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Increase revenue with 5G

Expand your service offerings with the unique capabilities of 5G

increase revenue with 5G
increase revenue with 5G

5G: The platform for growth

With 5G comes an exciting opportunity for operators to enter new markets, and grow revenues with existing customers. The power to connect more devices, higher data rates, low latency, and higher reliability will enable new industrial and consumer services. These include Fixed Wireless Access, immersive experiences, video surveillance, machine remote control, cloud robotics, smart events and connected vehicles.

Nokia can help you to build your business case, and brings an ecosystem that enables you to deliver it.

Discover the business opportunity

Explore our use case hub

Which use case has the greatest potential to make money? Analyst house Technology Business Research (TBR) investigated the profit potential of six leading 5G use cases. Its analysis provided a geographic breakdown showing where it expects each use case to deliver the best return on investment.
Find out more in our blog, white paper, and webinar.



See what it takes to be a player in cloud gaming

A new paper outlines the opportunities for service providers in cloud gaming. We estimated the demand cloud gaming will place on the network, and investigated how service providers can measure the quality of experience (QoE), so that they provide the best immersive experiences to gamers.

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