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Manage the cost of 5G

Keep costs in check as you prepare to launch 5G standalone services

managing the cost of 5G
managing the cost of 5G

A simpler transition to 5G

As you design and plan your network, first for eMBB services, and ultimately for the full range of 5G services, cost control will be a priority. Investing in the right technologies means you can benefit from leading innovations, cut deployment time, and minimize operational complexity, while ensuring the security of your network.

Manage 5G energy consumption

How can you decouple data demand and energy consumption? The improvements in network efficiency baked into 5G will help, and Nokia also has several innovations to lower your energy bills. These include ReefShark chipsets that enable you to shrink massive MIMO antennas, and software that intelligently shuts down cells.

Digital Design for 5G

The complexity of 5G demands a fresh approach to network planning and design. Our Digital Design process uses real-world data to reduce the deployment lifecycle process, improve installation quality, and reduce the number of site visits. By building a digital twin of use cases, you can predict how the network will perform, helping to optimize the design.



Break open the treasure chest

Use a digital twin of your 5G use case to meet QoS and performance targets

White paper


Reinvent Digital Services with Nokia's Digital Design

Dig deeper into using digital twins for successful 5G network design



Pivot to Enterprise and Industry

Digital Design is essential to access the $2Trillion enterprise and industrial market

Digital deployment

Improve network rollouts & site build quality by replacing manual processes with a single end-to-end services delivery platform. Nokia Delivery Platform (NDP) covers the entire lifecycle from planning, through implementation, all the way to site acceptance.


Innovations for Digital deployment

Explore how digital deployment is leveraging technology to shorten rollout cycles & bring efficiency at the same time.

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