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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2019

Industrial Automation innovation that could change the world

Open innovation challenge



HaiLa’s technology enables IoT device data to hitchhike on ambient waves, drastically reducing IoT power consumption. HaiLa's technology allows reuse of the ambient signals in the environment and simply backscatter the modulated data on top, eliminating the necessity for dedicated single tone transmitters, making the technology easier to integrate with the existing infrastructure and reduce IoT power consumption.



Wandelbots is democratizing industrial robotics by enabling anyone to program any robot via smart input devices and example-based teaching. Wandelbots is the first company to offer a technology that allows industrial robots to be trained by laypeople which helps bringing down the time and financial resources needed for both small- and large-scale automatization projects. This means that Wandelbots is at the forefront of a growing market segment that works towards making robotics available to more users worldwide

Control things


ControlThings offers a middleware technology for recording Verifiable Audit Trails using crypto identities in devices and user interfaces. The benefits of the local ledger technology that ControlThings uses in Verifiable Audit Trails is privacy and scalability. The ControlThings' unique solution scales up to any sizes of networks and provides edge computing, with no required central point of control. The security model allows authentication and communication even in an "off-line" situation.



Maxst offers an augmented reality (AR) engine and visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Maxst’s platform enables authoring of AR contents easily online with drag-and-drop interface and a rich media contents library. This will expand the target users from AR app developers to general designers or marketers without coding language expertise requirements. Maxst will completely convert the developer-oriented AR SDK ecosystem into a SaaS AR platform. Hence, the company can significantly reduce development cost as Maxst’s AR platform offers a holistic AR experience with a subscription-based software on cloud.



SaNoor Technologies is developing laser-based visible light communication devices and systems for high-speed, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and secure wireless data communications. SaNoor is addressing the immediate high demand for high bitrate underwater wireless link for environmental monitoring, asset management, process flow automation, and many other industrial applications. Combining laser lighting and data communication functionalities in one system, SaNoor Laser LiFi offers 50x longer transmission distance and 100x higher data rates compared to conventional LED technology.

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