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Nokia Veturi program

Creating COMPETITIVE EDGE for sustainable future networks

As modern networks continue to evolve towards 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), there is an essential need to manage very rapidly increasing data transfer and network capacity requirements to provide low latency services and increase capacity in a sustainable way. Edge computing and edge intelligence are considered an essential element in 5G networks. They both represent a key enabling factor for future sustainable digital infrastructure and networks. For example, optimization of workloads can significantly reduce energy consumption related to data transport.

Nokia’s Veturi program mission is built on the following three pillars, which together strengthen Finland’s role on research and development:


  1. Sustainability and competitiveness: edge computing can significantly improve energy efficiency, data security, and privacy on the digital infrastructure. Cloud computing is transforming the telecoms landscape, offering Communications Service Providers (CSPs) flexibility, lower overall costs and high service availability to meet the growing demands on networks, sustainability, new applications and data by consumers and enterprises. It will also open up significant business opportunities for the new edge application developers.
  2. Network scalability and operability: Edge computing enable massively distributed, automated, cloud-native and secured basis across geographically diverse locations making latency-sensitive applications and digital services sustainable and energy efficient.
  3. Solution Focus: Co-innovation and co-development among CSPs, webscalers and network technology companies is essential to create edge-based global solutions that enable sustainable and automated data transfer across future digital infrastructure for consumers and enterprises in every industry. With well-created ecosystem initiatives, effective sectoral integration of core competences and with a common roadmap in Finland we have a unique global position to grow new global multi-billion level businesses.

Veturi in a nutshell

  • Business Finland funded 3‑year program
  • Program size of 70 MEUR
  • Nokia and the ecosystem partners to increase R&D spend in Finland by 2030
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Together with a large number of ecosystem partners, Nokia will create a significant impact on R&D investments in Finland during the coming years. It will strongly support the governmental target to increase R&D expenses to four percent of GDP. Finland has strong expertise in many fields of ICT, sustainability, energy efficiency and digital solutions and Nokia has a strong ambition to create a strong ecosystem in Finland on edge capabilities enabling strong global growth for companies and increasing investments in Finland. 

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This program will strengthen the position of Finnish edge ecosystem in global markets and create sustainable competitive edge for Finnish ecosystem and platform to develop new innovative solutions, and Nokia is looking forward to collaborate with a large number of ecosystem partners and with Business Finland in our new Veturi program.

Veturi highlights




ecosystem partners

300+ M€

Ecosystem R&D investment increase

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Accelerating green transition via edge intelligence

Accelerating green transition via edge intelligence


Open Ecosystem Network

BF web page
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Business Finland: Funding for leading companies and ecosystems

Business Finland challenges global companies to lead ecosystems that consist of companies of different sizes and other players.

BF press release

Nokia, Wärtsilä, and TietoEVRY - new leading companies selected

Business Finland has allocated a total of EUR 60 million to three new projects headed by a leading company.

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Veturit radiohaastattelussa - Nokia ja Wärtsilä kertovat suurista hankkeistaan

Business Finland has allocated a total of EUR 60 million to three new projects headed by a leading company.

Latest news

On 18.5.2022 Business Finland hosted an audience of 50 people interested in joining the Veturi program. The workshop was dedicated to health applications. Nokia and Tietoevry presented their Veturi roadmaps, then in the working groups the teams processed the ecosystem projects further. Nokia Veturi program was involved in three working groups, focusing on the mobile robotics with private 5G network in medical operating room:

  • Mobile robotics with private 5G network in medical operating room environments,
  • Competitive EDGE for competitive advantage in competitive sports and
  • Scalable wireless communications to remote hospital, the local analytics capability for critical functions.

New potential partners were invited to present their project plans, and synergy elements between Nokia Veturi program and the Tietoevry Veturi were identified and welcomed by Business Finland representatives. 


Contact our Veturi team:

Jarkko Pellikka, jarkko.pellikka [at], tel: +358 40 7239 779
Veli-Pekka Luoma, veli-pekka.luoma [at], tel: +358 40 5743 489