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A giant leap for 5G Cloud RAN

Aug 19 2019

With the world celebrating the first moon landing this summer, we at Nokia are marking our own historic event – the world’s first commercially deployed cloud-based 5G radio access network is live in North America. Serving the needs of people in one of the busiest cities in the US, this is a significant achievement and sets the stage for further innovations. Read more

Beefing up security in a 5G world

Aug 15 2019

The next wave of the Internet of Things (IoT) promises a new land of opportunity and convenience for consumers and enterprises alike. Read more

Changing the game with 5G

Aug 14 2019

Like many sports, success in top level tennis and motorsport racing takes speed and fast reactions. Rather like 5G. Read more

How do you secure a network with no perimeter? Operations, security and 5G

Jul 29 2019

While latency may be decreasing exponentially with 5G, everything else is increasing, including the attack surface for bad actors. What is also not increasing fast enough are the resources security teams have at their disposal. Read more

Get ready for the 5G city

Jul 26 2019

People have been saying for a long time that smart cities will revolutionize how we live. Today’s smart city applications are beginning to prove those predictions to be true. But the real disruption will come with 5G, which is going to transform the city into a dynamic platform that can support a vast array of digital solutions and personalized services. Read more

5G Changes Everything

Jul 12 2019

On May 23 in Toronto I was invited to participate in the Nokia’s first Canada Innovation Day.  It was a great event with Nokia playing host to about 300 of Canada’s telecommunications professionals.  I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on the opportunities enabled by the practices, systems, and technologies that we generally refer to as “5G,” and the need to take a platforms approach to enable innovation and speed execution.  As stated in the title of this blog, 5G changes everything. Read more

Evolving microwave transport for 5G and beyond

Jul 10 2019

The new mobile era has truly begun as operators continue to launch live 5G networks. Microwave transport is playing a key role in 5G transition because it can provide cost-effective backhaul for 5G base stations and small cells and bring high-speed connectivity where it’s needed. Read more

5G fuels tomorrow’s industry

Jun 28 2019

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Hannover Messe, the world’s leading tradeshow of Industrial Manufacturing and Automation hosting 215.000 visitors. The very evident message of the exhibition was that 5G will fuel revolutionary changes on industrial floors in the forthcoming years. Read more

East meets West to boost 5G telecom innovation

Jun 14 2019

When leaders in their field get together, it can spark something special. That was the case this week when a Korea-Finland Startup summit saw Nokia and Korea´s radio frequency company KMW sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covering 5G technology and global business cooperation. Read more

Scaling up your business with 5G – Use cases to shape your journey to 5G success

Jun 12 2019

The 5G era is upon us, with deployments happening in many parts of the world.

Some of the technical questions around 5G have been answered and more devices are becoming available. But many mobile operators are still asking questions about how their customers will benefit from 5G, what opportunities they can address and how to use 5G to increase revenues. Read more

Nokia joins Sprint to bring 5G experiences to life

Jun 04 2019

The future with 5G is being brought to life at the new Sprint 5G Experience, which is located at the company’s Overland Park, Kansas headquarters. Sprint has envisioned what is possible with 5G by designing a truly immersive center that includes Nokia innovations and those of other collaborators to explain how 5G works, and most importantly, how it will help change the way we live, work and play. Read more

Making the Radio Edge Cloud a 5G centerpiece

Jun 07 2019

Things are happening fast in efforts to make the fully cloud-based Radio Access Network (RAN) a reality for 5G. An important new development is Nokia’s work with AT&T to jointly create the Radio Edge Cloud (REC) with the aim of releasing it in open source through the Linux Foundation. Read more

Why 5G?

May 23 2019

What a difference a generation makes, not just the human kind but the generations of cellular technology. I’m referring to 5G, as everyone is talking about it and it’s not just us in the telecommunications industry! Read more

Small Cells – Big in 5G

May 20 2019

While Small Cells solutions have been around for more than a decade, they’re very much a hot-topic. Originally developed to overcome the challenges of delivering in-building mobile broadband coverage from outdoor macro base-stations, Small Cells are now widely deployed both indoors and outdoors to address hot-spot areas where capacity uplift is needed. Read more

Talking ‘bout my generation

May 12 2019

Most technology development seems to be generated by one of two impulses. Sometimes – like every vacuum cleaner innovation in the history of the world – it’s developed in response to a need. And sometimes – like SMS text messaging – it’s a new use for a technology that was wholly unexpected. Read more

1+5+6+6 adds up to the best Brooklyn 5G Summit ever!

May 03 2019

You don’t need AI machine learning to know what 1+5+6+6 is. Read more

5G network slicing: From promising technology to powerful business enabler

Apr 24 2019

User and industry demands for 5G necessitate end-to-end transformation of service provider networks and are also driving the need for a new network architecture. Read more

Nokia 5G: cool and green

Apr 24 2019

Nokia has ambitious environmental targets and actions to reduce global CO2 emissions. Read more

Nokia has ambitious plans to reduce network power consumption

Apr 23 2019

In a recent Earth Day blog, we laid out our ambitious environmental targets and actions to reduce our fair share of global CO2 emissions. Read more

Discover the best microwave transport path to 5G network slicing

Apr 23 2019

If anyone doubts that microwave transport will be ready for 5G, think again. Read more

Nokia looks to a zero emissions digital society

Apr 22 2019

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the next step in socio-economic advancement, and technology will play a central role in connecting people and all manner of consumer, industrial and business devices. Read more

Hands-off transport: without automation, 5G won’t work

Apr 16 2019

Your 5G business case is decided. You’ve deployed a 5G radio network. Read more

Open to new ideas: how a common 5G API exposure platform drives innovation

Apr 09 2019

Extreme throughput, extreme capacity, extreme connectivity for the Internet of things (IoT) and ultra-low latency (OK, ‘ultra’ is not ‘extreme’, but it is a good alternative word). Read more

Don’t let transport throttle your 5G ambitions

Apr 08 2019

Before any of your subscribers can begin to experience the eye-popping performance of 5G, you must connect them to the network. Read more

Ethernet for 5G fronthaul

Apr 05 2019

5G promises to deliver higher speeds and support revolutionary new use cases, services and applications that connect people and things. Read more

25G PON for 5G anyhaul

Apr 04 2019

All good stories start “once a PON a time.” Read more

China’s new city puts 4G/5G cloud-based radio network to the test

Mar 27 2019

China is well known for thinking big and constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. A project to build a completely new mega-city does both. Read more

Nokia 5G radio: simple to deploy on top of another vendor’s 4G

Mar 26 2019

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are planning a rapid migration to 5G in order to improve user experience and create new value. Read more

How does your 5G strategy measure up?

Mar 18 2019

Predictably, the topic of 5G cropped up everywhere at Mobile World Congress. Read more

I was there: eyewitness accounts of 5G in action. The robot at Helsinki Airport

Mar 14 2019

5G will bring enhanced automation to airports. Read more

Are your business systems ready to monetize 5G?

Feb 21 2019

In a recent discussion with Nokia, John Abraham, principal analyst at Analysys Mason, explained why he believes many service providers are ill-equipped to properly monetize 5G enabled use cases and business models. Read more

Think 5G security right now, it cannot be an afterthought

Feb 19 2019

My last blog covered the four elements of 5G security needed to build digital trust. Now, I want to explore why security strategies must be implemented at the outset of 5G planning and before deployment, not just as an afterthought. Read more

5G is here already. Capturing the promise with Nokia

Feb 18 2019

With February every year comes the largest mobile technology event in the world: Mobile World Congress. Read more

Adapt, scale up and monetize with 5G

Feb 07 2019

Change is a fact of life, but the speed of change is breathtaking. Read more

5G can deliver an extraordinary experience to everyone

Jan 23 2019

We have come to expect fast, flawless connectivity and fast response times, whether we are at home, in the office, out and about or on the train. Read more

I was there: eyewitness accounts of 5G in action. The stadium experience

Jan 17 2019

Soccer can be addictive. Think how much more compelling though if you could get even closer to the action on the pitch via videos, replays and real-time stats on how the players are performing? Read more

5G architecture for the new digital retailer

Jan 08 2019

With the holiday shopping season behind us, the retailers in North America have a lot to cheer about. The latest Mastercard's SpendingPulse indicates that retail had the "best" season in six years, with overall sales growing 5.1%, with online shopping alone going up a whooping 19%. Read more

Extend your senses with 5G

Jan 08 2019

The physical world we live in brings us many wonders.  But over the recent decades the digital world has expanded so quickly, touching many aspects of our lives from the way we socialize, conduct business, and entertain ourselves. Read more

In 5G We Trust. Why flexible security is a 5G business essential

Dec 27 2018

The more trust a user has in a service, the more likely they are to buy it. In today’s world, digital trust is a compelling business consideration for all Communications Service Providers (CSPs). It’s also a telco industry issue that’s been hitting the headlines in recent months. Read more

Why Nokia rated as having the best competitive position among LTE and 5G RAN vendors

Dec 18 2018

In the 2018 Ovum RAN (radio access network) vendor market review report, I rated Nokia as having the best competitive position. Read more

5G is not just radio – it must be an end-to-end critical infrastructure

Dec 13 2018

To make the 5G business case fly, many Communications Service Providers (CSPs) acknowledge they need to “climb the value chain” with 5G use cases serving selected vertical markets and offering value-added consumer services that go beyond connectivity. Read more

Modernizing rules to make 5G a reality

Dec 10 2018

We all have heard about the many benefits the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring: revolutionizing existing industries and creating new ones, delivering a new productivity jump and creating more efficiencies, and by this, giving a boost to our economy. Read more

Make 5G your simplest and best deployment yet

Nov 06 2018

To deliver ultra-fast, ultra-low latency performance, 5G networks must be tightly integrated, with every component and sub-system running in perfect harmony. Read more

Why CBRS innovation and commercialization matters in the Industry 4.0 era?

Oct 19 2018

U.S. companies need secure networks for the growing data requirements resulting from modernization, automation and remote devices. Read more

What’s central to the success of 5G? The core network of course

Oct 15 2018

What comes to mind when someone mentions 5G? It’s a mobile technology, right? So, chances are the radio network will be your first thought. Read more

5G-like speeds before 5G? Welcome to the land of LAA!

Oct 03 2018

The anticipation is building. The promise of 5G for many consumers in the know is the ultra-fast speeds they will be able to enjoy. Being able to download a feature film to their smartphone in a couple of seconds or play a high-end multiplayer game on the move is appealing to many. Read more

5G is the here and now

Sep 24 2018

5G is not the future. It is the here and now. Read more

Looking good, feeling smart – Nokia, Elisa and Helsinki launch design competition for 5G base stations

Sep 19 2018

I’ve long been inspired by Helsinki’s ability as a collected community of citizens and businesses to create a culture where style and substance thrive equally. And I’m not the only one. Read more

The innovation delay: why the most exciting 5G possibilities are yet to be discovered

Sep 13 2018

In terms of sheer potential, I think 5G is the most exciting technical leap forward of the last decade. The scale and breadth of innovation 5G is going to make possible is hard to fully comprehend. Read more

Cloud RAN accelerates Chunghwa Telecom’s 5G future

Sep 07 2018

Yet that’s just the beginning of the Cloud RAN story. What excites us as a Cloud RAN vendor is the new possibilities the technology opens up, one example being the low latency and high throughput to support new services like augmented reality, virtual reality and ultra-high definition video. Read more

Walking, running and driving with 5G

Aug 23 2018

With anything that’s new we often hear the phrase “we must learn to walk before we can run”, and it’s quite applicable when it comes to new technology, where development is completed in different phases delivering more capabilities over time. Read more

China Mobile verifies Cloud RAN benefits to pave the way to 5G

Aug 20 2018

LTE Radio Access Networks (RANs) globally are instantly connecting millions of subscribers and reliably delivering services over wide geographical areas. Read more

5G scales to the challenges of air quality

Jul 13 2018

According to recent UN reports, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas in 2018 and one in eight people live in one of 33 megacities each with more than 10 million inhabitants. Read more

ReefSharks spotted off the starboard side!

Jul 06 2018

Apart from on TV, very few of us get the opportunity to see sharks in anything close to their natural habitat. Read more

The TAO to make 5G move

Jul 03 2018

On the occasion of 5G World Conference in London from June 12-14 I have had the pleasure to share in a plenary session an update on 5G leadership, the “TAO (the way) to make 5G move.”  Read more

5G: just the next wave or a special generation?

Jul 02 2018

5G is a special generation for mobile. In fact, it’s much more than mobile. The framework of technology must embrace fixed as well as cellular, licenced as well as unlicensed.  Read more

5G: The pervasive infrastructure

Jun 14 2018

Networks are pervasive by nature, connecting us in so many ways, but we are about to undergo a massive shift in the way we experience connectivity. Read more

Looking for 5G’s killer apps? Make a start with these

Jun 12 2018

5G – fifth generation mobile networks are set to launch commercially by next year, 2019, some fixed wireless use cases in early adopter markets even by end of this year. Read more

Why do you need a 5G cloud-native core?

Jun 07 2018

BT Labs and Nokia Bell Labs on how a 5G core increases the value of a converged network. Read more

Alibaba delivers hot new experiences in South Korean winter sports viewing

May 11 2018

Not long ago, the world’s focus was on South Korea with winter sports captivating viewer attention. How spectators experienced the events, whether in person in the freezing cold, or watching at home, is a subject worth exploring. Read more

Imperatives for a successful 5G future

May 04 2018

There is no doubt about the potential of 5G, from the reinvention of experience at live events, to ushering in the fourth industrial revolution, the opportunities for 5G are unprecedented. Read more

Preparing for 5G? Take a VERY close look at IP router latency

May 02 2018

5G promises many things to many people. One of these promises is to provide near-zero latency with high reliability for mission-critical applications. Read more

New 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation

Apr 27 2018

Starting with 4G and evolving to 5G, these wireless technologies that connect people and things, will have a disruptive impact by enabling digitalization, ease adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). Read more

Digital twin technology: double up to meet the challenges of IoT & 5G

Apr 25 2018

There are many complex objects and machines in the world – ships, aircraft engines and petrochemical plants to name three that have always fascinated me. Read more

An enterprising approach to 5G

Apr 23 2018

When digital mobile communications systems launched in the early 1980s, they were initially adopted by business users rather than consumers. Read more

Network slicing – solid business case or commercial non-starter?

Apr 17 2018

Network slicing is a concept that’s been on the cards for some time. With the growing development of 5G and cloud architectures, the technology is on the brink of deployment. Read more

Mobile data growth and 5G… Are we getting the numbers right?

Apr 11 2018

5G is expected to bring 10–100 times higher user data rates and numbers of simultaneous connections per square km. Read more

Unleashing the potential of 5G - in Korea

Feb 22 2018

Korea Telecom – in partnership with Nokia and Intel deployed the first large scale 5G trial network in Korea, with live demonstrations to the public in multiple locations. Read more

5G is totally changing how we connect

Mar 01 2018

5G ready, Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN wins GTI award. Read more

Where is the money to make sense of 5G investments?

The investment model for 5G has an advantage over previous generations because it builds on existing mobile operator investments in cloud and IT platforms that are being made independently of 5G. Read more

What’s the real deal for early 5G deployments?

While there’s a lot of excitement about the eventual applications for 5G mobile networks which include remote surgery and rich video interactions with virtual reality, the actual reality is that early applications of the technology will be much more familiar both to operators and their customers. Read more

5G is still a few years away so why should operators care about it now?

The capabilities of 5G are so transformative that they will enable mobile operators to enter new customer segments across many different vertical industries. Read more

How to get ready for 5G and meet the challenge of operationalising

Deployment of 5G involves a very different approach to that seen in previous network upgrades. In reality, this isn’t an upgrade but a re-imagining of what a mobile network is and what it can do. Read more

Sports fans win as 5G transforms the event experience

Feb 27 2018

Sporting events are in a state of transformation. No longer are event attendees content to simply be passive viewers. They want access to additional views, extra content and real-time updates and information. Read more

What 5G NR technology inventions are becoming a reality in 2019?

Oct 13 2017

By now, we have a good idea what 5G is envisioned to be – a unifying connectivity fabric that will connect virtually everything and a platform for future innovation that will support existing and future services that are not even known today. But what will 5G bring in the immediate term – in 2019? Read more

Partnering to win in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Nov 03 2017

With the promise of automating everything, the 4th Industrial Revolution has been the topic of much discussion. It is viewed as the point where all the work done so far in connectivity, mobility, sensors, devices, and analytics, among others, combines to unlock powerful new possibilities. Read more

The real wave of innovation in 5G microwave transport is here!

Feb 21 2018

Mobile technology is in a constant state of change. Access and core networks have evolved enormously and transport networks have also developed hugely over the years. From PDH and then SDH signals, microwave transport became IP-ready to serve the needs of 3G/4G networks. Read more

Don’t let the transport network slow your run to 5G

Feb 15 2018

On the path to 5G, major network changes are already affecting the architectures of the radio access network (RAN), the packet core, and content delivery networks. The mobile transport network also needs to transform so that it can be ready to handle extremely large traffic volumes and help achieve stringent 5G performance targets. Read more

Nokia ReefShark: taking the bite out of 5G deployment

Feb 07 2018

Think 5G and already people think of technologies and breakthroughs like Massive MIMO, beamforming, network slicing, Gigabit-speed throughput, near-zero latency and applications like autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare, IoT and Industry 4.0. But not many people will think of what goes on ‘under the hood’ of a 5G network to make all that happen. And some might even question whether it will happen at all. Read more

MEC & 5G for smart stadiums - Changing the sports entertainment game

Feb 02 2018

There are few things in this world that excite me more than an amazing stadium experience with my favourite football team, Manchester United and of course 5G—except, perhaps, for the prospect of bringing the two of them together. Now that’s something worth writing a blog about.  Read more

Tackling my home connectivity woes with the help of 5G

Jan 04 2018

As I wander around my home in Ireland, I find myself frustrated by inconsistent wireless coverage. I have two available networks: WiFi and the mobile wireless network. Thanks to basic topology and wireless propagation, downstairs the WiFi is good and cellular is poor, while upstairs the reverse is true. But my handset lacks the smarts to create seamless connectivity. Why do I have to bring my personal wireless technology expertise to solve this problem when the networks should be able to do this intelligently themselves? Read more

Survey: When it comes to 5G, this is what consumers want

Dec 17 2017

Although the first commercial 5G New Radio (NR) standard compliant networks are still a couple of years away — based on 3GPP Rel-15 standard release, today’s consumers are already anticipating the arrival of 5G in their next smartphones during 2019. Read more

What 5G NR technology inventions are becoming a reality in 2019?

Oct 13 2017

By now, we have a good idea what 5G is envisioned to be – a unifying connectivity fabric that will connect virtually everything and a platform for future innovation that will support existing and future services that are not even known today. But what will 5G bring in the immediate term – in 2019 when we start to see commercial 5G NR (New Radio) network deployments?  Read more

5G will transform your event experience

Sep 13 2017

Attendees at sporting and music events are becoming increasingly more active participants. Social media is changing how teams and music acts interact with their fans and affects how often fans are exposed to content from those they follow. Read more

Smart stadiums give fans a taste of the 5G experience

Aug 29 2017

As a former amateur footballer, not much beats the thrill of a live match. But now that I’m in the stadium seat rather than on the field, I pay particular attention to the venue and the overall experience. Read more

Travel fast, stay connected with 5G!

Aug 09 2017

Whether for business or leisure, travelling and commuting is part of our daily routine. Thanks to the smartphones, tablets and high speed mobile network coverage, the journey is never boring. Read more

Act 4: Industry meets 5G for the performance of a lifetime

Jul 19 2017

Preparing Industry for its 4th and most promising act, will set the stage for major transformation, where more than just manufacturers will benefit. Read more

5G: If you build it, they will come

Jul 17 2017

It's that time again, the time when we start preparing for a new technology (5G) just as we're really getting into the flow of using the previous one (4G). Read more

How will 5G shape emergency services?

Jul 04 2017

This year at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai Nokia, together with China Mobile, demonstrated the dramatic improvement 5G can bring to emergency situations. Read more

Front row view, wherever you are – 5G immersive experiences by KT

Jun 27 2017

In May 2017, Korea Telecom (KT) – supported by Nokia – demonstrated innovative immersive content creation and consumption scenarios at a major world football championship held in Korea where thousands of participants were attending from 24 countries and more than 1 million spectators were following 52 matches. Read more

5G: How close are we to commercial reality?

May 22 2017

This was the big question of the 4th annual Brooklyn 5G Summit on April 19 – 21, 2017 – the industry’s 5G flagship event hosted by Nokia and the New York University (NYU) Wireless, NYU Tandon School of Engineering and IEEE communication society. Read more

Nokia 5G FIRST drives new use cases

May 12 2017

We already know that 5G will change the way people communicate and enable growth in many industries, ranging from the automotive, entertainment, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Read more

Orange and Nokia enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution

May 12 2017

Orange and Nokia took a big step forward to making 5G a commercial reality by launching a dedicated innovation platform to accelerate the development of 5G services for vertical industries in France and across Europe. Read more

5G Next Gen Core has a cloudy outlook!

Apr 25 2017

Of all the industry talk around 5G, most of the discussion has focused around radio evolution. But what about the other pieces of the puzzle? Let’s not forget the access, transport and core network that ensure our devices can connect to the services and applications being desired. Read more

5G may arrive faster than you think – good news or bad news?

Apr 21 2017

We’ve all been talking about 5G for years, but the standards needed to make it a global commercial reality have yet to appear. That has been seen by many as a potential point of delay. And who wants to wait when something as good as 5G is being promised? Read more

Early 5G adoption is the winning business plan

Apr 19 2017

We keep saying this, but it’s true. 5G will provide immense technological benefits – data rates of over 10 Gbps, latencies of up to 1 millisecond and much higher reliability compared to previous mobile technologies.  Read more

Changing the world in milliseconds

Apr 06 2017

Creating ultra low latency networks requires redesign of the radio’s frame structure, MEC and a SW-defined programmable network to manage network latency Read more

Looking for business certainty in 5G? Read this

Apr 18 2017

Certainty in business is highly sought after. No CEO likes nasty surprises. Yet when investing in unproven, future technologies, how can a company know it will get the performance and financial returns expected? Read more

Nokia at CES 2017 shows how 5G will unlock new ways to communicate

Jan 03 2017

Having the right piece of information, knowledge, or awareness at the right time is crucial to completing our work and daily life tasks. If only we could summon the right people when we need them, and have them show us how to proceed in our time of need! Read more

5G operator survey reveals who’s leading and what’s hot

Dec 15 2016

5G is more than business as usual and will not become just another “G” following the same business and technological paradigms. Instead, 5G will be a game changer with technical capability that will transform our industries and our lives. Nearly half of the executives in the survey view 5G as a revolution Read more

5G mmWave – small antennas but a giant leap for mankind

Dec 01 2016

Radio spectrum is the lifeblood of the cellular industry and it is a scarce resource as well. Traffic growth and increasing demand for throughput have been mainly met by making the usage of existing spectrum more efficient over time Read more

Making 5G dreams come true in standardization

Nov 23 2016

It’s not the stuff of most 5G blogs these days – but knowing what’s going on behind the scenes to get the next generation of mobile technology up and running is important to set expectations and priorities straight Read more

New spectrum 5g one step closer mmwaves

Sep 13 2016

5G needs the huge capacity of high frequency bands such as mmWaves Read more

5G/Massive MIMO Channel - The 5G mmWave Radio Revolution

The future of mobile communication will be very different from what we see today, with wireless data traffic projected to increase 10,000 fold within the next 20 years Read more

Dynamic End-to-end network slicing unlocks 5G possibilities

Jul 28 2016

5G networks must support a variety of very diverse use cases with different requirements for latency, throughput, and availability. Read more

Expect big things from 5G micro operators

Jul 20 2016

That led me to think about how other organizations or establishments might use 5G technology in their own focused ways to become micro operators. Read more

5G readiness – 3 takeaways from 5G World Summit

Jul 08 2016

Last week’s 5G World Summit show in London has provided some key insights into the status of 5G and the next steps that need to be undertaken for it to happen. Read more

Europe moving to 5G – time to move even faster!

Jul 07 2016

No doubt about it, 5G will be the key enabler for Europe’s digital transformation across all sectors and thus for the continent’s competitiveness. Digitization and societal transformation need massive capacity and connectivity, beyond the capabilities of the current networks.Read more

The foundations of 5G are here already

Jun 29 2016

Rather like a thunderstorm, you always hear about a new technology long before you actually see it. 5G is no exception. Even with 4G LTE – and even, in some parts of the world, 3G – still bedding down as a commercial proposition, 5G is growing closer at a steady pace. Read more

A healthy birth for the 5G hospital

Jun 07 2016

On a recent visit to Finland’s Oulu University Hospital, I was impressed that the nurses and doctors had abandoned paper files and were recording patient data on mobile devices. It was obviously much easier and more efficient for them than lugging large patient files around. Read more

This book is the best 5G resource available today

Jun 01 2016

As an industry leader in 5G, Nokia actively participated in the writing of the first comprehensive and consolidated book on the subject entitled: “5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology”. It was co-edited and shaped by 10 co-authors from Nokia Bell Labs, with contributions by more than 50 industry experts on 5G. Read more

Gartner, we agree! 5G is all about the use cases

May 09 2016

5G is not only a new air interface but the new generation of radio systems and network architecture in which different radios (legacy and new) work together perfectly. Progress has been rapid, with proofs of concept for many of the technological advances that will be a crucial part of the forthcoming 5G standard. Read more

Wind of Change Blows into Brooklyn 5G Summit

Apr 29 2016

Last week I went to the 3rd annual Brooklyn 5G Summit – an event hosted by Nokia and the New York University (NYU) Wireless, NYU Tandon School of Engineering and IEEE communication society. The theme of the summit this year was “Making 5G a commercial reality”.  The two-day event packed even more speakers, industry ingenuity and interesting ideas than a future 5G network could carry. Read more

Unprecedented access with 5G

April 25 2016

Future mobile operator business models will be determined by the availability of access to 5G networks. Human data consumption and the projected increase in machine-type communication (MTC) for the Internet of Things (IoT) will create an unprecedented level of demand. To address this demand, operators will need new radio techniques that will give everyone and every “thing” access from anywhere and everywhere. Read more

5G Mission Critical, not Mission Impossible

Mar 10 2016

How would you like to be able to interact with your friends even though they aren’t in the same room with you? How about commuting to work in the comfort of your own car without having to drive by yourself? Or how about controlling and commanding your avatar to work from a long distance? This is not science fiction. It will happen sooner than you think. Read more

And the award goes to…. Nokia’s 5G virtual reality demo at MWC 2016

Mar 07 2016

I’m not sure, but I think I may have had the most fun of anyone at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 5G was the topic creating the loudest buzz, and much of it was resonating from the demo I had the pleasure of hosting: Nokia’s 5G Virtual Reality (VR) experience booth. This year was all about showing what 5G can do for you. And we intended to give visitors the first 5G experience of their lives, make it memorable and show the world’s first commercial 5G ready solution in action. Read more

What’s cooking in 5G labs with Nokia and 4 leading universities?

Jan 11 2016

Research on 5G is progressing at lightning speed with the target to have THE 5G standard in place by 2019 and meeting all the KPIs that have been defined to make the services of the 5G era a reality. From extreme broadband with Gbps throughput over super reliable and rapid connectivity for machines to cost efficient networking for all the smart tiny sensors and helpers around us. To achieve this, 5G networks will combine revolutionary technologies and existing mobile generations into a new system. Read more

5G – Creating a platform to transform industries

Dec 09 2015

Nokia has been vocal about its vision for 5G and we’re working hard to ensure that its use will expand far beyond consumer mobile broadband by actively exploring the possibilities together with key players in the manufacturing and mobility ecosystem. Read more

Do we really need new network architecture for 5G?

Oct 22 2015

5G won’t look anything like the previous “Gs.”

So far the “Gs” of mobile communication had a clear use case as their guiding design principle: voice for 2G, data services for 3G, and mobile broadband for 4G. But what will the clear use case for 5G be? I would argue that nobody really knows. But if we don’t know for sure, then how will we know how to design the new “G”? The 5G era will be all about market dynamics, not only of the telecommunication space, which has shaped the previous “Gs”, but also dynamics of the entire economy. Read more

Taking 5G to other industries – a view from the top

While much of the industry discussion about 5G focuses on the technology itself – its implementation and performance – less is said about the impact on consumers. While 5G capabilities will undoubtedly transform consumer communications, how will it affect lives in other ways? “On the industry side, the transformation is even more profound,” comments Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri in a recent interview. “We will not look back in 10 years and say; ‘there is the tech... Read more

Nokia sets deadline for 5G launch in Europe at Santander Telecoms Summit

Sep 14 2015

There was a clear sense of urgency at last week’s 29th annual Telecoms Summit in Santander (Encuentro de las Telecomunicaciones), Spain’s biggest industry draw. As this year’s focus was on Strategies for the Digital Single Market, the Summit was a resounding 5G wake-up call for Europe. Read more

The Promise Of 5G

Aug 15 2015

Crunch Network, Aug 15, 2015, article by Hossein Moiin, Executive vice president and CTO of Nokia Networks.

The evolution of personal communication has fundamentally altered the everyday lives of most people on our planet. Armed with a smartphone connected to a seemingly infinite ocean of information, entertainment and applications, many of us cannot remember a time when we weren’t dependent on our mobile devices and networks for most of our daily needs. Read more

Industry cooperation on 5G is taking shape – Nokia plays key role

On July 1, a number of research projects began within 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP) that is part of the largest global research and innovation program Horizon 2020. 5G-PPP is a joint initiative of the ICT industry and the European Commission to define future 5G communication systems. Read more

5G architecture already poised to deliver outstanding CEM 

Jun 30 2015

One of the promises of 5G is to always provide the necessary experience and quality to people and things when and where it matters. To make this come true, the 5G network architecture will consist of a versatile radio system and a flexible core and transport network that allow more than 10 Gbps when needed, even 100 Mbit/s at the cell edge and 1 ms latency for critical applications. Read more

Here’s how to build extremely flexible 5G core networks

The day before yesterday, we published a blog about CNBC’s recent visit to Nokia Networks to learn why we’re leading in the 5G race. You can see the interview here. As a quick refresh, here’s what we see as the 3 basic drivers for 5G Read more

CNBC visits Nokia to talk 5G

We’re starting to read more and more about 5G in the news these days, and earlier this month I had the chance to speak with a crew from CNBC which flew to Finland to discuss the topic and see our Solution Experience Center. It was a really productive visit – we discussed the strong growth of data, how billions of sensors will contribute to the data flood and how Nokia is using these insights to plan smart networks of the future... Read more

This is how 5G networks will follow their users

5G massive broadband will offer enough capacity to perform every function users desire – wherever they go, without a drop in speed or connection, and no matter how many people are connected at the same time. Basically, it will be network nirvana for the “I want it now” generation. For example, subscribers will be able to enjoy 8K films in 3D, which is 16 times the pixel count of full HD, while they are on the move. And they’ll be able to download a full movie in a matter of seconds over the mobile network. Read more

Brooklyn event crystallizes 5G advances

Greetings from the second annual Brooklyn 5G Summit, organized by Nokia and New York University (NYU WIRELESS) which brought together over 200 leaders of mobile industry research and development from operators, regulators, partners, infrastructure vendors and academia to explore the future of 5G wireless technology. Watch this video for a snapshot of key highlights and participant insights from the event. Read more

10 key rules of 5G deployment

Apr 16 2015

The recent progress in 5G technology has been remarkable. The Brooklyn 5G summit saw an impressive line-up of prototypes that will form the cornerstones of 5G. The demonstrations showed how to make best use of the entire frequency spectrum up to the 100 GHz area with advanced technologies such as Massive MIMO and beamsteering achieved by phased array technology using a large number of antenna elements. One of the highlights was the proof that 5G cellular technology is able to deliver peak speeds of 10 Gbps, over the air under realistic conditions. Downloading a full-length HD movie at 10 Gbps on a mobile device takes only a matter of seconds. In other words, we are very much where we need to be from a 5G technology research point of view. Read more

How mobile networks will empower the Internet of Things

We will soon live in a world with 10-100 times more Internet-connected devices than there are connected humans. This scale is part of the networking challenge brought by the Internet of Things (IoT). But which network technology will be the right choice?  Read more

Brooklyn 5G Summit will bring 5G closer to reality

5G is easily the #1 industry conversation starter at the moment despite the fact that the commercial launch of 5G networks is still 5 years ahead of us. Even though the industry hasn’t even entered the standardization phase yet, the selection and development process for key technology enablers has already started. Read more

Building the 5G future in South Korea

Jan 23 2015

Think of advanced telecommunications networks and services and you immediately think of South Korea. With one of the highest smartphone take up figures in the world and some of the fastest data rates anywhere, South Korea has come to symbolize all that is most advanced in mobile telephony.

Already a leader in 4G deployments, it’s no surprise that South Korean operators are pushing on to the next stage, planning the much-heralded 5G networks that are set to revolutionize not only the way we communicate, but the very way we lead our lives. Read more

Why we will need 5G

Dec 04 2014

The 5G debate rages on. Some stakeholders have even claimed they have pre-commercial 5G systems already available, suggesting that the launch of 5G is imminent. We have also seen announcements of speed records generated by systems that were labelled “5G”. Surprisingly, there is far less debate about why 5G is needed. Read more

Collaborating to create the 5G cookbook

During the last year or so, a lot has been said and written about the marvels of 5G and how it will provide infinite capacity everywhere, all the time, for tens of billions of devices by 2020 and beyond. Several forums have been identifying requirements derived from future projections of mobile data demand, and companies like Nokia have been sharing visions on the future of mobile communications. Read more

5G performance what can we expect

Driven by the enormous increase in mobile data traffic and flourishing user demands, we need to look beyond 4G. The mobile communications community has already conducted significant research into systems for the next decade and 5G is the acronym for next generation mobile communication systems. It is generally anticipated that 5G will be commercially available around 2020 at the earliest. Questions arise about what 5G will look like, what it will comprise and what will be the underlying technology? Read more

5G-Beyond the hype

Jan 27 2014

Based on the 5G related announcements and even some claims about market-ready 5G products last year, you could get the impression that the fifth mobile generation is already ripe for launch. This obviously isn’t the case since 5G standardization hasn’t even started yet. So let’s forget the hype and focus on the areas that are really important to explore. Read more