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RXRM for energy providers

A new vision for how we power our world

360° video and 3D audio across energy sites

Whether it is ensuring plant operations run smoothly or the grid itself delivers energy as expected, RXRM can help shape the way we power our lives. As we increasingly explore more sustainable ways to power our world, the need for technology to facilitate these new ventures also grows. Low-latency video streaming and spatial audio improve situational awareness, reduce the need for hardware and, by lessening the need for physical travel, improve sustainable performance.  


Situational awareness



Plants that cover vast areas can benefit from remote situational awareness. Broad and accurate video coverage allows operations to be carried out from Remote Operation Centers (ROC) thus saving time costs spent traversing the site. Multiple views per camera also saves on hardware expenditure, while video analytics enable automation. Media streams can also be saved for later viewing.

Fully remote

Fully remote

Power plants can be unmanned, unsafe for humans or have strict limits on the number of personnel allowed onsite. The flexibility of the RXRM setup allows technical experts to reach distant or dangerous sites such as nuclear plants without having to be physically present. Audio and video is delivered using 3D sound coupled with 60fps 8k picture in real-time and fully complemented with IoT data. By gathering information in this way, reaction time can be near-instantaneous. Furthermore, pre-emptive maintenance can be activated in this way, preventing unwanted downtime and saving personnel costs in terms of false alarms and time travelling to fix issues. Media streams can also be saved for later analysis.

Remote inspection (of grid and power plants)


Regulations often dictate that electrical grids require regular pre-emptive inspections. RXRM’s easy and scalable set up makes it possible to carry out inspections using drones, with 360° cameras attached, to travel the breadth of the network. This saves huge amounts of time and resources that may otherwise be spent locating and correcting a problem. If an incident such as malfunction does arise, remote tracking and video analytics can help ascertain the cause, instigate a swift response and minimize unnecessary downtime. Media streams can also be saved for later analysis.

Predictive maintenance

wind mills

Energy production sites tend to be located in hard-to-reach locations away from urban centers. Furthermore, specific applications can be inaccessible even when onsite. Examples include being able to monitor pumps handling hazardous material, an elevator shaft or the rotor blade of a wind turbine.  RXRM provides ultra-HD round the clock coverage of such sites, creating new opportunities such as pre-emptive maintenance and remote expert assistance. 


Additional use cases

The benefits that RXRM brings to energy sites and grids can help change our world for the better. The flexible, scalable solution can be adjusted as demands fluctuate and new sites erected and old ones dismantled. Join us in using technology to bring about a better world.

RXRM in a nutshell

Get insight into just what it is that RXRM can bring your energy site—and how to implement it—by downloading our easily digestible infographic.

RXRM for other industries

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