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5G Managed Security Survey

Unlocking the path forward to 5G security and how to overcome the biggest challenges

5G security automation should be a key priority to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks

5G security automation will enhance performance, scalability and agility. As there continues to be a shortage in skilled security professionals, CSPs need to examine how they can effectively automate vulnerability and threat management tasks. Nearly 65% of CSP respondents said their security teams spend more than 30% of their time on automatable tasks. Furthermore, 42% of CSP respondents spend over 40% of their time on automatable tasks.

Reduce number of fragmented security tools for full visibility

CSPs are having difficulty keeping up with the change in containerized environments and the volume of disparate security tools is not helping. As fragmented tools decrease effectiveness and slow down DevOps, it becomes difficult to detect threats. 42% of CSP respondents report that fragmented security tools make it difficult to effectively implement security capabilities across various systems and use cases.

Trend: Real-time threat detection and response capabilities are critical

As CSPs assess their critical 5G security needs, threat detection and response is a top priority. 40% of CSP respondents need help with detection and response right now while 70% need help now or in the near future. These capabilities allow CSPs to detect and respond to threats faster to minimize risk.

How E2E security can improve capabilities for 5G

While it’s not new that there is an increase in ransomware and phishing attacks, many CSPs are now recognizing that they need to substantially improve their capabilities for 5G operations. 56% of CSP respondents report that they need to greatly improve their capabilities for telecom specific attacks. E2E security keeps your data secured by taking a holistic start-to-finish approach to security design.

How Nokia Managed Security Services meets the security needs in a variety of vertical industries


As public and hybrid cloud becomes increasingly important, when selecting a managed security services partner, CSPs are looking for expertise in meeting security needs in a variety of vertical industries. In fact, 48% of CSP respondents report they would rather have their security requirements managed via managed services for state-sponsored attacks.

Nokia delivers Managed Security Services (MSS) – comprising of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) as well as a wide variety of value-added security services tailored to protect operational technology (5G security) and CSPs IT environment.

Get to know our MSS solution


The Nokia-commissioned GlobalData survey includes respondents from 50 communication service providers (CSPs) spread equally among APAC, LATAM, North America, Europe, and MEA. The insights found on 5G security trends prove crucial for planning in the 5G era.


What are the top 5G security trends impacting CSP security needs? Find out what 50 CSPs had to say.

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