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5G Core on Hybrid Cloud

Pivot to new opportunities with 5G Core deployed on hyperscalers’ public cloud and hybrid cloud

Nokia 5G Core’s cloud-native architecture can be deployed on public cloud and hybrid cloud, giving you all the freedom and flexibility your business demands.

With our multi-cloud solutions, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can actively source the vendors they choose for the services they need. This creates an ideal environment for development of new and profitable services, including edge cloud for enterprise plus hyperscaler partnerships.

Our 5G Core on public and hybrid cloud enable you to redefine the game.

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Cloud-native 5G standalone core (5GC) on public cloud or hybrid cloud

5G and its cloud-native architecture is being deployed faster than any previous mobile generation, bringing new consumer experiences and helping enterprises shift to Industry 4.0, including edge cloud partnerships for enterprises.

To realize these capabilities, yesterday’s monolithic, static core must become a 5G standalone core that is disaggregated and dynamic. Deploying the cloud-native 5G standalone core (5GC) on public cloud or hybrid cloud opens broader ecosystem innovation, enables continuous software updates and allows rapid scaling for on-demand responsiveness – all supported by greater resiliency and security.

Some CSPs are deploying their core networks on a hyperscaler’s public cloud or hybrid cloud. In addition to leveraging a hyperscaler’s cloud infrastructure, CSPs can benefit from the hyperscaler’s analytics, automation and ecosystem innovation.

Our cloud-native architecture is deployable onto Nokia Container Services, RedHat OpenShift and VMware Tanzu, or directly onto Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.


Nokia core on multi-cloud


Technical demo: Nokia 5G Core deployed on AWS EKS public cloud


Technical demo: Nokia 5G Core automated deployment on multi-cloud

What is a public cloud, or a hybrid cloud, used for?

One challenge is to ensure public cloud and hybrid cloud help CSPs use the hyperscaler’s Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS). It’s also important to design for performance and scale of real-time applications, including at the edge cloud for hyperscaler plus enterprise partnerships. CSPs can address their business imperatives:

  • Automating lifecycle management, for operations that are more responsive & less expensive
  • Partnering with hyperscalers to pursue new business with edge cloud, analytics, enterprises & industries
  • Launching new applications & services, right now, while later optimizing traffic and costs
  • Serving a new customer, who has an uncertain trajectory, bypassing private cloud’s CapEx with public cloud’s OpEx
5G Core in public hybrid cloud

Deploying the 5G core in the cloud


A journey to 5G and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS): seven degrees of freedom


Jitin Bhandari

Podcast: Beyond cloud-native, with Jitin Bhandari

Nokia’s Jitin Bhandari tells Michael Hainsworth what’s needed beyond cloud-native, including automation’s four pillars and the capability to use any cloud.

What is a public and private cloud?

Our cloud-native 5G standalone core is deployable on public and private cloud, or hybrid cloud. It prepares you for the journey to Network as a Service (NaaS). We enable this by applying seven key design principles:


Cloud-native foundation: apply hyperscaler technology to telco networks & operations.


Build a service intent network: orchestration designed into slicing and agile vertical services.


Put security first in the design of applications: detailed risk assessment and disciplined design.


Multi-vendor continuous delivery: enabling ongoing seamless upgrades with CI/CD.


Openness of networks and ecosystems: apply strong, uniform APIs for a programmable and open 5G.


Flexibility to use multi-cloud platform: design for performance and scale of real-time applications.


Design for lifecycle inter-dependencies: automate highly complex lifecycle management across cloud platforms.

Our customers’ cloud-native hyperscaler deployments

CSPs are deploying our cloud-native 5G core onto public cloud and hybrid cloud. Watch the video to see how it is done. Read about these two customers’ deployments.

Nokia and DISH deployed first 5G Standalone Core network in the public cloud with AWS

We deployed our 5G Standalone Core (5G SA Core) on AWS to enable automation required to meet DISH’s evolving customer needs, allowing DISH to support new enterprise and consumer 5G use cases quickly, securely, and across multi-cloud stacks at end customer premises. Nokia 5G SA Core on AWS allows DISH to offer the responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency that is needed to create innovative new services for its customers, while leveraging automation for ongoing operations and unlocking crucial capabilities, such as network slicing.

Case study

DISH Wireless 5G Standalone Core deployed in AWS's Cloud

Nokia accelerates Telenet cloud services with 5G core deal

The innovative 5G cloud-native architecture leverages near-zero touch automation to provide flexible scale performance capabilities, which empowers Telenet to develop its own telco cloud infrastructure with much less complexity – a first step in its transformation towards cloud-based services. The 5G core is integrated on the Google Cloud infrastructure layer based on Google Cloud’s Anthos for more seamless implementation of innovations and quicker response times to market needs.


Telenet Belgium, Google Anthos & Nokia deploy 5G Standalone Core

5G security on public cloud and hybrid cloud

5G’s cloud deployment change how network security, data protection, and privacy must be addressed. Due to 5G architecture complexity as well as specialized protocols and interfaces used in the communications industry, protecting against security threats is well beyond the capabilities of traditional IT security vendors.

Nokia takes the security built into our products seriously. Our 5G Core is designed for privacy and security, with layered protection based on defense-in-depth design and zero-trust principles and tested against 5G-specific use cases. CSPs get full control to secure their 5G services, thanks to the pervasive and automated security management built into our design practices, 5G core software, and dedicated NetGuard security solutions.


5G Core Security

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