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RXRM for Media and Entertainment

RXRM for Media and Entertainment

Immersive event experiences

Immersive experiences at the venue and remotely anywhere in the world – real-time

RXRM enables totally new type of entertainment experiences, whether at a soccer game, at a stadium-scale concert or an outdoor event. RXRM real-time 360° video streaming and 3D spatial audio enhance the event experience at the venue and remotely and open up new revenue streams for event organizers, museums, theatres an many more actors in the media and entertainment sector.

For on-site participants

A crowd of people watching a live music performance from a large screen.

On-site at the venue the real-time multimedia allows for a personalized event experience. Participants can dig into some details, zoom into their favorite player or watch the event from different angles. At VIP areas immersive experiences with VR glasses and 3D spatial audio raise the event experience to a totally new level. Shared experience from a large TV screen gets you and your friends closer to where the action happens.

For remote audience


For the remote audience, the organizer can gain from additional ticket sales by broadcasting the event for remote participants in real-time. Imagine you can choose your preferred viewing angle to your favorite rock band from say 24 options – directly from your couch! The solution is flexible, and the number and angles of the streams can be configured by the customer. Whether some details on stage or dancing with the crowd – all angles are possible. The immersive sound tops the experience.



RXRM can be delivered through public or private wireless 4/5G networks or Wi-Fi connectivity. It is offered as a multi-tenant packaged solution with a subscription model. Within a stadium environment, the ability to deliver massive network capacity and low latency is paramount. 5G is more than up to the task of enabling thousands of people to simultaneously browse and broadcast their user experiences without impediment.

Examples of RXRM Media Pack and RXRM Stadium Pack

Example RXRM Media Pack for remote viewers globally in real-time:

  • 360° cameras x 6
  • Feeds per camera  x 4
  • Pre-defined feeds in total x 24

Remote viewing experience

  • Consumers can choose between 6 cameras located at the different spaces at the arena
  • Each camera can produce 4 independent streams for 360° view
  • Viewers can zoom in in the respective camera view. 
  • User interface can be adjusted depending on the need: 9, 4 or one full screen view

For the VIP area audience

  • Personalized views to the VIP area for example for six viewers at the same time, but he system is flexible
  • Can be viewed in a large TV-screen or with VR-glasses
  • In addition to entertainment, RXRM can deliver enhanced security and safety

The RXRM Stadium Pack includes the RXRM Media Pack and

  • Surveillance cameras for access control for people and vehicles (outdoors) x 6
  • Surveillance cameras for employee and visitor safety in the stadium x 6

Nokia Arena: Entertainment venue for sports and concerts over public 5G network

RXRM is being used in Nokia Arena in Tampere Finland to create an immersive VR experience. 360° video from multiple cameras at the arena can be viewed in VIP lounges with VR glasses. This new level of event experience is the result of co-operation of Nokia RXRM, Nokia Cloud and Network Services and the Finnish Communication Service Provider Elisa.


Examples of other new innovative RXRM use cases over public and private 5G networks

  • Museums, castles, other attractions: Virtual 360° tours -  as if you were there yourself 
  • Public beaches: Improved safety for visitors and enhanced lifeguard operations with 360° video system
  • Airports: gaming and entertainment solutions for airport passengers

RXRM for other industries