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RXRM for Training and Education

Immersive and engaging learning experiences with multimedia

New possibilities to drive learning engagement and training outcomes

Nokia RXRM 360° multimedia can be used to enrich training, improve learner engagement and active participation – whether at workplaces, schools, or universities. The immersive impact that 360° video and 3D audio creates, has the potential to improve learning outcomes in various ways in educational contexts.

RXRM in training context

Multimedia enhances the learning experience, whether in a dedicated training situation or instructions on the go on factory floor. Multimedia training works well in versatile environments and with complex objects (e.g. machinery). It caters to various learning styles and offers new opportunities for soft-skills training and on-boarding of new employees.

Training the personnel

Complex contexts or new practical skills can be trained with helpful visual aids such as overlay information, that can be added to the multimedia stream, to give additional information of the topic at hand. Real-time, low latency feed puts the learner into a realistic situation. Training in hazardous environments, high-risk areas, medical settings, or emergency trainings are not always possible on-site. With real-time multimedia personnel around the world can participate in one single training session – or watch the recording on their preferred time-zone. This reduces the need for travel, which in turn reduces cost, increases efficiency and sustainability. 

Remote expert assistance

remote support

Industrial environments are filled with endless numbers of intricate systems, all of which require specialist technical knowledge. Having the right person physically available isn’t always possible across large operating environments, which is why RXRM can prove invaluable. Near-zero latency ensures that responses can be instantaneous, while expert advice is implemented without having to incur unnecessary travel or time costs. This minimizes costly downtime and increases customer satisfaction.

Remote technical training


Remote technical training – live or recorded - allows equipment vendors to maximize their customers’ return on investment in a mutually beneficial manner. Vendors avoid unnecessary travel costs in sending experts out to customer sites for training sessions. Customers can swiftly and seamlessly implement newly purchased tools and applications, thanks to the technical instructor’s increased time efficiency.

For more information about XR hands-on training, download the Metaverse at work study by EY and Nokia.

RXRM in educational context

Nokia RXRM can be used not only in classrooms or lecture halls but also in laboratories, virtual field trips and numerous other sites. Students from anywhere in the world can virtually sit among the audience to see and hear the lecture in real-time – or recoded afterwards whenever suitable. Multimedia can democratize education and enable same possibilities for learners with different needs. The requirement for students’ physical presence is minimized whereas the educators have a richer toolset available for different learning situations and learners.

Whereas 360° multimedia is more realistic than synthetic VR it also requires less resources from the organizers. 360° multimedia creates an immersive experience, induces a higher sense of presence, is easy to operate, and helps learners better understand the content being taught in real-time. Complex concepts are better understood with the help of visual overlays. Through APIs, RXRM can be integrated into learning Management Systems (LMS).

RXRM for other industries