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Consumer electronics licensing program

Work with us to enhance innovation in your consumer electronics devices

For decades, we have been investing in research and development, building a strong patent portfolio in consumer electronics. We are continuously innovating and renewing our patent portfolio. Our patent licensing program is widely recognized in the consumer electronics industry.

Our consumer electronics patents

Our consumer electronic patents enable high-quality entertainment and information experiences on consumer electronics devices. Our patents are fundamental to industry standards for video, audio and WiFi technologies. We have also invented and patented technologies that enable enhanced experiences on smart watches.

Sharing video innovation to empower device manufacturers and service providers

Advanced Video Coding - Computer working

Advanced Video Coding (AVC)

We hold a strong portfolio of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) for the H.264/AVC standard. Devices such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, video cameras, media streamers, Blu-Ray players and games consoles rely on our H.264/AVC patents for video encoding and decoding as well as other functionalities.

Remote control and TV

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)

Our patents are also strongly represented in H.265/HEVC, the successor to AVC. H.265/HEVC improves on AVC by enabling better video quality, among other benefits. Any devices that are compatible with HEVC or AVC, including smart TVs, incorporate our intellectual property.

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Our innovation in connectivity has helped to create the WiFi standard. We hold a number of SEPs that apply to connected consumer electronics devices, including patents to improve connectivity of devices.

Smart watches - Man showing watch for a friend

Smart Watches

We have patented technologies that can be used to improve smart watches. Areas of innovation include the user interface, applications, security, connectivity, real-world navigation and hardware.

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Audio codecs

Our SEPs for audio compression and decompression are included in the Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR Wideband), AMR Wideband+ and Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) standards. We license them for devices that play clear, high quality audio, including automated voice services, emergency response systems and talking toys.

License our consumer electronics patents

Our consumer electronics licensing team can help you to find the right licenses for your product. Patents are licensed in accordance with our licensing principles.

To find out more about licensing our patents for consumer electronics, please contact us.

We run parallel licensing programs for mobile devices, automotive and the Internet of Things. These programs provide our cellular and other Standard Essential Patent portfolios for use in those devices.