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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2019

The main theme of the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2019 is Industrial Automation. Industrial automation in this context means intelligence over high performance digital networks, to support unprecedented levels of automation and usher in a new era of productivity for industrials and the public sector.

We are looking for something that might already be established, but could reach new heights of interest with the right support from Nokia; or something which is a totally new idea and concept but would need fine-tuning to fit the requirements of the Nokia Future X  Network architecture. 




Multi Robot Collaboration

Orchestration systems and platforms to manage multi-robotic collaboration to accomplish a given set of tasks and use cases applicable in industries and/or enterprise context. 


Human Augmentation (incl. Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality)

Software, hardware or embedded solutions to augment human capability for industrial and enterprise use cases. Software assets, systems and enabling technologies which bring X-Reality to life for consumer, industrial and enterprise use cases.


Digital personal assistants

Intelligent, personalized and contextual software (and hardware) solutions which can truly understand human behavior, and co-exist alongside humans and assist their daily life tasks and industrial automation use cases.


Human Machine / Machine-Human

Software and/or hardware based solutions for human to machine and machine to human communication in industrial and enterprise automation context.


Edge computing

Breakthrough in edge computing including infrastructure, network and/or applications optimised for edge computing for Industrial and Enterprise use cases.


AI Application & Technologies

Disruptive AI applications, solutions and enabling technologies driving large scale efficiency, productivity and predictability to industrial and enterprise use cases.

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2019 submission phase has ended.  

Thank you for Your interest!

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