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5G ROI opportunity – 6 use cases

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5G. It’s going to be extraordinary. There’ll be new services, revolutionary applications and endless business opportunities. Now that might sound challenging, but delivering 5G doesn’t have to be, not with Nokia. We’re the only partner who can take you all the way there, simply and quickly.

5G Evolution

Learn about the evolution of 5G and how Nokia is a leading force in its standardization.

5G Strong first steps 

5G with confidence

Want to amaze your customers with extraordinary 5G experiences? Want to do it first? Then this is no time to be timid. You need to radiate confidence with every step – and you will, with Nokia.

5G Scale up 

5G opportunities

5G, there’s a whole new world of business opening up, with opportunities for growth like never before. With Nokia, you’ll have everything you need to capitalize on the full potential of 5G.

5G Future X

5G architecture

It’s 5G. It’s coming, but it’s not going to happen on its own. That’s why we’ve created 5G Future X, the unique end-to-end solution designed to be the starting point for every extraordinary 5G experience.

Celebrating our commercial 5G agreements and engagements

5G is a giant leap


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We’ve got so much to tell you about 5G, so why not continue exploring here?


New value creation in the 5G era. Marcus Weldon, Nokia CTO and President of Nokia Bell Labs


Sandro Tavares, Global Head of Mobile Networks Marketing, Nokia



GSMA #GLOMO Awards at MWC19

5G Leadership Award for Nokia Future X

5G Industry partnership with Hamburg Port Authority and Deutsche Telekom

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