seamless omnichannel experiences your customers crave.

  • Connect beacons, sensors, inventory and POS systems, cameras, tablets and customer smartphones with the highest security and reliability
  • Get the ultra-low latencies you need to support automated responses, video analytics and augmented reality (AR) applications
  • Increase capacity where it’s needed for bandwidth-intensive activities such as massive file transfers and video streaming
  • Use insights about assets, inventories and customer behavior to improve and personalize the customer experience
  • Develop innovative applications using open platforms that pair device and IoT management with operational systems
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Accelerate enterprise cloud network automation and innovation

Accelerate your digital transformation

To launch your digital transformation, you need IT systems and infrastructure that can support collaboration, innovation, excellence in data management and strong operational execution.

Our solutions provide IT building blocks that enable you to enhance the customer experience and increase operational efficiency. They help you move to a network-connected private–hybrid cloud infrastructure that speeds processes, balances resources and eliminates waste.

Transform your network

Your stores, websites and technologies need a network infrastructure that can handle the way customers use them. Our state-of-the-art network solutions enable you to address this need by transitioning to a dynamic cloud-native architecture.

Secure your infrastructure

Retailers are facing new security threats. You need the ability to identify, detect and defend against complex attacks. Our products secure traditional and cloud-based network architectures and protect end users and Internet of Things (IoT) devices from cyber threats.

Be ready for the IoT

The IoT will create many benefits for retailers. But it may put thousands or millions of devices on your network. Our IoT platform has you covered. It securely handles every aspect of data collection, event processing, device management, data contextualization, analytics and application enablement.

Nokia solutions for retail in action

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