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5g mobile illustration
5g mobile illustration

Activate massive 5G capacity with Nokia AirScale

Nokia's new generation AirScale baseband, remote radio heads and massive MIMO antennas deliver the highest capacity and network performance, while enabling efficient deployment and operation. 

Powered by the latest generation of Nokia’s ReefShark System-on-Chip (SoC), the new AirScale products ensure that 5G networks smoothly scale to the massive capacity necessary to support more immersive user experiences and advanced use-cases.

Tommi Uitto introducing new generation Nokia AirScale baseband and radio

What customers and industry analysts say about Nokia AirScale

“T-Mobile and Nokia are building on more than two decades of partnership, with a long history of shared innovation. Together we've deployed every major generation of wireless technology.”

Neville Ray, T-Mobile

T-Mobile's Neville Ray on 5G netwok evolution and new Nokia AirScale

BT's Greg McCall talks about BT's 5G network and new Nokia AirScale

“The modularity of Nokia’s AirScale baseband and its new plug-in cards allow us to scale capacity in line with traffic growth.”

Greg McCall, BT

“Leveraging state-of-the-art System-on-Chip technology in baseband, and wide bandwidth, high power radios, Nokia brings us the network capacity that powers Canada's fastest 5G network.”

Stephen Howe, Bell Canada

Bell Canada's Stephen Howe on 5G network capacity and new Nokia AirScale

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