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A woman wearing a virtual reality headset with screens in the background.

Real-time eXtended Reality Multimedia

Redefining the future of work in real-time

Instant immersive experiences for industry

The ways in which people work together are about to change forever, and Nokia’s RXRM solution is going to be at the forefront of this new industrial revolution.

Real-time Extended Reality Multimedia provides truly immersive, real-time experiences that can redefine the ways in which people work together. Leverage ground-breaking 360° video and spatial 3D audio to improve industrial productivity, enhance employee safety and wellbeing, and initiate a more sustainable working world. The solution includes everything you need to get up and running: software, hardware and project implementation.

How will Industry 4.0 be transformed by immersive live streaming?

A new software version of RXRM is available now. Here are the new features:

  • Standalone application with full user interface for multimedia consumption – user-friendly way to view 360° video and IoT content and experience 3D audio
  • Visual overlays on top of the video stream. For example, sensor values from industrial automation systems for greater situational awareness
  • Integrations to additional media sources, including IoT data and video-analytics solutions
  • Recording and playback makes it possible to track the causes of quality issues or safety risks.
  • Permission and access control
  • HMD application – support for Pico HMD
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How can RXRM change your industry?

Watch the webinar recording

Tuomas Korpela, Business Development Senior Manager, Nokia

Ismo Aikomus, Customer Operations Specialist, Nokia

Benefits and features

Real-time situational awareness is one of the key trends currently changing the industrial working landscape. Avoid scalability bottlenecks and improve efficiency, safety and productivity with the low latency provided by RXRM. Here a just a few of the many reasons why becoming an early adopter lets you steal a lead on the competition.

Optimal UX

Remote supervision and long-distance surveillance applications can be experienced with new levels of immersiveness and control.

Near-zero latency

Real-time situational awareness which improves operational efficiency, employee safety and productivity.

Multiple 360° views from the same camera to different devices

Multiple independently operative simultaneous viewers on different devices—all via the same 360° camera

Visual overlays

Visual overlays on top of the video stream and integrations to additional media sources, including IoT data and video-analytics solutions

3D Spatial Audio

Nokia’s ground-breaking immersive audio technology can be applied to industrial applications for better situational awareness and control.

Bandwidth-efficient media streaming

Reduced bandwidth needs by as much as 90% (compared with traditional video setup).

Ultra high quality picture

A 360° range coupled with 8K resolution at 60/fps makes the user feel as if they are there in the moment.                    

Recording and Playback

Recording and playback makes it possible to track the causes of quality issues or safety risks.

A person looking at security footage.

Where can RXRM be used?

Anywhere that can benefit from enhanced situational awareness and remote governance. Historically, the majority of video in industry has been used for security or monitoring purposes but with RXRM offers so much more. Contact an expert at Nokia to discover more and join us in shaping the future of your industry.

Use cases

The following are just some of the possibilities:

Situational awareness:
A flexible set-up, 360° view and 3D audio capabilities ensure that site operators can get the full picture of everything that is happening out on the field

Remote supervision:
Experts no longer have to travel to the site at hand but instead can offer guidance from a remote location thanks to low latency and a 3D audio-visual idea of the situation onsite.

Near-zero latency ensures that operators can enjoy excellent control from a remote location

Security & surveillance:
Ultra-hi-res imagery transmitted enable better people identification, while the flexible hardware setup means that multiple viewers can operate the same camera to get different viewpoints.

Quality control:
Remote operation and video analytics can be used to automate important quality control processes, thus reducing personnel costs while increasing efficiency.

Pre-emptive maintenance:
By installing a 360° camera in hard-to-reach locations, potential causes for concern can be identified before they have a chance to cause problems such as unwanted downtime.

Remote inspection:
For use cases in which distant or remote sites need to be checked to meet regulations, drones carrying RXRM-operating cameras can be deployed.

Remote expert assistance:
RXRM makes it possible to provide technical assistance to remote sites through high quality 360° video in real time.

Remote training:
Save on personnel costs and increase the calibre of your employer training by utilizing capabilities such as digital twinning and XR in training programs.

RXRM 360° use cases

RXRM in a nutshell

Download an easily digestible infographic to get an idea of what RXRM can offer and how this scalable software solution can be integrated into your business.

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